Monday August 31, 2015

by admin on August 23, 2015

THE MOON Enters Aries at 1:33am Monday the 31st and we end the month with the fire and passion of an Energy which is about new beginnings, being brave enough to go for our desires and perhaps the power to give an extra zip, bam boom to your full moon wishes?   the moon will remain in the fiery sign of Aries until Wednesday 9/2   2am  YOUR NEXT REPORT will be in your in box Monday am, sorry I know MONDAYS are nuts, but me out of town makes this the next time I can get a report to you

 Monday August 31, 2015
At 11:35pm last night the moon moved v/c and  The Moon enters Aries at 1:33 AM.


9:05am  Mercury and the moon opposes making it a bit of a confusing Monday.  Make sure you double check details today please


The Sun is opposite Neptune (08°Pisces28′) at 8:39 PM. Bringing visions, dreams and WHAT IS REAL?  questions to many of us.


Then that Venus Retrograde  and Mercury gather at 10:04 PM adding to the MARS Venus and this is for sure not the night to try and negotiate contracts, talk about relationships, religion or politics.


THINGS are hot, hot and hotter 1:33pm as the moon in Aries squares PLUTO in Capricorn and winning could seem important tonight and not at all important by Wednesday so avoid confrontation please.


I feel this is one of those nights nobody really wins arguments:


Avoid meditating on what you do not want to happen today (THAT Is called worry you know?) and Smile, it is the new Week, and a new month coming… And Please work in something impromptu this week and look for love And joy, it is there you know.


-     Kiss for today, all good things come to those who think

      good thoughts

-     Color today white for purity of thought, word and deed

-     Pearls for clarity and warm emotional connection

Oil of Pine to soothe mental stress, relieve anxiety, freshen and deodorize a room and freshen and clear your body also


Venus and Mars are in a long dance together in the morning sky with two exact conjunctions. The first is on August 31 at 14 Leo 55 and then again on November 2 at 24 Virgo 02.


PS  I HAVE HAD ABOUT 50 telephone calls and forgot

To mention we are hearing and seeing and feeling weird stuff partly because   NEPTUNE represents the ILLUSIONS in our

Life and some of you folks out there are IMAGINING BAD Things. 


STOP it right now…PLEASE:::and imagine GOOD AND wonders and beautiful people coming in and…, Art, and deep healing breathing helps

For the whole month of September first Neptune is in an argument called an OPPOSITION WITH THE SUN and Jupiter, so it is really disagreeing  (NOW)with the facts:


9/12  eclipse Saturn will be Squaring (challenging) MARS AND JUPITER action and how we expand


9/27 eclipse Saturn Squaring mars and Neptune

Neptune Opposing Mars and Jupiter

Pluto Squaring Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus and

this means with all this OUTER PLANET DISRUPTION that things will be going on in the world


Each of these planets has a role in our lives, Saturn doing what we are here to do, Mars, correct action, Jupiter belief systems, Pluto transformation for the good of the all, Neptune BELIEVING and visualization and imagination.  USE this mix for good and lets use these powerful energies for what they are good for.  CREATING A NEW RECEIPE for peace within and without  xoxoox Love and Blessings  


“Perfect people do not exist on the earthly plane. 

 Perfection leaves so little room for improvement;  so little space for acceptance–or joy. 


 On the path we have chosen, progress is the  simple pleasure to be savored.”– Sarah Ban Breathnach


The form of what you do is less important  than the energy you hold while doing it.  –  Alan Cohen


Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings  when the dawn is still dark.  –  Rabindranath Tagore

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Sunday August 30, 2015

by admin on August 23, 2015

Sunday August 30 2015


The Moon in Pisces conjuncts Chiron at (19°Pisces47′) at 9:16 am. creating a great energy and open area for healing for those who see their wounds and no longer desire them in their lives.  Releasing time is here and this powerful day asks us to let go of pain


at 11:53pm PDT as Saturn and the moon work together a great karmic energy comes in and we can see the work we need to do as the moon moves v/c until 1:33am tomorrow morning.


Moon v/c is a great time for visions, imagination and NOT for contracts or firm commitments, open to miracles this weekend and allow them in


ways of thinking has gotten Us…or where it has brought us to…

-     Color today red for passion, use ruby, and Rhodenite

       and garnet for the same

-     Oil of thieves (young living is best) to clear germs and

       maybe your head


Kiss for today is being aware of feelings and acting upon them are

2 different things, what difference will this make in 100 years might be what you ask of yourself before jumping into confrontations, arguing or otherwise involving yourself in turmoil today? 


The gift of today is recognizing that nobody has to be wrong and NOBODY has to be right….


Remember please. The people you encounter are actors in the movie you have written.–  Alan Cohen  (Not happy?

rewrite your cast of characters in your life


Please remember retrograde of Venus invites a review of our values and how we really feel about someone. What about your personal relationships? This has been the time to be real about attachments to people, places and things.


On September 6th, Venus stands still and then returns to forward motion, but still traveling in Leo’s realm until early October. There’s an strong desire to move forward but things you said or did during August may have to be repaired before moving forward.


I am happy to do a $30 relationship question as to whether or what time might be right to re approach someone if you wish, but a whole karmic relationship reading for 2 people with an hour and a half and lots of work is $200


And often can save you much time, money, energy and heartbreak, I believe  :::NO::::I KNOW::::::there is NO relationship that cannot work if both people desire and work for it, and there is NO RELATIONSHIP which can work if both people do not desire and work to make it work

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Animal totem and tarot for the next week

by admin on August 23, 2015


Horse to me is travel, it is freedom and HORSE  is freedom and power.  Horse people are wild spirits that  cannot be broken. If Horse comes to  you, look for safe passage into the new.  


We must synchronize our motives with  that of others so we can quickly and  steadily reach our goals, HORSE IS  ABOUT JOURNEY  where do you wish to journey in this next 2 weeks with this powerful new energy

         The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able.



and I shall quote one of my teachers

““the past is in the scroll that the high priestess holds  on her lap for the purpose of learning only. We review  the past not to lament certain events or punish ourselves;

rather, we review the past to discover the patterns, laws,  and workings of divine. The high priestess lets us know  we can learn from the past and past lives for the purpose

only of knowing our eternity. 


That might be the only fruitful meditation. Meditating  on what could have been done or be takes us away  from truth. The past serves only to pull out insights

that help now within the perspective of returning   to the source.”

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Saturday August 29, FULL MOON RISING

by admin on August 23, 2015

At 12:03am the moon squares Karmic Saturn and moves v/c bringing us into a strong aspect with fate:  AT 1:51am pdt the moon enters Pisces and all bets are off as to what wins this next 2 weeks as practicality and the facts, opposes belief systems, intuition, dreams and visions and who says we cannot have BOTH?   I surely live in that land and would welcome you all to join me during the next few days as The Pisces moon asks us to dream, imagine and until 1:33am Monday the 31st further encourages our AWAKENING
I posed something I Truly thought was great on Facebook on Sunday night and it was:  MANY People think that being Spiritual means being positive , but being spiritual really means being Conscious and aWARE,

To become conscious is a much different thing than to become positive:

to become conscious and aware we must become authentic, authenticity includes both positive and negative    by teal swan

Saturday August 29, 2015    Full Moon in Pisces (7° at 11:35 am Pdt ).


Most of you know that a full moon is a time when the moon reaches its maximum size and then begins to decrease in size in the sky, as does the pull on our lives require us to do the same so full moon is LETTING go time as New moon to full moon is time of increase.


Want the next 2 weeks to go better, shop less, order less, live more simply, clean closets, look at the things you have stored or put away as things which someone NEEDS:  think of all those out there who have NOTHING and lets let go a bit during this next 2 weeks:


at 8:08am the moon makes an opposition to Jupiter who of course wants more and the moon says.  NOOOOOO less please.


11:35am pdt the FULL MOON really begins to pull on all of us as it encounters CHIRON the wounded healer and Neptune at 3:21pm


10;45pm tonight Pluto comes in to top it off with a dash of death , regeneration and rebirth and we have had a quite busy and …for me I hope/  day of spiritual liberation in the woods, by the water or wherever nature can assist to heal us body, mind and spirit
Sheila Belanger an astrologer I dearly adore says that today’s full moon wants us to

Balance intuition with embodied service.   The sun in Virgo wanting us to practice perfection and services, opposses the MOON in Pisces wanting us to dream, imagine and drift into seeing what is TRULY there, which can only be seen by the heart and soul.


at 3:21pm when the moon touches NEPTUNE there is a spark and I bet lots of you are going to be really powerfully feeling intuition and for some ..JUST knowing come to you:  Put white light around you, say a prayer for information on things you CAN change and open to being the most you can be with this great energy


Color tonight something soft and dreamy, I am seeing pale blue and lavender but have been seeing these colors for days::: blue is clarity and lavender is spiritual energy

            AND FOR SOME OF YOU:::

-    Color today black to absorb negativity

-    Jet or obsidian to ground and center you and  if you feel you need a bit of uplifting my stone choice of the last 2 years  has been GOLDEN Citrine which is a protective stone, which never needs cleaning  or clearing and it is a merchants or money stone  as well as cheerfully upper energetically

-    Oil of Jasmine or Rose for love and happy feelings

     Oil of lemon if you need cheering

-    Kiss for today is BELIEVE and make it happen  and honor others beliefs even if you do not agree

IT IS MAGICAL FULL Moon isn’t it?


For me, a miracle is seeing the world with light in your eyes.  It’s knowing there’s always hope and possibility  where none seems to exist.”– Oprah
SOME OTHER GREAT STONES for this full moon if you want clarity and to bring on your abilities would be:

Charoite is the stone of CHANGE  New Beginnings , Awakening, and Manifesting You can use this stone to flow through the changes. Allow yourself to recognize how awesome you are, to survive each powerful transformation. Provides for a connection between the head and the heart.  Helps us with Acceptance of others and assists us  in understanding self inflicted “lessons”. OR why we do what we do.  This is a true transformation stone and helps let go of past attachments or switch relationships .  I see this as the stone, Of I am EXACTLY where I AM SUPPOSED to be RIGHT NOW:   Charoite ranges in color from light pinkish lavender to dark purple.  Violet  Is the color of Spirituality.

Kyanite does not accumulate negative  energies, and  the energy of Kyanite is all but unlimited, induces tranquility and calm, as well as enhancing communication and psychic awareness, as well it eases, enhances and supports mediation efforts. . Anyone who is in a position where they are required to speak at great lengths would benefit from having Kyanite which enhances creativity, broaden perception and enhancing the reach to better understand others. 

RUBY FUCHITE  turns NEGATIVE ENERGY INTO POSITIVE ENERGY   Held in the light… it  draws positive energy to it and YOU.. ! It is a stone with strong metaphysical properties that is very beneficial for everyone .  known as the Healers Stone as it is particularly good for healers… especially those who regularly try to save others from themselves, when it might be better to let the person to take responsibility for their own health concerns.(Green for healing)

Herkimer Diamond: Expensive, RARE high energy seekers of the crystal world.  they manifest pure, solid Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. As perfect conduits of the universal Life Force,  exceptional healing crystals, and are used in meditations, dream and vision work, and advanced spiritualization applications.  and to amplify and focus it  to handle difficult challenges beyond the scope of other Quartz

I work REALLY hard to get all of these gemstones, most under $50 for you and have spent another over 1,000 this last month on LOTS OF NEW ONES< with more coming is my site, find the item you want and copy down the item number and then contact my business partner/daughter Cindy 253 335 7921 or   her info is on the site

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Friday August 28, 2015

August 23, 2015

Friday the 28th   FULL MOON evening   Lol, I look at this and shall hope I am home safe and maybe even writing tonight, things are a bit wild out there in the universe today and Mercury into Libra yesterday just kind of stirred the pot on WHY ARE YOU NOT GIVING ME WHAT I […]

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Thursday August 27, 2015

August 23, 2015

Moon in Aquarius. Thursday August 27, 1:03am PDT until Saturday the 29th at 1:51am   Read what I said about Capricorn and do just the Opposite.  THIS IS THE Day to break down the barriers of SHOULD AND do what is RIGHT FOR THE ALL, not the rules. Aquarius is FIXED air and these days can […]

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August 23, 2015

WEDNESDAY  26th 3:26am pdt as the Moon in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries, many will not be sleeping well tonight.   Saturn goes to work on our unconscious minds at 9:08am as mercury the linear mind works well with SATURN in Scorpio, inner and outer minds working together, how good can it get?  those of […]

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Tuesday August 25, 2015

August 19, 2015

Tuesday August 25, 2015   Today that Moon in Capricorn at 12:35am works well with the sun and asks us to focus on the facts, just the facts mam   At 2;45am a trine to Jupiter brings some healing dreams and for those of you up to taking notes, this would be the night to […]

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Monday august 24, 2015

August 19, 2015

The moon enters Capricorn at 9:22pm PDT on the 24th …until Thursday the 27th at 1:03am PDT ********************************************************************** Moon into Capricorn Wednesday April  11, 2012 10;02am until Friday April  13, 2:48pm Moon in Capricorn is a duty and obligations and Do what you AGREED TO do days.               Folks will not Have much sympathy with flaky […]

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Sunday August 23, 2015

August 19, 2015

Sunday August 23, 2015  (LAST Day to prepay and sign up for Wednesday update)** The Sun enters Virgo at 3:38 AM.  shifting us from FIXED FIRE to mutable earth.  So, think what this might mean for you?  Personally Earth for me is houses, of my chart or areas of my life.  VIRGO for us all […]

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