Wednesday june 3, 2015

by admin on May 25, 2015

Wednesday June 3, 2015


the moon is v/c until 5:50pm when it enters Capricorn


No exact aspects make this a very INTERESSTING MOON V/C day, ruled by the URANUS changes aspect, SLOW down today, take it easy and for goodness sake do not try and boss others, this Capricorn shift is not an easy one with all the Gemini and Sagittarius energy hanging around.


time to let go and allow yourself

the space for that wonderful new year which is coming to us all.


-      KISS FOR TODAY IS FORGIVE and realize you need to

       let go of the past to move forward

-      lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils

       that no home should be without. Apply lavender topically

       or diffuse it to relax, unwind, and de-stress.

Therapeutic-grade lavender is regarded for its ability to soothe common cuts, bruises, and skin irritations.  CHEAP lavender can cause more injury so use the good stuff please.

-           Stone for today pearls for intuition and love

-           Color for today peach for calming and joy


IDEA for the week:   I got a lovely satin VERY COLORFUL Asian

bedspread as a gift for Christmas, in 2008, I immediately changed the curtains from one room in my house to my bedroom and WOW::: the whole room shifted energetically.  I went from MAUVE and pale pink roses and flowers, and light green to


DARK EMERALD GREEN, Gold and SATINY FABRIC…  I then felt  like I am was sleeping in a harem and I  was THE HEAD OF the harem… (lol) of course. what else?   


Moving to my new place the EMERALD and GOLD and MAUVE added to Turquoise colors in the living room, now the palace is in my room where I write and it is SO COLORFUL and lovely and lots of pillows and though my space is small it just could be the most beautiful 500 square feet in the world.


So, if you are not sleeping well, or feeling draggy, how about taking curtains, pillows, pictures, or other things you already have from one room to another, putting a new color in your room, changing things around and see what shifting the outside can do to the inside?


COLOR speaks to you and GETTING THE WOW colors into the bedroom made me feel more energized and happier. AND NOW those colors are even MORE active in the main part of my home….Sometimes it is a very simple solution that can create some significant changes.




I wish you the strength of the elements        

Fresh, clean AIR TO BREATHE       

Fire to warm you

Earth to support your health and life          

and Clean Water to drink and refresh your soul


I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting

to make me happy.    - JD Salinger



AS OUR MANTRA for June 2015  and MAKE IT happen By thinking it so….



 FOR EVERYDAY:  How about we  PAINT our life with a LARGE brush  and see how pretty your life colors can be.  What is your favorite color? 

Use that today please…  JUNE  feels like an ORANGE month to me

(Creativity) or YELLOW for (JOY)

           Oil of cinnamon, pine or lemon to cheer you everyday

           I will say for many of us a stone  which feels upbeat? 

I like the energy of some of the lighter feeling stones like, Kyanite, golden citrine, amber, anything that feels lively and active works well for June 2015   and   Kiss for today and for always is “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  — Edith Wharton, American novelist (1862-1937)c (Lets be both in 2008)


HAPPY FULL MOON  TO YOU ALL and thank you for being in my life and I WISH YOU ALL THAT YOU DESIRE AND MORE Always   Love  Carol


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Tuesday June 2, 2015

by admin on May 25, 2015

These below aspects are going to change business, your views on life, where you live and so much more,  IT is time for a reading, so contact me asap and lets talk about where, what when and how for YOU PERSONALLY and maybe your family?  $155 for an hour and a half  $200 for you and another person:


MERCURY rx. now in Gemini

RX Saturn to Scorpio  June 15

June 25th VENUS retrograde for the first time in 2 years 0 Virgo back to LEO (WOW)

8/11  Jupiter to Virgo

9/17 Mercury retrograde in Libra

9/12 New moon Solar eclipse 20 Degrees of VIRGO

9/18  Saturn back to Sag

9/27  Full moon Lunar Eclipse 4 Aries   4 Libra

11/12   North Node VIRGO south Node PISCES

Tuesday June 2, 2015  FULL MOON RISING


With Mercury retrograde, the sun and Mars kind of clustered together in Gemini today seems full of questions and as that energy opposses  Saturn moon and Pallas Athena in Sagittarius, TRUTH?   well with this one avoid arguments and if we could all remember that there is MORE than one right answer?


Life is not a math problem is it, but today’s energies create first an 1:28am opposition to mercury retrograde and the moon, ideas, feelings?  which is which again is our theme.


5:38am Neptune in Pisces squaring that moon in Sagittarius says that maybe there is no REAL truth, but it is what we imagine it to be?  As you may guess this is a pretty philosophical time right now…


9:19am FULL MOON with the sun (the now) in Gemini wanting us to get new ideas and visions, opposing the moon in Sagittarius which says it KNOWS how things should  (SHOULD) be…  this next 2 weeks are surely going to bring forth some interesting news and secrets revealed and lots of things which we should RESEARCH before making up our mind about.


as of 9:19am and the  FULL MOON, energy now flows OUTWARDS and the universe desires we LET go: 

MOON in Sagittarius or the 9th house  I play in my imagination, I create my reality.  I know and share my truth


SUN IN GEMINI Creating within our minds the knowledge that house  I know that we  have the power of thought to create a new life for my ourselves  and a better world for others


3:31pm the moon (emotions and the past) opposses Mars in Gemini and some will be a bit uncertain today, great day to get a reading for many.


6:31pm AHHHHH finally it happens Jupiter comes in gifting us with the knowledge we are worthy, we are capable and we can do it.


10:59pm Uranus (change) in Aries (the sign of self) comes in with another nice aspect and says  HONEYCHILD let me help you with this shift.  AND THE MOON MOVES V/C to further let go of stuck energy…


all in all a VERY interesting astrology day for many of us I am sure

With full moons I always make a small list of ideas and things I no longer wish in my life, how about trying it and tacking the list up so you remember, you do not have to do them, just REMEMBER this is what you desire to eliminate, it works


oftentimes it is when we feel we HAVE to do something, it does not get done, but looking at our desires?  BOY how often do we do that?


Also, please do REMEMBER we begin to let go with all full moons Which is the time we are in… NOW we move June 16th to  A NEW MOON CYCLE for ourselves. and we will be in a building Cycle again but for now the tides of life are trying to take away pain, sorrow and the past which can only be changed when we let it go

-           Color today purple for spiritual connection

-           Use Amethyst for the same

-           Oil of Frankincense for a connection to your path


Kiss for today is:  “Do good with what thou hast, or it will do thee no good.” — William Penn, American colonial leader





The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care. And let it spring from love, born out of concern for all beings. .

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Moon into Sagittarius Monday 6/1  11:39am pdt until Wednesday the 3rd 5:50pm PDT

when the moon moves to Sagittarius feet get itchy, we yearn for more and oftentimes become a bit more irritated than usual.  Sagittarius is about the TRUTH, and boy don’t we all have our own versions.  and it is FIRE and activates that FIRE TRINE in the sky and so wanting to MOVE and not sit around usually is part of this energy, add that FULL MOON RISING and BOY HOWLING is going to be happening for lots tonight I bet

Monday June 1, 2015  LOOK AT THAT SKY TONIGHT


Full moon eves are always fabulous with the night sky just begging us to go out and create intentions and feel our connection to nature and Mother earth.


We begin the day with the moon in Scorpio and at 4:01am a WONDERFUL VENUS aspect sends us to a v/c  moon void of course until the moon enters the sign of freedom, truth and justice Sagittarius at 11:39am pdt


at 1:21PM PDT the moon touches Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius for the last time until September:  Saturn is retrograde and backing back into Scorpio and we are being offered a gift today of seeing, feeling, and hearing our own truth


Not necessary to share it, remember everyone else is having their revelation also, lol


-           Color today green for prosperity and healing and to calm you down

-           Oil of Yarrow, for anti inflammatory and is one of the best

oils to use on a wound or scar to diminish it.

-           Sapphire for truth and clarity of vision (Larimar is

            Great for this also and much cheaper or turquoise

-           Kiss, balance is the key, not too much of any one thing

or idea today along with a liberal dose of “What do you think”


“It’s the song in your heart that wants you to help make yourself a better person, and to help other people do the same. Everybody  has one.”– The late Mattie Stepanek (are you slowing down enough to listen to your own Personal song?   Time in nature, alone, meditating,

Prayer, jogging, being at one with yourself?  Carol)

ONLINE $50 for an online short report done by me PERSONALLY next week of what all these events open for you energetically?  JUST ask for the shortcut $45  option and I do have a $45  pay pal option I think on line it says report writer so make sure and e mail me your birth info and also that you want the PERSONALIZED SHORTCUT online

and this is a  fun worksheet created in a class working on our perfect life was presented to me years ago and once a year I do this and it tells me much of what I truly DESIRE from life:


IF I were a plant would I have flowers  _______________ if flowers  what color _______________

IF I were an evergreen planet with no flowers what type would I be ___________________

Do I bloom in the sun  __________  or the Shade _______________  

Do I require lots of fertilizer and attention________________or do I grow wild and

Pretty carefree___________________________   Do I get picked ________________


I would be _(Write the type of plant or flower you would be_________________________


Tell yourself  something about where you are growing____________________________________________________

and how it feels _____________________________________________________

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JUNE 2015 some facts

by admin on May 25, 2015

June is the 6th month of a #8 year making June 2015 a 5 MONTH OF CHANGE FOR us all, for you personally?  Add the 6th month to your Month and day of birth so for me 10  October  15th   June is 4 month of establishing new foundations, what is it for you?
BIGGEST SHIFTS IN JUNE for this first few days are:


Tuesday June 2nd  FULL MOON 9:19am PDT with the sun in GEMINI and the MOON in Sagittarius our challenge is which truth we believe and how to let go of those old should do, must do, and voices naming you as less than you truly are   RELEASE   RELEASE   RELEASE for the next 2 weeks

Friday 5th Venus to LEO and wow, we are ready to strut our stuff and we want more and want it now please.

The 2nd week in June is ruled by the sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Leo working to help you download new ideas of your own capacities and dare I say Talents and abilities?

6/11 Mercury moves direct and changes about and within us

12th Neptune moves retrograde in Pisces asking us to tear away the shroud where we buried our old goals and dreams and revive them by truly seeing our own part in the dream


LOST MORE Going on as on the 14th SATURN RETROGRADE BACKS INTO SCORPIO and for all of us this shall be the WILD TOADS RIDE inwards until it (Saturn) is back in Sagittarius again 9/17  Saturn will move direct in Scorpio on 8/1 and I would advise all of us to be aware where this is happening for us.  FIRST HOUSE OF SELF For me, where is it for you?
            more events next week for the month now on with June 1st

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Sunday May 31, 2015

May 25, 2015

Sunday May 31, 2015 The moon in Scorpio works pretty good with Pluto (transformation today) But not well with mind reading as the SUN Squares Neptune 6:08am and confusion seems to be all over the place, Sun in Gemini wants new ideas, and Neptune wants you to FEEL, sense the them this last few days:  […]

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Animal Totem and Tarot card for the next week

May 25, 2015

ANIMAL TOTEM THIS WEEK IS THE MOLE from   Like other burrowing animals, moles are associated with the underworld– and thus with death, sickness, and healing– by many Western tribes. In Northern California tribes, a mole digging near a family’s home is considered an omen of illness or death. Among the Pueblo tribes, moles […]

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Saturday May 30, 2015

May 25, 2015

Moon In Scorpio  Saturday may 30th 2:34am PDT until Monday June 1, 2015 11:39am Scorpio is Fixed water and oftentimes this is a time when deep and profound changes can be made within self, not always the best sign for working with others who have different beliefs than yourself.  Scorpio Moon Mantra  “I listen to […]

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Friday May 29, 2015

May 25, 2015

Kiss is keep it simple sweetie V/c is a time when the moon makes no aspects and things do not go as planned (which sometimes can be a good thing can’t it?)  Planets are like actors doing a job and a portraying a part and this report is what they are doing in the sky:::::  […]

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Thursday May 28, 2015 CAROL is out of town

May 25, 2015

May  28th  2015  is our next  Gibbous Moon (135 – 180 degrees ahead of sun)  Now we move to analysis and evaluation, understanding why we’ve taken action. We appraise our personal progress. This is more intellectual than the first quarter, which was dynamic and intuitive ***************************************************** Thursday May 28, 2015   The moon in Libra […]

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Wednesday May 28, 2015 Astrology update night in Kent Washington

May 21, 2015

Moon in Libra Wednesday may 27th 2:42pm until Saturday the 30th 2:34am PDT The moon in Libra is an air sign, desiring of balance, harmony and justice, it is also CARDINAL air and oftentimes folks are more willing to compromise: Moon in Libra mantra, I seek balance and Harmony and recognize that in equality and […]

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