New moon astrology 9/13 to 9/19

by admin on September 14, 2017

STOP, Listen, Look and OPEN to a New Season and Many changes
September is always one of my favorite months, I sense and feel the shift in the air, see it in the plants and watch it in animals busily preparing for winter.  In my neighborhood the deer are fatter and slower, the trees gradually now are changing color and..

This year I find it harder to tune into the natural world because of what is happening around us in what we call the real world.

News, Tv,  Facebook, and anywhere you choose to look (OUTSIDE of yourself and Nature)  seems full of chaos and disruptions and things we cannot understand with our rational minds.  Last night watching a Martin Luther (not King) but the 1500 one, I was reminded how when we enter times of great changes it seems pretty rough and many wonder if it is the end.  But no, It instead is the beginning.

I could go on and on and on with my beliefs of  how every disaster brings out the best in humanity but lots of you are now ragging on what has NOT been done , rather than what has been done..  So, if I give $1  to help someone and only 5 cents goes to that person, didn’t I do a good thing giving the 5 cents and because the 95 cents went for something else?  Does that mean I should not give in the future?

DO I understand the overhead of where that 95 cents went?  The advertising, the bills, the fund raising events and what goes into getting that 5 cents to the person, or country that needs it?

DO I criticize what I do not truly understand? And quit giving?   OR do I contact that organization and ask for a break down of their funding and where the $ goes..  OR DO I JUST GIVE and trust in GOD, GODDESS, SPIRIT, Buddha or whatever I believe in?  (AHHH  more choices folks)***

Please remember now that Astrology wise we are dealing with OUTER SIGNS..

Sagittarius (the truth, whatever that is?)
Capricorn (Structure which works for everyone, OR not?)
Aquarius (destruction of structures which are not working, or detaching and giving up?)
Pisces (the dream, what we imagine and our vision)

and there lies most of our problems..

IF I imagine an institution doing their BEST to assist and being ok with them not being Perfect, looking at the good they do instead of what they did not do?    OR IF I imagine a corrupt system which is not working  Which imagining truly works for the betterment of the world?    So…here you go folks with the theme of FALL 2017     LETTING GO OF WHAT DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU AND OPENING TO WHAT DOES?

WHATEVER YOU DO …please do not give up, we are in much too an important time for humanity, we are truly better than we were a month ago as a country and as people…  we are improving, working and seeing what needs to be done, patience and recognizing we MUST HANG IN FOR THE LONG HAUL is Absolutely necessary I believe…

I am all for BETTER, things working BETTER but not so much for perfection, perhaps because I am myself so far from perfect…   as we enter the new moon energy on September 19, 2017 10:30pm PDTit is impossible to not see that the 15, 16, 17th  18th, 19th until 10:30pm are reverberating with that Energy from the August Eclipses.  Leo stuff which is about?   Pride, heart centeredness, love, passion, and a not too patient energy.

The 22nd we shall see the VIRGO energy which carries us into the 19th new moon dissipate as the sun will enter Libra and Fall 2017 is here, so these last few days of summer this year carry lots of pretty impatient and scattered energy.  TIME for me and maybe some of you?  TO GATHER my things not done, to make lists and organize and get caught up with clients who I owe readings to from before my heart decided to test my  resolve?   Time for me to recognize that nomatter how I try, I cannot do it all and I need to learn patience, love and understanding with MYSELF..  I already give it to you folks, but…still working on the inner stuff… How about you?  Does your impatience with self spill over to others?  Do you want it now and in doing so REALLY MISS what is happening NOW?

Jupiter 10/10 moving to Scorpio will open a new 12th house (inner life, past lives, and my psychic stuff) so i better get reality and that day to day stuff done asap so i can open to whatever that new upgrade of Jupiter in Scorpio in my 12th house brings:

RELATIONSHIPS will come to the foreground, those we work with, make love to, live with, want for friends, and …  Well there are tons of GREAT astrologers out there and Mark Dodich has done his fall newsletter and he says.  YOU AIN”T SEEN NOTHING YET:   and I truly believe that….  Changes this fall bring forth a much more serious energy allowing us all to be more than we thought we could be..

I Posted this and wanted to share it with you, Facebook for me is a way of daily touching people, sharing a smile and a new idea, or resharing an old one…

MY MISSION, should I choose to accept it is to find peace with exactly who and what I am:  To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my talents, my flaws and to stop this incessant worrying that I cannot be loved as I am.  BY Anais Nin

IT is  not wrong to work to be better, but recognizing that what we are right now is so worthy of love and  honor and respect is a part of this Leo Eclipse energy which activates and re activates again and again through the next year.  SO open your heart and YOUR MIND Please and lets get into this last few days of RELEASING energy …
YES  RIGHT NOW we are in a releasing or letting go time from the full moon on 9/6   Virgo /  Pisces energy  pulling us twixt reality and ??   what we think reality might?  Could?  Should be?

9/14  and 9/15  Neptune (imagination)   Uranus (Change)  Pluto (Death, regeneration and rebirth) and Jupiter (what we believe)   are STRONG and energetically pulling us out of the individual into the collective, AKA compassion, anger, frustration, love, and all of the other emotions which great world events bring forth in us all.

WHAT IS THIS ALL about?   I BELIEVE it is CHANGE for our ways of dealing with others, with politics, with the world and …

YOU HAVE TO SEE BOTH SIDES to decide which way you are wanting to go.

Did you ever in school get chosen for a team you would rather NOT have been on?  AND wished you were on the other team?

WELL???   WHAT IF???   WE got chosen for a RIGHT OR LEFT Team and are slowly recognizing that these teams are in competition when the game was NOT COMPETETIVE BUT A GAME OF GETTING SOMETHING DONE?

LOL   see how your mind can shift?  OMG  OMG  OMG  this could be it couldn’t it?  WE JUST THINK we want different things but in truth the VIRGO ENERGY of healing asks us to look at the FACTS..(What we want which is similar)

Saturday the 16th Mercury and Mars (action and Ideas) come together with a MOON IN LEO and replaying  of t he LEO eclipse energy.   LOTS OF Opportunity to connect to source folks

Sunday the 17th DARK OF THE MOON BALSMIC WISHING ENERGY:   BALSAMIC MOON   (THE AREA COLORED PINK in your CALENDAR) if you have an astrology calendar
Or if you do not have an astrology calendar, it is the 72 hours BEFORE THE NEW MOON and you can circle this time on any calendar to remind yourself of how to use this energy.

This article is courtesy of Steve Nelson, a fantastic mythic and cyclic Astrologer out of North Carolina.  STEVE is now walking with his ancestors but none of us who ever studied with him will forget his teachings about MOON MAGIC.   Donna Cunningham also has LOTS on moon and being a LUNAR (psychic type) IN a Solar (NOW centered)  World She is also on the other side, this year has called many of my friends over to perhaps create a more POWERFUL energy in Spirit than they had in body:

The Balsamic phase of the Moon cycle is the three days before New Moon when the waning crescent can be seen an hour or so before Sunrise. The Balsamic Moon is called the Wishing Moon because this is a good time for putting wishes on the air.

A wish made at the Balsamic Moon is more likely to come true because Needs are felt more deeply now. The more deeply a need is felt, the more invocative energy goes into the Moon cycle and the more likely this need will be met. Fulfillment comes at Full Moon in response to what is seeded at the New. Seed intentions may be more consciously sown when the Crescent Moon appears beginning.

People are more likely to be aware of psychic phantasms, fears, Self-doubts and disturbing emotional tides at the close of the Moon cycle. OR THE FULL MOON. The old emotional cycle is breaking down and everything that is wrong tends to come to awareness. Feeling invokes healing. (NEXT  FULL Moon will be October 5th Harvest Full Moon in Libra Aries)***

It might seem strange but the worse one feels at Balsamic Moon the Better for invoking healing and need fulfillment. . More often this Process is unconscious and rightly so as seeds grow best when planted in darkness.

The darkest time of any cycle is at the end when all its shadowy Elements come to the fore. “It’s always darkest just before dawn” Whether this refers to the beginning of a day, a new Moon, or new Zodiacal year.

During those 2 or 3 days before the new moon, the world can seem a tangled web of problems impossible to resolve.  (September 17th, 18th and 19th before 10;30pm PDT

But it is in the nature of the Balsamic Moon phase that problems are revealed but are not solved. Seeing the problem is easy at this time, Solution comes later. A too quick fix will be superficial and can inhibit the flow of growing understanding. This is a good time though for bringing to awareness, highlighting, and releasing old patterns of belief and behavior that are holding us back from easily meeting the challenges of the time. AND wait for that next Cycle to complete the energy of what you began during this phase.

The Balsamic Moon is the perfect time to stir out uncertainty and Confusion because it is the time for psychic clearing. Wishes are More readily fulfilled as the way is cleared to feeling core need.

A hot mineral bath can be healing at the dark of the Moon, a time when emotional, psychic, and physical toxins are ready to be released. Epsom (magnesium sulfate) salt and baking soda added to the bath helps eliminate these toxins, clear perceptions, and open awareness.

Candles, incense (esp. myrrh), and flowers are part of the ritual Bath prescribed for the day before the New Moon in Hindu tradition. A candle at the foot of the bath can be an aid for clearing the mind and focusing intentions.

The dark Moon is a quiet time, a time for pause before new Movement begins. Lunar energy is inaccessible at the exact time Of the New Moon as the slate of the unconscious mind is being cleared. The actual day of the New Moon is unfavorable for conscious Planting of either psychic or physical seeds. At this time Consciousness is turned within.

It is ideal to clean and put the house in order during the Dark of the Moon, then perhaps have friends in on the evening that the New Moon crescent appears. The night of the New Moon crescent is a time for celebration in all-indigenous cultures. Cherokee women dance from the sighting until the setting of the crescent Moon.
The lunar cycle begins when the Moon is united with the Sun.

NEW MOONS for 2017 are :    SEPTEMBER 19th 10;30pm PDT
October 19th 12:12pm PDT                   November 18th 3;42am PST     December 17th 10:30pm PST

Indigenous peoples throughout the world have recognized the power of the waxing crescent Moon. The days just following the appearance Of the New Moon crescent are ideal for planting seeds or beginning new things. This is a good time to speak up, to let your needs be Known, and to announce intentions to the world. Farmer’s plant seeds when the waxing Moon appears. This is the best time to plant seeds on all levels.

Each Season begins with the NEW Moon closest to the equinox or solstice so THIS VERY POWERFUL MOON ON 9/19 is 2 days before the FALL EQUINOX please pay attention and honor this energy which will try and help you to heal and bring new and powerful relationships to us all.
For each of these moons, breathe deeply and focus Awareness on core needs for self, loved ones, and the world as a Whole. And make that wish…Namaste Carol Barbeau

PS Full moons allow us to release and let go.   WHILE NEW MOONS encourage new ventures and seem to bring in people and events and new ideas easier ..
Wish days can be used for anything, and/ if you know WHERE this is happening for you. WOW, how much more powerful that could be.   $30 and I will send you the next years full and new moons FOR YOU PERSONALLY:  $30 online option on my website
Namaste   Carol Barbeau   253 838 1179

The 17th and  18th the moon is in Virgo setting up for the 19th New moon which will have Venus (what we desire)…  Mars, how to get it… Mercury, linear ideas….Sun (the now)   Moon (past and emotions)  all in Virgo the mutable earth sign which brings us an ending of summer and helps open doorways into the harvest season.

We shall also have Vesta (sacred connection) and Jupiter (Beliefs) in Libra, the sign of relationships…

Saturn finishing up its time in Sagittarius is readying itself to move into Capricorn and so karmic debts and connections of a powerful kind seem to be happening much easier.   With Juno (equality in partnering)  Hygea (healing) and Astrea (the truth) and Pluto (transformation) all in Capricorn we cannot ignore the writing on the wall for the next 3 years…  Learn where Capricorn I s in your chart because there is a party happening and whether we want to go or not.  WE ARE GOING>

Neptune and chiron in Pisces seem to be working hard to heal or open doorways for people to leave, the energy of not understanding the WHY will be strong into next year, so perhaps the TRUST word and BELIEVE word might become your mantra?

Uranus in Aries leaves in May of 2018 and moves to Taurus so expect to see many more earth changes and perhaps this Capricorn energy is asking us to recognize that we must now PARTNER with our planet and we have much more connection to the forces of nature than we recognized.

(BELOW IS FROM MARK DODICH) and so Excellent I could not write it as well)  You can reach Mark on facebook or his website   Contact Mark    503-252-1558          Upcoming Events   YOU CAN SEE MARK  September 21  at DiscoverU in Tacoma Washington at  University Park, WA
Personal Consultations in Tacoma, WA  Contact him and visit his great website with so much visual and written things, he is a font of information and a wonderful man and astrologer:

At the new moon and fall equinox, relationship planets Venus and Mars are moving to align with each other as part of the next full moon. I bring this up now because the energy is building now, and generous Jupiter is at the beginning of the end of a year long journey through relationship sign Libra. It is time to take a serious look at all types of relationships, and the choices ahead. In truth, this should have been going on since September 2016, but we are moving into “Put up or Shut up” time. The Mars-Venus conjunction is in Virgo which wants to be crystal clear and operating in clean energy in relationships. Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10, and Scorpio says it is time to make some decisions.

At fall equinox, a chart cast for the next three months shows the moon in Scorpio, suggesting deep emotions rising to the surface. It also has Jupiter in the final degrees of relationship sign Libra, so re-balancing and changing relationships since September 2016. Because Jupiter moves into Scorpio next month for a year, there is another level of endings and beginnings in relationships. This has been going on for some time, but this is the final push.  MARK DODICH

Carol from here on…. So, expect lots happening and I will get busy this weekend and look at the fall equinox chart and the first of next week get your next and more full report to you…  Love, blessings and remember we are part of something HUGE:   and because we are still here..

WE ARE NOT DONE YET:  You are so loved, please make intentions and wishes and use this magical balsamic moon energy.  More on Wednesday the 20th about the FALL Equinox and my favorite time of  year.  Love  carol Barbeau

PS not working much yet, still healing and not as fast as i would like, thank you those who have donated to me , to those who have
prayed, to those reading this, and to those who have been so patiently awaiting my return to BAU    Business as Usual, but…not sure
that business as usual is the answer anymore for ANY of us…  MAYBE New ways are going to be so MUCH better for us all, I shall HOPE
and TRUST and  BELIEVE this xooxoxo   love

Carol Barbeau
9 bogey lane
Bellingham Wa 98229

253 838 1179   pay pal on my website

Carol Barbeau

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September is almost here 2017

by admin on August 29, 2017

Phasing out August  2017 and WELCOMING Fall 2017 and September

For those of you a bit down about the eclipse being over.  LOL:  WELL it is long from over…light the candle, ring the bell and the light is remembered and the bell will continue to be heard.

AND lest you think I take natural disasters lightly or do not know loss.  At 7 years old our home burned to the ground in the middle of the night, what I remember was…  my Mom saying how she would never put things away again and NOT USE them.  I remember being homeless and scared and remember now in later years how I learned to cherish what was REALLY important from that event….  And learned to always HUG my kids and tell them how important THEY WERE , much more than any THING, and I see this on TV and in the news right now so strongly…

Lest you think an eclipse is an event in the sky, (well, it is kinda) but to me it is an ENERGY and this one is and has been and WILL BE about hearts opening.  And if we have to have floods, disasters and other things of a less pleasant nature to remind us…  WELL, watch and see if you can unring this bell which has told us all that we need to WAKE up.  Admit we are at cause for every thing…   OUR ignoring, our participation, our postings, our time, our energy and our lives are testaments to?

Lets with this ?  Just look FORWARD not backwards.

What would you like to change in who you are and how you feel about your life?   Perhaps all of us at one time or another ask ourselves  IS this ALL THERE IS?   And the answer is always the same.  HELL NO …  we have the future ahead of us, opportunities and shifts coming which are like shifts which this planet has never seen before.  When are we more aware than when there is danger and things seem the worse?   When are we more willing to do things, to act, to feel and to make changes?

Monday 8/28 with the Moon entering freedom loving Sagittarius at 12:48pm pdt we WERE  challenged as Mars  SITTING right where that 8/21  BIGGIE  eclipse happened is challenged by the moon (emotions and the past)   At 4:41pm  Mercury the planet of communication  Arrives at the 8/21 BIGGIE  Eclipse point and is challenged (the challenge is DID OUR HEARTS open for that eclipse and are we willing to continue to keep them open? (Watch the news and tell me this is just a coincidence …

and at 7:48pm pdt  tonight (MONDAY)  8/28   the moon makes a TRINE or aspect of Ease with Venus (what we desire ) in Leo at  the eclipse 8/7 point.   AND HERE I AM POSTING TO REMIND YOU:

Tomorrow Tuesday  8/29  with the First quarter Square in Sagittarius we are asked to remember that to Heal (Sun now in Virgo)  we must imagine what healing really IS……. (Neptune in Pisces)  Yes…2nd day of rough astrology aspects…

Karma comes in to remind us on the 30th as the moon in Sagittarius touches Saturn (Karma 7:32am) pdt and then…  the rest of the days aspects are powerfully energizing about belief, action and change… I see this as a MESSAGE (more coming, but was so called to herald this tonight (Posted on facebook)  to get all of us activated to energize ourselves in OPTIMISM the next 3 days…  More soon  Namaste  Carol  Barbeau

Right now many of us are working on trying to Refocusing Priorities with the sun in Virgo …but we cannot forget the activation dates hitting us through January…  almost like an erotic zone which seems to sensitive more and more regarding our passions … Fire energy is about passion, action and energy.  Sagittarius, Aries and Leo energy of which we have all of those energies now.

(Capricorn) 4 planets, Pluto, Hygea, Astrea, Juno, all riding in this structure orientated earth energy are trying to bring some balance to us.  The sun and Vesta and Mercury today in Virgo are joined Mars on the 5th of September are surely trying to drag us back from much of the frustrations, anger and irritations we have been experiencing so far this year..  Do you all know that the energy of   Earth which is an energy growing stronger is about our planet, our money, our family, and the reality based things in life and Mercury going back into Leo tomorrow will be back in Virgo by 9/9 as well as Venus (what we desire moving into Virgo on that NEW MOON on 9/19.

I am seeing a real separation as for some of you,  ORGANIZATION is high.   Sometimes things simply need to be sorted, with an eye toward workable schedules and priorities, and getting our stuff together aka…organization while for some, myself included we have been dropped into limbo, flooding, storms, health and things which for us seem to defy any sense of order.  Wherever side of the boat you are sitting in  you are in this magical time, be ok, be aware that there is a message coming to you  and welcome the lessons which are here for us all.

One of the symbols for Virgo resonates with the harvest,  and so for me I always look at where I am, where I wanted to be and where I desire to go.  This year again I am reminded I am a soul within a body and there is much out of my control right now and being ok with this is the message for me personally and I do feel for many of you.

Mercury retrograde backs into Leo on the 31st of August, TOUCHING that 29  degree Leo Eclipse  spot which activated the last months events..  so, now we shall re activate with Mercury and other energies some of the events, ideas, and things which have been happening since July.  Hard to explain to folks but it is kind of the astrology version of  (it is not over until the fat lady sings)  and she keeps coming on the stage for curtain calls.  So, expect networking, recommunicating, and changes to be strong through September and October

Mercury will continue in retrograde motion until September 5th, and so there’s likely to be lots of re evaluations and miscommunications, or rather perhaps finding out hidden facts, so that perhaps our choices will be different with the new information?  Perhaps the biggest danger right now is anchoring into a THIS IS THE ONLY WAY version of life.  Many paths, many roads, but they all lead ultimately if you believe in Astrology?  To the we are one version of this planet so many visionaries have seen, felt and known would ultimately come…

Part of my young adult hood was filled with the miracle of hearing others say what I had felt as a child on the farm in Kansas…that the good of the many outweighs the needs of the one, that we only win when we all win, and that when we work together things HAPPEN in a good way.

Part of being with my Grandparents in Edgerton Kansas in the 40’s and 50’s was seeing disasters happen and people rebuilding and helping each other.  You never went to a home without taking food, you always offered to help and

yep…not all was good, our farm migrant workers did not get treated well, race was separated  and I was always down with them (those who looked different than myself) rather than up with the good farmers.  My Granddad was scared to death some day they would pull out and I would  go with them… lol.   (They laughed more, ate better and were nicer)  TRUE:    BUT in the 60’s I also saw that get better.

I know I am going astray a bit but… if being older and seeing lots does not allow this, what does?  MY VERSION of life is …  GREED is based on FEAR of LACK and fear of lack is based on thinking the WORST things which could happen.   AND hate, well, isn’t that GREED and FEAR ALSO?  RARELY a worthwhile emotion right?   So, if we YOU and ME and the world…could just watch the rescues in Texas now, watch the bravery and courage and honor around us and recognize that some will always show us the dark so that we can be pulled towards the light.  PERHAPS those we see as THINGS or people who go BUMP in the Night are just volunteers,  Volunteers to show us HOW GOOD THE LIGHT LOOKS?   Please try and shift perspectives about GOOD and BAD a bit and say.  Instead..

THIS IS WHO I WANT TO BE and this is how I will become this.   INSTEAD OF SAYING  NOOOO  this person is BAD, horrible, awful.  Say..nope  NOT ME …..    this is me  xoxooxoxoxo

Back off the soap box.  (Saturn has been retrograde – for the last 5 months but the planet of structure and order went DIRECT on the 25th.  Of August.   Meaning we are finally going to see some outcome to efforts…..

BUT Saturn likes structure and in the sign of Sagittarius perhaps we shall not get as much order as Saturn is happy with.  (and many of us)  THE GOOD NEWS for those who like the I’s  dotted and t’s  crossed..  SATURN MOVES TO CAPRICORN on 12/19/2017 …Saturn shall be a very HAPPY CAMPER for the next 2 and ½ years in this sign of order and…so, those who fly by the seat of your panties, might want to get ready and …. Some suggestions are:

BEGIN RIGHT NOW to ELIMINATE, PARE DOWN, get caught up, and get ready for a very busy 2018..  For those of you who align a sign with a person and know this Capricorn person who does this or that…

FORGET IT…by January 1, 2020   Saturn and Pluto will be MERGED at the same degree in Capricorn, and Jupiter will be in this sign also..   SO…  order and structure and a new social order for the good of the all will have new form.  Archtypically, which is much of what the planets and signs are based upon..

Capricorn is Cardinal earth..(CREATES EARTHQUAKES) lol, not always literally but?   Who moves the earth?  Why would the earth move?

CHANGE of our material world is part of the theme of Capricorn when the world is not working for everyone..   Equality might be nice, but Capricorn does believe in a good days work for a good days pay, so expect to perhaps find the jobs you are WILLING and HAPPY to work harder in?  HOW does that sound?   Maybe not larger bigger cars and homes, but places we delight in going home to, cars which use less energy and recognizing that food growth can be done more echologically and we can feed lots more?   I know I sound like a dreamer.  BUT for those of you who do not know me, just have read me, I have been preaching for years about these changes and look around…  GUESS WHO HAS COME TO DINNER GUYS?

Saturn Retrograde shows the effects of time and we surely now are seeing what our time and energy has created.. so, what….  What can be created can be taken down, what has been constructed can be destructed in an ecologically sound way, and now Saturn on its way forward says, Sagittarius wants freedom and its own way, so this time has been energizing.  NOW Saturn soon into Capricorn will be much more effective in its use of power and energy..

August 25th Saturn DIRECT is , reminding us that it’s time to get to work, be clear about who you want to be and how best to get there.  (NOT sure, then be clear of how NOT TO BE)**    Peaking on August 27th Jupiter in Libra has been working to bring others into your life to help and assist, how many of you have met true love, new friends, connected with like minds during this time..

Uranus the planet of change in ARIES the sign of self has been OPPOSING Jupiter in Libra, so relationships and win win situations seem a bit strained which carries through September also.  Uranus is also Squaring Pluto in Capricorn BUT Jupiter about to leave LIBRA 10/10 and enter Scorpio gets out of the argument with these 2 planets and I SHALL PROMISE YOU, decisions shall be easier made and commitments more firm, and MUCH LESS DOUBT about what we feel with Jupiter in Scorpio.  Jupiter stays in a sign for a year and Poor Libra and us of Libra energy have not had the easiest time over this last year.  AT the least, I shall say that Jupiter in Scorpio shall be much more firm resolve, people more willing to support the causes that are important to them and to stand up to oppression or what the perceive as oppression.

– September 4th, there is a clear path open  to use what has been learned in the past to resolve some things which feel stuck right now as Jupiter sets up with a nice aspect to Saturn, Both of these planets are kind of finishing with a sign and seem to come together to say…lets Believe in better Relationships (Jupiter in Libra) and Saturn in Sagittarius, believe we can help each other achieve our individual and collective truths..

PS time to get that paperwork caught up folks, as on On a personal note: use this excellent time to locate and organize important documents, to renew licenses, or to clarify your personal goals. Perhaps it’s time to break out that vision board! At the least, fine-tune your affirmations.  I would see lots of you activate facebook, blogs and recognize that you are a part of the solution and that being better organized will help.

Some days which might be a bit disturbing to those wanting us all to get along might be, August 22nd- 26th, September 4th  and the  9 th, when Venus (what we desire)  is Called out for a duel  first by revolutionary  Uranus and then by  Pluto.    These are not the easiest days for WIN WIN Solutions so attempt to NOT push personal issues unless you are willing to perhaps lose the war.

Relationships, particularly those in trouble, seem to be highlighted by differences and these are not the best business negotiation days either.  Kind of mark them on your calender and I always put  TLC  not that the day is bad but to remind me that others (myself included) may  need a bit more tlc then:

Be prepared to change course: When Mercury leaves Retrograde on September 5th as MARS enters Virgo and it is the day before the full moon as well as NEPTUNE (illusion and visions) and the Moon (emotions and the past) MERGE    AND it is the night before the full MOON which is always the strongest magical energy of the month ..  GREAT for intentions and manifesting what you desire in a VIRGO WAY since the full moon on the 6th is

MOON at 14 Pisces Sabian Symbol  Pisces 14: A woman wrapped in fox fur.  and Sun at 14 Virgo  Sabian symbol for  Virgo 14:Finely lettered names and mysterious lines are seen; it is a family tree.   SO, these symbols tell me we are not yet really ready to deal with the REALITY of now …still caught in the past a bit and old beliefs of money and Status..(OH well, September is a month about deality with the reality of what is as VIRGO is a sign much about what is and not what will be:   Virgo deals with the facts and is the last sign of summer….

from September 5th- 19th, Mercury is RE Crossing the same territory it just traveled for the 3rd time. This marks a period when unfinished negotiations, stalled  communication, or negotiations we had almost given up on may actually re energize and come to a satisfactory outcome.

The Pisces Full Moon on September 6th (3:03 AM EDT) joins with Neptune, the energy of the spiritual plane. It’s the perfect time for a retreat, to get into the flow of a creative ideas and just have some fun, nature for me is a part of the VIRGO/PISCES axis so find a tree, a sacred place, spend a day at the beach and honor nature a bit now please…we now enter a letting go time and there is much in all of our lives about achievement and what we DID NOT get done yet, which we just need to let flow away from a while to take a bit of a break…  Healthy escapism is highly suggested this week.

The 11th seems to offer some good energy to process and ponder but effective outcomes may not come until after the 14th when we have passed up the SUN, Squaring Saturn on the 13th.  The sun is the now and Saturn is kind of that (I’m late, I;m late for a very important date) energy on the 13th…by the 14th when the moon enters cancer clarity and what is really important becomes much clearer.  Do not push the 11th, 12, 13th but do look for some good solutions on those days.

DARK OF THE MOON (BASMATIC MOON) article  on my website, is magical wishing energy and those days are Sunday  the 17th with the moon in Virgo, Monday the 18th Moon in Virgo touching Mars (action) Mercury (ideas) and Opposing Neptune, good for linear stuff.  Until the new moon 10:30pm PDT on the 19th

NEW MOONS are always BRINGING IN energy and they are there to assist you to open  the way for fresh opportunities, new beginnings,  and inspired action.   At 27 Degrees of Virgo the Sabian symbol is

Virgo 27:Aristocratic elderly ladies drinking afternoon tea in a wealthy home  AGAIN we are a bit energy constipated with outdated ideas of what we need to be happy, about what we need to HAVE?  And about visions of what would make us happy?  .At the time of this New Moon, Venus the planet of what we desire enters VIRGO adding a rather less than visionary energy and more towards the practical as well as communicative Mercury is opposite visionary, imaginative, and illusionary  Neptune. Seeking  inner peace, through nature, meditation, prayer, whatever is very GOOD now:

Planets are actors and the signs they wear are like costumes and we get to utilize that energy so With Mercury, (communications) Venus(What we desire)  The Sun (now)  the Moon (Past) and Mars (Action)  all trekking through Virgo, it’s a good time to re-organize your schedule to make room for some of those projects you’ve been waiting to accomplish.   I plan on some major files and desk reorganization and catching everyone and everything up during this time.  Spirit willing..

Repairs generally go rather  well  under such energy and  influences, and if you’re considering upgrading tech devices, the last week September is a great time, I want to go into a new way of recording and sending mp3 files and have this time blocked on  my schedule.   Energy is  quite favorable during this time:

NOW we enter my favorite time of year as Happy September Equinox The Sun reaches 0° Libra at 1:02 pm Pacific Time,          4:02 pm Eastern marking the exact center point of the September Equinox or the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.    This is the time of balance between day and night and the nights and days are equal in length and I always honor this time.  Hopefully away to the water, at least down to the lake to watch sunset or sunrise and accept that another page in life has been turned and summer 2017 is gone forever..   MY PERSONAL honoring is to let go of the negatives and focus on the positives …

The Equinox gates mark the time of balance and like full and new moons if we could just stop for a few minutes and honor this ancient wise energy, I feel our daily lives would go much more smoothly.   HONOR what you have done, what you are harvesting …not what needs to be done, that time was BEFORE this date folks…   The energy of the universe is important and very powerful and

(FROM Cayelin Castell)*****This is our heritage and what is encoded in our DNA if we are willing to take the time to be witness and to again walk through the doorway of remembrance and knowing. Equinox Chant of the Priestess and more about the Equinox is here  The Full Moon is September 6 rising around sunset 16 days before the equinox. The October 5 Full Moon is 13 days after the September Equinox

placing the October Full Moon slightly closer to the Equinox. Usually the Full Moon rises about 45 to 50 minutes later each night after its exact fullness but at this time of the year the Moon is rising about 25 to 30 minutes later each night.

The September 20 Virgo New Moon (27 Virgo 27) is the closest New Moon to the September Equinox so a great time to plant seeds for the new season. September Equinox Equno Nights are Lengthening December Solstice ***  I LOVE CAYELINS WORK and she has much more online you can sign up and she is a SHAMANIC Astrologer, so much more into the MAGICAL energy than I am…Afraid all those years of me working in the hospital and with 9 to 5 folks have my feet in the ground but not nearly as connected as she is…

DID YOU KNOW since this time is a time of balance that according to Cayelin, Many native cultures had ways of balancing their wealth among tribal members. The ancient Jewish people had a Jubilee celebration every 50 years as described in Leviticus. This was a time when debts were forgiven, prisoners freed and wealth and property redistributed.


“This fiftieth year is sacred—it is a time of freedom and of celebration when everyone will receive back their original property, and slaves will return home to their families. ” ~Leviticus 25:10 Some say 2017 is a Jubilee Year. This is an interesting article about why The Field of Plenty In Jamie Samms book “The Sacred Path Cards” there is a section describing the The Field of Plenty that everyone can easily access through gratitude and appreciation. In addition to expressing daily gratitude for what they already had, these tribal people also took time to express advanced gratitude appreciating gifts they would receive in the future as if it was already a reality. (READ THE REST PLEASE, it is excellent)****

…Since the Vibral Alignment or Harmonic Convergence, in August of 1987, our Elders have seen the Field of Plenty actually touch the Earth Mother and come to rest like a blanket over her body. In so doing, the Field of Plenty is now able to provide instant manifestation for all Earth’s Children who call for their needs with gratitude prior to receiving those blessings… …Every need in our world can be met when we act upon any good idea that comes into our minds. Every talent and every role in physical life plays a part that assists the whole in manifesting abundant life… …The Field of Plenty always has a way of putting the needed item into the hands of the person who needs it. The keys to manifesting what is needed are gratitude and trust, balanced with action. There is no need for scarcity in the Fifth World. Abundance for all the Children of Earth is manifesting Thought always precedes form. If ideas of sharing and equality precede that reality in the hearts of Two-leggeds, the manifestation of physical needs being met will follow. This is Great Mystery’s promise in creating the Field of Plenty. ~ Jamie Samms

So please read all of September 2017 Celestial Timings by Cayelin K Castell

  • Are you treating yourself and others with respect and appreciation? • Do you value the work others do for you and pay them fairly for their services? • Are you being treated with respect and appreciation and are you being compensated fairly for the work or services you provide? • Are you choosing to live a life of reciprocity, balancing what you receive with what you give? I often think when I feel badly about not producing then my income goes down, I need help and it comes. What is that?  PERHAPS I have learned some of this and would love us all to anchor in this 50th year. Xoxooxo Carol

Please remember September 17 and 18 Venus is passing the August 21 total solar eclipse degree further activating whatever was set in motion at that Mega Moon event. Venus and Regulus are about 1° apart on the mornings of September 19 and 20, meaning we are re activating that fire and passion of the eclipse and again being allowed to ECLIPSE what no longer works for us.

Some lucky energy days this month for us all are..for CREATIVE  activitiy  9/7  9/14  9/16  9/20

9/23 (Nothing from anger please)***       24th, and wow the 30th.

Days when we need to be aware of others feelings  (ALWAYS)   Days when we need to honor self (ALWAYS)    Days when we need to give thanks (YEP, you got it)

I thank those of you donating to me and being patient while I get back into the saddle, seems these last 2 weeks the horse has been missing but getting stronger daily and wishing you all love, blessings and all good things.  I am so grateful to have you all in my life and hope to speak with you soon for an appointment or $30 online question.

Not working is a bit scary, but like always, spirit and faith hold me up and I am continually amazed at how good the world is…  Several asked for my snail mail address so here it is xooxoxox

Blessings and Love

Carol Barbeau
9  Bogey Lane
Bellingham, Washington 98229

253 838 1179

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Phasing out August 2017 and WELCOMING Fall 2017 and September

For those of you a bit down about the eclipse being over. LOL: WELL it is long from over…

light the candle, ring the bell and the light is remembered and the bell will continue to be heard.

Lest you think an eclipse is an event in the sky, (well, it is kinda) but to me it is an ENERGY and this one is and has been and WILL BE about hearts opening.

And if we have to have floods, disasters and other things of a less pleasant nature to remind us…that we can help, that we are love and that we are all rescuable and loveable…

WELL, watch and see if you can unring this bell which has told us all that we need to WAKE up. Admit we are at cause for every thing… OUR ignoring, our participation, our postings, our time, our energy and our lives are testaments to?

Lets with this ? Just look FORWARD not backwards.

What would you like to change in who you are and how you feel about your life?

Perhaps all of us at one time or another ask ourselves IS this ALL THERE IS? And the answer is always the same. HELL NO … we have the future ahead of us, opportunities and shifts coming which are like shifts which this planet has never seen before.

Monday 8/28 with the Moon entering freedom loving Sagittarius at 12:48pm pdt we are challenged as Mars SITTING right where that 8/21 BIGGIE eclipse happened is challenged by the moon (emotions and the past)

At 4:41pm Mercury the planet of communication Arrives at the 8/21 BIGGIE Eclipse point and is challenged (the challenge is DID OUR HEARTS open for that eclipse and are we willing to continue to keep them open? (Watch the news and tell me this is just a coincidence …

and at 7:48pm pdt tonight the moon makes a TRINE or aspect of Ease with Venus (what we desire ) in Leo at the eclipse 8/7 point. AND HERE I AM POSTING TO REMIND YOU:

Tomorrow with the First quarter Square in Sagittarius we are asked to remember that to Heal (Sun now in Virgo) we must imagine (Neptune in Pisces) Yes…2nd day of rough astrology aspects…

Karma comes in to remind us on the 30th as the moon in Sagittarius touches Saturn (Karma 7:32am) pdt and then… the rest of the days aspects are powerfully energizing about belief, action and change…

I see this as a MESSAGE (more coming, but was so called to herald this tonight to get all of us activated to energize ourselves in OPTIMISM the next 3 days… More soon Namaste Carol Barbeau

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INSPIRADO August 2017

by admin on July 27, 2017

August Eclipses and Experiencing the unbelievable, August 2017

Did you know/ : A planet (AN ACTOR) has to stop or station before moving backwards or forwards and right now. MERCURY in VIRGO, is slowing and also URANUS in Aries :

ON 8/2 at 10:31pm PDT Uranus the planet of change moves RETROGRADE in Aries at 29 degrees of Aries.. (now I must tell you, Eclipse 29 degrees, and much happening at the FINAL degree of signs now)

August 2017
Mercury retrograde at 12 Virgo on the 12th of August until September 5th when it moves direct in Leo (WE are in the shadow point right now)**** and have been since JULY 24th

For an astrologer these are interesting times to write about… Saw a client/friend last weekend who was astonished that I had years ago been talking about this time, when Governments seem to fail us and when people join people, in creating answers. When new organizations form to get things done and when we can no longer depend upon those who we felt we elected to do jobs.

AND: to me this never seemed a bad thing. NOR a psychic thing, watching planets move and the energy beginning to focus on change within the world is part of the last 3 signs of the zodiac..

Capricorn….Aquarius And Pises

In astrology language it was ALSO about a coming of the time of FIRE to inspire us. INSPIRADO, many of you may remember years ago me talking about the time of inspirado. (what I did not see then was the fear and anger which would come with this energy)

INSPIRADO which I thought was in the dictionary, but it seems is one of those words which I have always KNOWN but seems to be in my heart and soul.

INSPIRADO, THE INSPIRATION TO BE INSPIRED, the DESIRE to find joy and passion and UPLIFTING experiences within body (food, smells, touch, feel) Mind, (Reading, speaking, communication, and listening ) and Soul.

AHHH my soul and YOUR SOUL?
Soul work? WOW? What inspires you to feel better, happier, and what does the opposite, (Perhaps to live in INSPIRADO we have to wean ourselves from those things which BRING us down? AND search that which brings us UPPPPPP? And my desire always is to be one of those things for all of you.

I thank those of you who support me by donating $12 button on my website, for people like …wow so many of you who send me $20 in an envelope or $1 and tell me I am appreciated… for those who get an appointment and spend time with me, Attend an event, or just write and say thank you carol.

For those who when i was not sure i could get up again, sent me MUCH more and surprised my soul with your generosity and love…
SUZIE HUTCHINS you are one who for years has never forgotten me and I never seem to honor you and sit down and write. SO here you are, lol, hope you are still reading me honey and I need your astrology info again. NEW COMPUTER xooxoxoxo

I thank those of you who I will never hear from or know, for being there, and I recognize we are all Johnny Appleseed, planting, good or not so good, and perhaps never seeing our seed grow into a tree, so for myself I know if I plant the TRUTH the tree will grow into something which is useful to all.

THUS my writing seems to go more and more into dates and times and if you are interested? In allowing you a bit of information you can write on a calendar, or just keep in your mind ..

Astrology is energy and looking at days of energy best designed to lift you is great, but perhaps for some of us those days which kick us in the fanny and we have to STRUGGLE to get up.. (well, for me those are often the days when I know I grow the most)

What about you and now on with some timing and I hope that any of you in the EVERETT WASHINGTON area on 8/3 have sent me your birth information and will be at the Bluebird of Happiness club. Hosted by our bluebird mommy Norma Menzes and …I will be doing a q and a and evening of helping (if you desire) some of you see your gifts, and the GIFTS this rather irritating time has for us all.??

HERE is a bit of help for those interested in Astrology and dates when things END and begin xoxoox

IN ARIES I EXPRESS WHO I AM and we now have URANUS the planet of change there: and the moon will be in Aries on 8/10 11th and 12th until 3:40am on the 13th

IN TAURUS I express what I have NO major planets there but Moon in Taurus on August 13th and 14th

IN Gemini I express what I think No Major planets there but moon there on August 15th and 16th

IN Cancer I express what I FEEL VENUS the planet of what we desire there until 8/25 when it then enters Leo, the moon here on 8/17th and 18th

in LEO I express what I DESIRE and WILL to be and a PAC KED LEO SKY is our theme now:
The North Node, our soul destiny point is here now until 11/6/2018
The Sun the NOW energy until 8/22 at 3:21pm PDT when the sun enters Virgo:
Mercury rx. In VIRGO backs back into LEO on 8/30 until it moves forward and back to

Virgo 9/9/2017: Venus enters Leo on 8/25 until 8/19
Mars the planet of action in Leo all of August 2017

The MOON in Leo 8/19 8/20 for magical wishing Dark of the moon and 8/21 11:30am for the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSe at 29 degrees of Leo and a WORLD changing eclipse

in Virgo I analyze Our planet of linear communication, Mercury here now until the 31st. Mercury retrograde at 12 Virgo on the 12th of August until September 5th when it moves direct in Leo : Moon in Virgo 21st after 1:25pm pdt until the 23rd:

ABOVE SIGNS BUILD the self and our INNER strength Below Signs build not only for self but include others

in Libra I weigh self and others and share and poor Jupiter is struggling here until 10/10/2107 to maintain some form of inclusion of others rights and balance, but 10/10/2017 he enters Scorpio and things really become personalized and more intense: The moon will be in Libra trying to help us balance on the 23rd after 6:04pm pdt until the 26th 1:53am pdt

in Scorpio I desire and move closer to intimacy The moon will be in Scorpio in August on the 26th and 27th

In Sagittarius I SEE much more than just myself We now have Saturn the planet of karma and structure retrograde in Sagittarius until 12/18/2017 this planet of structure will try and teach us about the GOOD of the all…rather than just the good of the ONE
The moon (emotions) is in Sagittarius on 8/1 and 2 until 5;37pm pdt on the 3rd and on the 28th 12:48pm pdt until the 31st 1:18am pdt

in Capricorn I use my own and others resources
PLUTO is here until 2024 trying to teach us? Well, it kind of seems death , regeneration and rebirth of political structures doesn’t it?
The moon is here in August 2017 on the 4th and 5th and enters Capricorn on the 31st 1:18am until September 2nd 1:06pm pdt

in Aquarius I know I am not all there is and try to learn that the good of the many ourweighs the good of the one: 2018 and 2019 WE HAVE SCADS of energy in this sign:
August 2017 we have a Moon entering Aquarius on the 6th 5:16am pdt and a LUNAR FULL MOON ECLIPSE on the 7th at 11:11am PDT at 1 5 degrees of Aquarius with the Moon at 15 Leo

In Pisces I desire all to be at peace and Joy and our perception of things often rules the reality: We have Chiron the wounded healer here in 2017 and Neptune the planet of illusion, visions , imagination and visions: The moon will be in this sign on August 8th, 9th and until 10:22pm on the 10th

Please remember Fire is action, passion and GO FOR IT ARIES LEO and SAGITTARIUS and we have LOTS right now

Air is thoughts and communication and ideas GEMINI LIBRA and AQUARIUS

Earth is building energy, grounding and stabilizing TAURUS VIRGO and CAPRICORN

Water is intuition, feeling, and connection to our inner feelings CANCER SCORPIO and PISCES

August 2017 I wish us all Happy Birthday and especially for those Leo and Virgo Sun Signs

For us all the question is: What would you like ECLIPSED in your life?

August is the 8th month of a number 1 year of new beginnings for the planet and for many of you it will truly be a 9 Month of endings.

Many of you have decided a venture or friendship, or work relationship just is not working out and it is time to revamp our lives into a more joyful and honoring energy. I always advise that we make as few changes as possible between the eclipses, which travel in pairs,

and a NEW MOON at 0 LEO set us up for INCREASE on July 23rd and we have a FULL MOON LUNAR eclipse on 8/7 IN of course LEO and Aquarius.

Full moon Lunar eclipse blocks the past and we can more clearly see what is truly happening:

FULL moon releasing time and between the 7th of August and August 21st NEW MOON Solar eclipse,

I would advise everyone who can to sit quietly and await the coming of BIG news which will change some important things in all our lives.

Eclipses are the universes attempt to balance us if we look at them in Metaphysics. In Metaphysical teachings we see the eclipses as an energy being BLOCKED so that we can MORE clearly see within self and what our outside world is doing… …

But what are we seeing? In Solar eclipses we can see the past, see more below: and in Lunar eclipses we more clearly see right now and what is in front of us.

The advantage is that we are forced into a new way of looking at and seeing things in an eclipse. Eclipses reverberate for up to 6 months and usually have a theme.

LEO, heart energy, open or closed? AHHH there is the rub, your choice you know?

Leo, pride, passion, ego, love, hate, anger, destruction, Creation, all there in front of us HUGELY right now and activation for the next 6 months is strong and the next 60 days (HUGELY ACTIVATED)

CHOICE time is here for you and me..what do we choose? FEAR or HOPE, LOVE or HATE, I often forget the hate and opening Facebook to listen to a Kennedy do a speech, there was the feed of UGLY PREJUDICED and HATE FILLED stuff. I was absolutely PHYSICALLY Ill.

SO then I Closed it down and said..>AHHH Carol just closing it does nothing but allow it in your mind. IT IS OUT THERE and what can YOU PERSONALLY do to help stop it?

and the question is, what did I NEED TO LEARN FROM Reading that so many thought in a way so Alien to me?

so ……For me these eclipses are in 9th house of Spirit and taking things to a HIGHER level and 10th house of how I am seen and career…I can post more, write more, and offer more hope out there, cannot make anyone read, or repost on facebook, but I can TRY, I can do what I CAN DO can’t I?

The Moon symbolizes the subconscious or instincts and the Earth which we stand upon is REALITY. So, most of us are already knee deep in the pre eclipse energy which began at 5/9 2017 when the North Node entered LEO and the south Node Aquarius where the moon is for the 8/7 eclipse.

Aquarius to me is the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. The sign which is most destructive of structures not working.

Lots of energy this next 4 years in Capricorn which wants to build structures which WORK: and Aquarius which wants to take down structures which do not work and Pisces which wants to dream and create the vision of what works for everyone.. GOOD and interesting news but not tremendously stable is it?

Eclipses are the greatest help we have in shifting perceptions, as many of us have patterned ourselves to think or be a certain way and eclipses try and blast away what is superficial and not YOU in order for you to create what and who you truly desire to be.

IN English, This eclipse sequence translates to: feel your feelings FIRE but also use AIR for ideas and recognize what you FEEL is to help you to focus your instincts and listen with your soul as well as your mind.

We are all being asked to take some time here to realign our filters which oftentimes keep us from feeling we Deserve or are worthy of the things we desire. LEO energy, and fire activates us to go for what we know we should have.

During these eclipses this year and into 2021 we are asked to align our soul with the larger and higher objectives which you choose to incarnate with this lifetime.

In English to me, these eclipses are truly asking us to become HUMAN BEINGS. and recognize that there is only one race upon this planet THE HUMAN RACE, and to quit sweating the small stuff and recognize that when we become who we TRULY know we are and let go of what others Desire us to be…

AND for me who has my North Node in Leo and south Node in Aquarius (A NODAL RETURN FOR THOSE OF US WITH THIS PLACEMENT)**** it is a time to be truthful to and for you all…

THIS time is not about BAU (business as usual) But more WTF? What the F…?

so we wake up. THE FIRE WILL GO within a year and we will be settling into Earth and Water… and much more comfortable.

Meanwhile we are in SHAKE IT UP time. TRY and be OK with the process of mixology of the universe and recognize many are AWAKENING …

and many of us are becoming aware of IGNORANCE. NOT a bad thing, just a lack of understanding and learning,
RIGHT? So perhaps if we keep posting, writing and praying and hoping and talking and honoring… we can educate those willing? Whichever side we feel we are on right now. SHIFTS are coming for us all.
One’s action ought to come out of an achieved stillness: not to be a mere rushing on– D.H. Lawrence
Is it time for you to speak in some way also? Is there something you need to be talking about, spreading the word and urging others to action? This Leo new moon certainly encourages that strongly followed by the 2 eclipses…our message time is here isn’t it?
Messages of August each year are about FIRE and action Leo and Virgo after the 22nd…VIRGO is the harvest and healing so expect lots on that after the magical wishing time on the 18th, 19th and 20th.

Stones for this time are Amber, Topaz and Peridot which Are all stones to assist to bring Joy and Bliss to your life. Since all these stones carry an electrical charge and bring energy to your mind and physical body, expect some wonderful ideas and plans to come from inner guidance this month.

Colors for this time are The Golds, Reds, and Rich colors of the first harvest of the year, which will be August 1st, or Lammas.

What is your personal first harvest going to be? And how can you use this time for your own movement towards joy?

Flowers are Meadowsweet, Gladiolus and Poppies We begin the month with the energy of FIRE, which is action. And our totem now is The THUNDERBIRD, lol, doesn’t that make sense?

July 22nd to August 22nd is the RIPE BERRIES MOON; People born at this time are STURGEON People. (LEO) Fire Their plant is the Raspberry, their color is RED, and their minerals are IRON and the Garnet

. Their elemental clan is the THUNDERBIRD Clan. Like the sturgeon these folks have an inner strength and the ability to see through things. They try to avoid confrontations but will fight when cornered. They are active, dominant, powerful, courageous people although they have a playful side. They must learn to curb a tendency to be too dominant. AND we are ALL EXPERIENCING this energy RIGHT NOW:\

LAMMAS on AUGUST 1st is the 1/2 way midpoint of summer
Lammas is observed on August 01, 2017. In some English-speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere, August 1 is Lammas Day (Anglo-Saxon hlaf-mas, “loaf-mass”), the festival of the wheat harvest, and is the first harvest festival of the year.

On this day it was customary to bring to church a loaf made from the new crop, which began to be harvested at Lammastide. The loaf was blessed, and in Anglo-Saxon England it might be employed afterwards to work magic:

SO for me Lammas Eve which is July 31st is a magical night for me. I feed my animals special treats, walk around, look at my pantry, freezer, and see all I am blessed with. I thank you all and everyone who has assisted me during the year and will be thinking and praying for the whole world to be as lucky as I am… praying for cupboards to be filled, clean water for the world and that we all recognize how LUCKY we are RIGHT NOW: and…

ON 8/2 at 10:31pm PDT Uranus the planet of change moves RETROGRADE in Aries at 29 degrees of Aries.. (now I must tell you, Eclipse 29 degrees, and much happening at the FINAL degree of signs now)

29 degrees (we have 30 degrees in all 12 signs) 29 degrees is called the (FROM NOTE: While the 29th Degree is a term used by astrologers (it’s also known as the Anaretic degree), technically it’s the 30th degree. It actually refers to a planet or body positioned anywhere from 29°00’00” to 29°59’59”.

A critical degree much about ending the old and beginning the next sign as Uranus will return direct on January 3rd but stops on 1/1/2018 moving direct……and Uranus’ retrograde is characterized by unexpected happenings. It’s the wild card planet.

Uranus moves into retrograde approximately every year for 148 days and freedom is very strong indicated during this retrograde cycle. ARIES is the self you know?

The first week of August is characterized by startling revelations and PLUTO being challenged in Capricorn: HOT spot in your astrology charts folks:

7th through 21st ECLIPSE time and anything goes and probably will as Jupiter in Libra asks where is the one for all we thought was coming?

And..YEP mercury rx. Redo, replan, re envision, realign, reconnect , REPAIR time not the greatest for new ventures but great for RE STUFF.. Relocate? Well, ?? have you been there before, if so it can be an ok time to move.

Mercury retrograde? HMMM? Going to new place, and new everything. LOL, on that, not my favorite recommendation… but interesting:

SO?? Did you know Mercury Retrograde August 12–direct on September 5
August 12th MERCURY Retgrograde at 12º Virgo-backing into Leo on August 31st DIRECT September 5th at 28º Leo RIGHT THERE WHERE THE HUGE 8/21 eclipse happens..

Communications planet Mercury is retrograde for the August 21 solar eclipse. It will allow for some hidden things to surface, depending upon where Virgo and Leo are for you…when Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on September 5 at the same degree of Leo as the August 21 solar eclipse we are going to be much wiser .

The planet of action and war and passion Mars will hit this same point on September 3rd and 4th and Venus hits that point September 17th and 18th.

OTHER dates of notice and hot spots are 8/15 through the 17th the Sun (now) and the North Node (what we need to learn and do) hit exact energy working off of each other.

On 8/17 Mars enters the leo action and WOW does this energize Mercury retrograde folks.

8/18 MORE of MORE 8/21 Mars, moon, north node, and sun create an eclipse which will make it hard to ignore heart energy.

OF all the questions and clients I speak with , perhaps the greatest misunderstanding is love. Did you ever have a sick child or pet, you were 199% invested in getting well? Did you sit there and think you are dying? Or cannot imagine a future? This question determines often reality based thinking that we all die, vs. heart open energy.. OPEN HEART MAKES visions and plans…

SO the task for August, September, October, November and December of 2017 is…: Do not think of hurts, pain, those who have left you, but instead think of unconditional love you have given and…remember the rule of Karma, once you have given it, IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU..

This Leo eclipse is dear to my heart as I have Pluto, Jupiter, North Node in Leo in my 9th house and feel this time is a time for me to share YOUR LEO and what I see trying to come to you. I also see more people I so love in pain because they try to give too much, in pain because of anger, and In pain because they cannot TRUST:

Leo North node says:
North Node in Leo or the 5th house I Create from love and move forward with an open and willing heart, through joy and creativity and love I heal self and open more fully to life

And the south node now in Aquarius says: Aquarius or the 11th house , I release judgments, detach from emotions and welcome change as I teach and learn the right for the many outweigh the needs of the many. AND MANY OF US like Myself have done this in other incarnations and CAN DO IT AGAIN CAN”T WE?

******************************* So until 8/10 I am offering *************************
ECLIPSE SPECIAL: GIFT cert one person within USA $100 GOOD UNTIL until August 10, 2017 TIME TO GET A READING FOLKS: LOTS IS CHANGING and I would love to make an appointment via skype, telephone or in person with you, $100 deal is a GREAT Opportunity to save over 1/3 of my normal costs, 1 and ½ hours via telephone or skype and get a recording and lots of information about your gifts, abilities, and how to overcome some karmic challenges

$100 now for a child chart, this deal is over by the 10th of AUGUST only

Want a spot? Please find the $100 pay pal option on my website

that says TAROT and just send me your birth info with title DEAL: I will be back by Monday the 24th to answer you. E mail
$30 online question option is on my website also
MY FOCUS now is to get perhaps some of you to set dates and times and instead of letting anger and frustrations draw you into battling the universe, say. AHHH so this is going on and this is what this is about RIGHT NOW: LIFE IS always RIGHT NOW and what we can truly count on is that THINGS CHANGE and when we put attention to them changing for the better WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN: something interesting for you might be some dates below?

And meanwhile I would love to make an appointment with you and speak about not only this but the NEXT BIG step coming for the next 4 years.

Is it time to quit that job, sell, move, realign into what you feel is right? Probably not this month but OMG this energy is great to kick away what is NO LONGER you and eliminate the list of SHOULD DO’s and …

BEGIN to focus on that next step and how to get there.. for an appointment and meanwhile under current events title has reports and you can go backwards and read what was going on when?

Or what will be coming….and as always astrology shows doorways and brings in the dark or the light. YOU GET to choose to sit there, or turn on the lights, or turn them off and often the choice is going to a different room…(AKA Country for some of you, but what cannot be changed is that the world has decided it is time to activate)

Aquariius: Tearing down what no longer works and Telling the Emperor he is naked
PISCES: Creating new VISIONS OF WHAT COULD BE…too many of us doing this in a NOT POSITIVE WAY right now folks xoxoxo

ARIES: Being BRAVE enough to step forward and coming in 2018

TAURUS: taking care of the earth, and some very NEW VISIONS coming 5/2018 as

URANUS enters Taurus and we recognize the earth is our MOTHER and our Home and our future and we have to give back in resources..(lol, more on that coming soon)**** YES IT IS COMING I PROMISE

Sending love and hugs and many smiles as we look at ourselves as CHOOSING to live in this extremely POWERFUL time in this changing world

RETROGRADES 2017 SRX stationary retrograde
SD Stationary DIRECT: the planet has to stop or station before moving backwards or forwards and right now. MERCURY is slowing and also URANUS: August 2017

MERCURY Stations DIRECT January 8th at 29 degrees of Sagittarius
April 9th 4;15pm 5 Taurus Retrograde SD May 3 9:33am 24 Aries (backs from Taurus to Aries 4/20
August 12, 6:01pm 11 Virgo Retrograde SD 9/5 4:38am 28 Leo (backs into Leo 8/31)
December 3 11:34pm 29 Sag. Retrograde SD 12/22 13 Sagittarius
Venus Retrogrades March 4th 1:08am at 13 Aries SD April 15th 27 Pisces (backs from ARIES
8/21 SOLAR 29 LEO
4/17/2018 CHIRON TO ARIES, RX TO PISCES 9/25/2018 BACK ARIES 2/18/2019
2018 Mercury Retrograde March 22- April 15, 17 degrees Aries back to 4 degrees Aries
Mars Retrograde June 26- August 27, 9 degrees Aquarius back to28 degrees Capricorn
2018 Mercury Retrograde July 26- August 19, 24 degrees Leo back to 11 degrees Leo
Mercury Retrograde November 16-December 4, 14 degrees Sagittarius back to 27 degrees Scorpio
Venus Retrograde October 4-November 14, 11 degrees Scorpio back to 25 degrees Libra


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