Wednesday April 23, 2014 KENT ASTROLOGY UPDATE NIGHT

We begin today with the moon in Aquarius and at 9:10am moving V/C so this day is ruled by the MOON SQUARE SATURN 9:10am aspect. So if Saturn is our structure and the moon in Aquarius is breaking down structures and the rules?

11:55pm tonight the moon enters PISCES for a wild manifesting energy until Saturday the 26th. Moon in Pisces is great for MANIFESTING through wishes, prayers and feeling it happen as we desire

The energy all seems to happen before 7am as Mars (actions) opposes Uranus (change) Can’t you see what a busy guy he is this week?

then 2:16am PDT WE ARE ASKED TO TAKE A NEW LOOK AT THE WAY WE THINK as Mercury moves into Taurus, and truly we are ready to begin planning and building and many of you will have noticed this since the 19th when the sun went to Taurus.

Since the theme for Taurus is I HAVE?

I ask you to think of all your gifts, abi8lities, and what you TRULY have which is positive and GOOD (immediately we try and think of what we WANT but how about what we HAVE ? Make a list and do some gratitude’s and this energy will GROW after the Eclipse new moon on the 28th.

6:47am mars squares Pluto (This aspect will be GONE by the end of May..

then 9:10am the moon (emotions in Break the rules Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio so maybe some issues of how we FEEL will come up. Do you have people wanting to be around you, or avoiding you now? This Saturn in Scorpio has for many brought a rather unhappy aspect to communications. THIS will change in December as Saturn enters Sagittarius but lets begin Practicing.

Saturn in Sagittarius is I am FREEEEEEE I am in my own Truth… I am happy and joyful about life, I AM LIVING and enjoying the experience. NOT much about FEELING as we have now, but lots about FUN and adventure lets PRACTICE right now…

- and I shall color today AGAIN use ORANGE for creativity….and 2nd chakra which is

The passion center also

- My stone choice could be Kunzite: I shall quote from the CRYSTAL ASTROLOGY book by Marina Costelloe: ” Kunzite channels unconditional love,

kindness, and intuitive awakening (I love this book)

- Oil of Patchouli which always makes me feel like I am In a temple breathing in holy incense

KISS for today ::which bears repeating for tomorrow also as the moon enters PISCES ..dream, imagine, and CREATE from that dream and imagining a WONDERFUL WORLD FOR US ALL


The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice that which we are for what we could become. ~Charles DuBois


We all live in suspense, from day to day, from hour to hour; in other words, we are the hero of our own story.” — Mary McCarthy

So, Please be good and honor yourself because if you cannot love yourself, you have no chance to love another person.” Matthew Ford

So, lets begin with a wish, prayer and desire that this sun now in Aries (courage and bravery) moving on the 19th to Taurus (strength to build anew) will lead all of us into the wholeness and healing so many need. And the recognition of our true magnificence and how in so many ways we are divinely perfect.

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Tuesday April 22, 2014

by admin on April 17, 2014

Tuesday April 22, 2014


d12:52am PDT the moon squaring the sun is about how much to confirm (sun in Taurus) and how much to break free.. and at 12:28pm today when MARS squares Jupiter the knowledge we can do what we choose and free will is the challenge Jupiter do you believe? Mars you can take the necessary actions needed? you are free will today, what do you choose to be?

I do believe in the serenity prayer but I heard something this week I really liked:


SO…to me this said, sometimes we have to get away from things which are driving us nuts or in some way accept that the change has to come from US, not circumstances, events, or other people

At 8:18pm the energy of our emotions Moon and Uranus are playing well together and we again are given the gift of free will with less challenges. *8:24pm PDT Mars and the moon tell us we can DO WHAT WE DESIRE also.

- FOR US all let us Color our day GREEN for healing or BLUE for clarity Orange for Creativity

Kiss for today us utilize the new power about believing in ourselves and that we can all by our lonesome to create new ideas and carry them into NEW ACTIONS is here:

- Stone for the next 7 days for many of us should be …Green Copper Turquoise THE SHAMANIC opening energy opening to our own inner healer. helps with, opening to higher communication; loyalty; peace of mind: Turquoises are reasonably soft gemstones and thus quite sensitive. Copper in this stone creates a WONDERFUL Conductive energy adding optimism, acceptance of self, helps with intuition, vitality and knowing ourselves

- Oil of Balsam Idaho Fir (YOUNG LIVING OF COURSE) (Courtesy of Sharon Brigance “Excess stress hormone cortisol uses the same neurotransmitters as melatonin. This means, when your body kicks out melatonin or when you supplement with melatonin, your body would not be able to utilize the melatonin because the cortisol is in the way. Simple fix is to take a capsule of balsam Idaho fir about 2 hours before bed.

Balsam Idaho fir uses up excess cortisol so your body will be able to utilize the melatonin more effectively. MOST people who suffer from insomnia are actually experiencing HIGH late night cortisol…even an intense movie or the news can raise cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone that wakes us up & prepares us to have energy to fight or run. Not helpful when you are lying in bed replaying or planning life~ Idaho Balsam Fir to the rescue RutaVaLa works on lowering cortisol levels too” Shannon Hudson

ALL of you who read me regularly know RELEASE and THIEVES oil and VALOR are my favorite oils and ones I could not do without and they do just what their names say. EXCEPT THIEVES Oil is the oil blend which was used during PLAGUE times to kill germs and was used by those collecting bodies. SO..this one is in my purse all the time especially when traveling or in public places

I also love panaway and lavender but the 3 I have to have are RELEASE: THIEVES: AND VALOR ************************************************************************Have you ever thought each time you subtract a negative from your mind, body or life you make room for a Positive? WE are in releasing time until the 28th at 11:14pm you know?

Please help me and others set intentions, wishes, dreams, prayers, for peace and love and karmically for those of us just worrying about ourselves to recognize The moons entrance into PISCES tomorrow is the gift of Manifesting through what we believe, practice seeing, and feeling this gift to us coming and recognize that we are ALL TRULY ONE and are all healers, but first we do have to heal self don’t we? and again we are back to the word WILLINGNESS

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The Exact Squares: of URANUS (change in ARIES ) and PLUTO (Transformation in Capricorn) are..

1. June 24, 2012 – Uranus 8 Aries 23, Pluto 8 Capricorn 23 R

2. September 19, 2012 – Uranus 6 Aries 57 R, Pluto 6 Capricorn 57

3. May 20, 2013 – Uranus 11 Aries 14, Pluto 11 Capricorn 14 R

4. November 1, 2013 – Uranus 9 Aries 25 R, Pluto 9 Capricorn 25

5. April 21, 2014 – Uranus 13 Aries 34, Pluto 13 Capricorn 34 R

6. Dec 15, 2014 – Uranus 12 Aries 35 R, Pluto 12 Capricorn 35

7. March 16, 2015 – Uranus 15 Aries 18, Pluto 15 Capricorn 18

What this means in English is those of us with Strong Capricorn, or Aries or Cancer, or Libra energies in our charts have been being REWORKED as has the planet. and much of the changes will be rolling strong by this time next year.. THE Last is often saved for the best isn’t it?

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses so 1966 Conjunction or in the same sign, JOINING OF PLUTO and URANUS IN VIRGO changed the world didn’t it?

now 2012 through 2015 a square or challenging rough aspect

First we experienced the 60′s conjunction or AGE OF LOVE and FREEDOM in VIRGO Now square of PLUTO in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, changing our personal and life out and Politics.

There will be the URANUS PLUTO Opposition coming in 2046 2047. So when I talk so much about these things, it is because they are RARE occurrences and what happens during these 2 big guys working on us all the like the 60′s brought such HUGE Culture changes and huge Political changes. In 2046 and 2047 Pluto will be in PISCES and URANUS will be in Virgo, those the Virgo Pisces Sagittarius Gemini parts of us will be really upgraded.

URANUS is change and the sign in which it is shows how this works, Virgo did it in GREENPEACE, love and tuning out a bit.

Capricorn and Aries, well lets see in 2 years if our existing financial and political system is even recognizable.

2046 47 Uranus in Virgo changes made more ecologically, Pluto in Pisces…ahhhhh all this stuff of belief, dreams, imagination and every one of you being able to create REAL Healing and magic I believe is going to be here.… we are taking the first step right now..

“The distance isn’t important; it is only the first step that it difficult.” Marquise du Deffand


we can bring this much sooner if we open and ALLOW THE MAGIC TO HAPPEN NOW PLEASE: Magic is oftentimes intention and FLOW, the allowing of the thing you desire to come in its own time and form. PATIENCE and form, flow and yin and yang, in breathe and out, full moon release, new moon, bringing in and then full moons releasing, like breathe magic comes to us this way also and isn’t it time you allow it to come to you?

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Monday April 21 2014

by admin on April 17, 2014

Monday April 21 the moon enters AQUARIUS AND THE URGE TO REBEL AND TAKE THINGS APART IS STRONG UNTIL WEDNESDAY THE 23RD WHEN when the moon enters Pisces. Be open to change but recognize everyone else is going to be wanting to do it their way also during this time


HAVE YOU paid for the KENT UPDATE evening on the 23rd Wednesday night?

Only $12 for your chart and questions and fun at Denny’s 84th and Central 6pm go to my website, prepay and if you can get to me before Tuesday night, I will have your chart and information ready at the update


Monday April 21, 2014 LOTS HAPPENING this week for sure

We begin today with a nice Saturn and moon aspect 6:48am helping us see a bit more clearly that things are connected and honor the universes energies trying to push us to helping each other and honoring each other.

Then here we go again with another I think this is the 5th Square between URANUS and PLUTO. You do know when the last square happens March 16, 2015 it will NOT happen again, another MAJOR aspect between these 2 BIGGIES (change Uranus) and Transformation (Pluto) those these are the dates, we have felt this energy constantly since June 2013. SOON TO BE OVER FOLKS: March 16m 2015 is the lasts major joining of energies of URANS and PLUTO until 2046 2047 (see more below)

4:21pm the moon in Capricorn squares Mercury in ARIES, wanting to think for self and knowing maybe that others will try and control you and events a bit over the next 3 days is an important part of ONLY fighting when the battle is tremendously important, save your energy for your own transformation and changes as much as possible.

Uranus, change in Aries (self ) means doing the same thing in the same way is surely NUTS right now. So…how about a NEW APPROACH?

If you cannot yet see the changes, please remember the 60′s brought Uranus and Pluto together in Virgo and it has taken this long for them to enter into Significant energy of challenging each other again…. Changing our systems of the way we govern SELF (ARIES) and make changes and the SYSTEM (Capricorn)

- Color today YELLOW FOR JOY of the FREEDOM we are going to fight for

- Use amber to remember your wise and ancient soul and connect to earth in order to manifest the changes you want

- Oil of RC to clear the head, the sinus and lots of other good stuff…Blood pressure and so much more.

- Kiss for today, it is never too late to give yourself a GREAT Future…How about starting RIGHT NOW?

HOW do we do that? We do it by forgiving and then Looking at who we are and giving thanks for the lessons Which have gotten us to here. And maybe be willing To roll up our sleeves and go to work to make things better. and at the same time I am going to USE MAGIC and imagine the changes I KNOW are coming..

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Sunday April 20th see you in EVERETT Washington?

April 17, 2014

*************************************************************** my Daughter Cindy Johnson and Elizabeth V Muschette will be at the Mystical Winds Psychic and Holistic Healing Fair Everett Washington Sunday April 20th 2014 10am to 5pm Best Western Cascadia Inn 2800 Pacific Ave Everett, WA 09201 (ENTRANCE AND PARKING FREE< right off 1-5 convenient location and a FUN day for all: […]

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Animal totem and tarot card for the week

April 17, 2014

ANIMAL TOTEM FOR THE WEEK IS :SALAMANDER which is the blend in and makes the changes you need to make at the same time totem to me. The appearance of a Salamander totem heralds transformation, but offers assistance with this change from somewhere outside of ourselves, either through an unexpected person or unique resource. This […]

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Saturday April 19, 2014

April 17, 2014

Saturday April 19, 2014 MOON plays nice as the Sun moves to Taurus The moon in Sagittarius makes a nice aspect between intuition, faith and communication today: 4:48am At 6:17pm the moon moves V/C and times out until 6:28pm a very short v/c but a huge shift of energy as The sun enters Taurus at […]

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Friday April 18, 2014

April 17, 2014

Friday April 18th GOOD FRIDAY Venus and Pluto try to work together today as the moon in Sagittarius wants us to go for the Pie in the sky, Venus would like us to get what we desire, and Pluto tells us the work which must happen to make this receipe for acknowledging our own resources […]

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Thursday April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014

Thursday April 17th MOON v/c from Midnight last night until today at 2:44 pm the moon moves to Sagittarius until Saturday the 19th 6:28pm PDT and we all desire more freedom, and space begins to clear if we ALLOW it to happen *************************************************************** Thursday April 17th POST ECLIPSE energy is very powerful and we have […]

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More about the eclipse and change your thinking and OPEN to miracles

April 13, 2014

I so well remember the first time I heard (WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY) and I said a 4 letter word, who could tell me I created my childhood? Rheumatic Fever as a child, Rheumatoid Arthritis, many hospitalizations, Home burning down, divorces, deaths, illness, loss and all before I was 10 years old? THEN one […]

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