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Wednesday July 8, 2015


A TON of aspects happen today with that Aries moon pushing us towards overdoing and other planets challenging us.  NOW let me deliver some news which many of you have guessed already.   This next week and the new moon on the 15th are some of the roughest astrology for a long time


What is this about?  IT is about being safe (as possible)  living life to the fullest and what changes we have to make to create this NON FEAR BASED ENERGY:


too big a house and overstretched, SELL NOW, prices are good and homes are going faster than you could believe in most markets.. until 8/11 you will see things moving well and it could be a good time to pare down in your life…NOT FEAR BASED but enjoyment based…. More time and money for FUN and what you LOVE:


1:18am moon square mars in Cancer, some fears could arise, but truly we are as safe as we can be, and worrying about it truly takes joy from today and it can never be found tomorrow…so enjoy and do not worry.


9:44am the moon (emotions) challenges Pluto not trying to scare us but to move us into transformation mode..


11:52am PDT  Mercury moves into Cancer causing us to hunker in a bit more and add FEELINGS to thoughts and perhaps become more clear in our emotions.


 The Last Quarter Moon in Aries (16 Aries 21) is exact at 1:24 pm.


Mars (at 09°Cancer38′) is trine retrograde Neptune (09°Pisces38′) at 3:43 pm.This opens us again to a rather magical energy of visions, imagination and I would ask you to do a small test:

SIT DOWN, both feet flat on the ground.  TURN off the telephone, shut out the animals, and find a peaceful place (In the hospital when I was working I used to go into the bathroom, put my feet UP so nobody could see who was in the stall to do this)  THEN feel safe, surrounded with love and place your palms UP on your knees..  in this position ask the question.  AM I OK, and I PROMISE YOU ALL WILL GET A ROUSING YES:


part of this answer comes from the fact that  The Moon passes Vesta (09°Aries 12′) at 1:13 am and then occults (TOUCHES  Uranus (20°Ar23′) at 8:17 pm.  TRYING to connect us to sacred self (VESTA)


Want to know where Vesta and these things are in your chart?  $30 question option on my website PayPal will get you some quick e mail answers and your chart.

Mercury  into Cancer at 11:52 am passing through the Center of the Sacred Hoop. This means there may be additional messages available especially in regard to what was activated during last month’s Solstice. The Transformational Messenger Mercury is accessing information from beyond our Galaxy that is available when we are open to it?

Asking questions and then journaling the answers can be very revealing. A question might be something like  AM I Safe, what is my next step, ect…

Mercury is speeding through the sign of Cancer (not constellation) in just 15 days entering Leo on July 23.  so this is another unusual astrology aspect, this year truly is stretching all of us astrologers a bit more than normal.

Eris (22 Aries 27) is the Greek goddess of Chaos and Disruption, who was not invited to the party, creating a change of events that eventual led to the Trojan war. and she is called the energy of CHAOS and she is strongly activated now:

Chaos and disruption are a natural part of the evolutionary process leading to a whole new life, and a new way of navigating this reality. For example you must meet someone and have a relationship to get married, all CHAOS theory for sure, as are babies, moving, new jobs and all things in life truly so do not fear the word ..

We all need to be  taking time to play in the imaginable realms, paying attention to our day and night time dreaming, and what we are envisioning. This works especially well when we take time to ask questions and imagine what life would be like when we are living in cooperation and harmony with one another.

Do you dread family gatherings, or look forward to them?  What would life be like were all encounters to be like …looking forward to being with loved ones?  OR LOVING the ones we want to love?

At the same time the VENUS Rx. cycle is asking, are we begin honored also, do those we love and do for, truly honor our sacrifices and our love?   HARD questions but a time when to be who we desire to be we must acknowledge some truth.

I tell clients all the time, love who you will FOREVER do not try to fall OUT of love but can you BE WITH THAT PERSON?  be truthful about that one and it may just be the key to happiness.

Time to let go today is the kiss, and only you know what must be released; ideas are always good to let go of aren’t they?  Anger?  Resentment?  Pain?  Broken heart?

-     Color today yellow and orange for joy and creativity to know it is never too late to do what you want and need to do

-     Orange carnelian or citrine for money, power and luck

-     Oil of Basil or Thai food?  Basil relaxes muscles, and especially is powerful for relaxing heart spasm, and helps with the digestive system.  This great herb tastes great and alleviates mental fatigues and even clears your sinuses

David Pond, one of my greatest teachers and a spiritually elevated man who I admire so much says on his first page of his website (Quote from David)   I believe the entire universe is in a giant conspiracy for our well being if we can only listen to its promptings. All of my services and publications are aimed at helping you find this subtle guidance.   Life is not difficult when you are aligned with your true nature. It is just living your truth. Life becomes difficult when you are trying to be what is not aligned with your natural way of being. Astrology helps you discover your unique true nature.)  I so agree with David on this…and all things, his work has tremendously helped me see life and people in wonderful new ways.

and PLEASE listen to yourself, nomatter what anyone tells you, I truly believe we are all learning to connect more with spirit and our instincts, inner voice and that is my desire for you, not that you be dependent on me for answers, but that maybe with my ideas I can help you turn on some more lights to see all your true options.  Blessings and Love to you all

For those who donate to help keep this coming, I so appreciate you and for those who make an appointment or ask $30 questions you are very appreciated and thank you for assisting me to do the work I love and HELP you at the same time.  Love and JOY  Carol Barbeau

Feel free to please forward this to others and if they might want to sign up, tell them to please go to my website at and sign up on the first page.


I keep telling people, if you do not get the Reports it may be because your server refused My server 3 times and then they automatically Take you off the mailing list. 


JUST go to The first page of my website and put yourself Back on please.   And please make e mail changes there also, with so many people on this list now it is impossible to keep up with E mails, much less all your e mail changes. thanks so much xoxoxo


And i thank all of you who have contributed on my website on the $12 donation button for these reports it does help OODLES::  with my time and expenses for this report going to over 9,000 folks now..

Please take care NOT TO WORRY: IT does Absolutely NO good and often brings the thing We fear the most to us.  REALLY:   What Good does worry do?   So, believe that things will be better.


Be open to change so they can get better And realize we are making and creating a new World Now and it has to be DIFFERENT than the Old way of doing things doesn’t it?


“The blessings for which we hunger are not to be found in other places or people. These gifts can only be given to you by yourself.  They are at home in the hearth of your soul.”– John O’Donohue


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Tuesday July 7, 2015

by admin on July 1, 2015

Tuesday 7/7 at 9;37am until Thursday the 9th at 12:49pm ..the moon in Aries, the mantra for now  is:   I am courageous. I am whole.  I stand in my power I accept responsibility for my next step and honor my path
Tuesday July 7, 2015

Today the day begins with 5:58am that moon in Pisces squaring mercury and linear thought and magical though try and mix, maybe not to the best of logical outcomes today?


at 7:36am as the moon and Saturn create a trine or aspect of ease, again we are called inwards as the moon moves v/c and concentration on outcome projects might be a tadge difficult.


Even more so when at  9:37am The Moon moves into Aries and impulsiveness replaces illusions and visions


The planet of Action Mars (at 09degrees of Cancer12′) is square Vesta (09°Aries12′) 11:59 pm.  And today asks the question, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Are you doing what you desire, are you in alignment with duties, tasks and obligations or are you trying to fit a square peg into a round hole… Challenges today for this person while the ones of you who are  cruising down the river of life awaiting the next bend to see what is there will love this day.

Mars is now traveling through Cancer and this time now is about creating a safe space for everyone to show and BE who they are as a family and a community.


This square between Mars and Vesta is an opportunity for the sacred masculine to receive insight and guidance from the Warrior Priestess in how to engage the Solar Feminine in conscious equal partnership, where each person in the relationship feels safe, and committed to creating family and community in ways that value all involved    IN Astrology we see the Masculine as the part of us which gets out there and kicks fanny in the world


While the divine feminine listens to intuition, sees visions and creates reality from imagination , faith and trust.    DO this WITHIN SELF not try to be a teacher to some poor unwilling male today, please, lol…  our DIVINE MALE energy needs working on also ladies , lol


-     Color today green for growth  and money (US SAVING IT NOT SPENDING TODAY)

-     Use frankincense or myrrh and if you are feeling grumpy  this evening how about getting outside and SMELLING  LIFE and some fun?

-     I would think that any stone which was connected to  grounding and centering would work well today. Malachite  is the $$ and prosperity stone and also Citrine is the merchants stone.  So, either would be super. YEP…money is part of this time, as we will be needing things for our path right now,   it could have an increased importance for many of us over the next 2 years with some major shifts coming, not only to GREECE and their money, but money and the market world wide


the shifts which are coming are about Spending for WHAT DELIGHTS and enlivens you, not keeping up with what you think you SHOULD have or be doing, those who are looking to buy now.  DO NOT OVERSPEND please…   Lower rather than higher will be the rule the next 2 years …  the world is changing and us living lives of RICHNESS not worrying about the rent all the time is or should be our desire…



Imagination was given to us to compensate for what we are not; and to help us become more and a sense of humor was given to us to console us for what we are right now .-Mark McGinnis


Today carries new information; ground breaking shifts and some wonderful gifts if you listen observe and learn.  AND YES it is rough energy but sometimes don’t we learn the first time.


Someone once told me that we never make the same mistake twice.  The first time we make a mistake, the second time we make a CHOICE:

Have you bought Awakening Your Destiny written by lorrie Febus?
Sold by LLC ( if you want to read something positive and get some really NEW IDEAS from someone WHO DOES NOT JUST WRITE ABOUT IT BUT LIVES IT:

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Monday July 6, 2015

by admin on July 1, 2015

Monday July 6th, 2015 a GOOD day to take off if possible and really connect with self:

Tomorrow might be nice to take off also, unless you are a psychic and in that case work hard, these will be days when you will TRULY HAVE SOME POWERFUL CONNECTIONS, so those of you practicing, this is your big opening for 48 hours but DO NOT BUY STOCK with the answers you get please
Monday July 6, 2015


Today the moon in Pisces Tries to open us to new delights, to similarities rather than differences and a haze of illusion and visions and imagination is over the world.


At 7:11am as the moon in Pisces works well with Pluto in Capricorn many powerful answers could come from questions asked of inner self, or get someone to answer a psychic question for you today, draw a card and feel the message, do something to connect to the NON REALITY.


The Moon (emotions and our past) is conjunct (JOINED WITH ) Chiron (at 21 degrees of °Pisces 29′) at 7:17 pm.   GREAT HEALING and intuitive energy, this is not a balance your checkbook or go shopping or sign contracts day, but a MAGICAL let your self flow into what you had not dreamed was possible day

8:36pm the Sun opposes Pluto Rx (@15° Cancer-Capricorn).for about the next  1 week  Strong push pull on power, safety, security and asking you to accept your own power without fear   We are now at  the mid-point of Pluto’s retrograde cycle.


When a planet is retrograde it symbolizes a deepening process connected to that planetary energy and the sign it is in. Once each year the Sun and Pluto (the planet of shamanic initiation) reach opposition signaling a fruition point, a place where deeper insight, illumination and understanding are possible.   POWERFUL inner day and a bit confusing for those in the real world with cash registers, computers and details which just may not come up as we planned today:


Mantra: I honor my intuition. I accept my path.
MY MANTRA FOR TODAY IS:  I am healing: Body, Mind and spirit and I choose Healthy self care and taking care of myself , honoring myself and becoming more joyful as I recognize that the most important shifts in life comes when I cease to pursue outer things and begin to pursue inner happiness and recognize what really brings me this

Lets all of us use a .. color that you LOVE AND MAKES YOU

      HAPPY: YELLOW for me..   Yellow balances   the upper more spiritual chakras

 (energy centers) with the lower ones which allow  us to work and make love and be happy and play  and create and BE IN our bodies in a more healthy way.    A GREAT COLOR isn’t it?  SO YELLOW FOR ME TODAY:

-     Oil of Release to let go of all that hinders your inner   understanding of self  IF you do not have this YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OIL and want to get some Contact Sharon Brigance at .. Sharon Brigance – Ind. Distributor ID#329602 Young Living Essential Oils  YOU CAN GO ONTO HER WEBSITE AND ORDER THERE IF YOU WISH


You could use sage, or smudge or whatever oil relaxes You and helps you get into LETTING GO energy.   Lavender Does this for me also and I have it hanging all over my home Until one of my friends shows up who is allergic, this one Gets some people


My stone of choice now is hematite or Malachite which is a stone long used for protection and seeing into the future, I have a few pieces of jewelry on the website with this lovely brilliant silvery metal looking stone and it truly is lovely and very Powerful.
ROSE QUARTZ is a very good stone for right now also:
Rose Quartz, perhaps the most taken for granted and the most useful stone of the gemstone kingdom.  Rose quartz is about transforming our consciousness into recognizing that without love of  self there can be nothing, this is the stone which most assists us and encourages us to be NICE TO ourselves …and then when  the heart is to open to LOVING and honoring self this is truly the stone of  finding, and maintaining TRUE Love  which of course always begins with love of self so we know we deserve it from others


Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.  Develop the mind of equilibrium.


Set out each day believing in your dreams.  Know without a doubt that you were made for amazing things.– Josh Hinds


“A thousand things went right today” would be a great mantra for every day wouldn’t it?

    Ilan Shamir


Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible. ~ Cherie-Carter Scotts


Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most)

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Sunday July 5, 2015

by admin on July 1, 2015

The moon enters magical , illusional and psychic Pisces at 7;23am on Sunday July 5th until Tuesday the 7th at 9:37am  Mantra for Moon in  PISCES or the 12th house   I CONNECT with SPIRIT, I invite sacred transformation.  I embrace the unity of all beings

Sunday July 5th 2015


at 1:19am mercury (ideas and communications) and Venus (what we desire already in its Retrograde Shadow) bring up some dreams and some very different ideas.


5:31am as the moon Squares Saturn we are asked if we truly can feel what our next step is and step out of the mind and into the souls desire.  Listen to your heart this morning and pay attention to those dreams.  AT this magical moment the moon moves v/c until 7:23am …


The Moon moves into Pisces at 7:23 am. OPENING your awareness of things which cannot be seen but felt and imagined if you are willing, IMAGINE AND FEEL GOOD NO FEAR please.


8:19pm the moon and Mars work together again water energy, psychic and intuitive and actions made from this energy could be wonderful, or …we could be overdoing the caretaking?


The Moon is conjunct retrograde Neptune (09 degrees °Pisces 40′minutes ) at 11:31 pm.  Neptune and Pisces are archetypal energies associated with the miracles that are possible when we are surrender and open to NOT knowing.


Neptune often asks that we Let go of what we think we know and the life we have planned for ourselves.  When this happens it  allows us to embrace the life that is ours to live in alignment with the miracle of Great Mystery.

With moon Neptune It is helpful to be willing to ask questions without having any idea what the answers might be.   I use this time to do Runes or cards and say:  WHAT DOES SPIRIT Have to tell me.

Asking yourself these deeper questions opens up new ways of being in the world. It brings in a breath of fresh air. It makes life more joyful. The real trick to life is not to be in the know – but be in the mystery.   AND allow the magic of love, birth, death and all in between to come gently and easily to us and us be in the magic which lives in all of these things.

Beyond judgment and beyond right and wrong and good and bad, lies some great truths and those who have lived through pain and sorrow know this don’t we?

MAGIC today is here and tomorrow also:

So, today all types of heart felt, loving communications should work well if you are not looking out the rear view window, but instead looking forward towards what good could come.  Which shall be our Kiss (keep it simple sweetie for today)***


-     Color today white for purity and vision

-     Use GOLDEN TOURMULATED QUARTZ (read and see this stone on my site under AWAKENERS in the rings section…this is a wonderful stone  which helps  you to process

healing or whatever you are working on.


I shall be using BLACK TOURMALINE Quartz which is very protective as I have clients with some large choices today and the GOLDEN TOURMALATED quartz centers you into YOUR GUIDES and angels and I need to help center into them…  IF YOU ARE FEELING some frustration with others today I might suggest Obsidian or the black tourmulated quartz which is on the PROTECTIVE rings site..

-    Oil of Release, or sage to clear energy and slow You down a bit


You do know?  That when we look at life, we can only Change ourselves, but we do have an affect on others when We change the way WE SEE and act towards them.


Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. – Buddha


It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious. Oscar Wilde


A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes

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ANIMAL TOTEM and TAROT card for the next week

July 1, 2015

OUR ANIMAL TOTEM FOR THIS NEXT WEEK IS ONE WHICH I was very surprised to see pop up not once but 3 times as I played with the Animal Spirit cards, I was looking for one which felt like this time to me, but SPIRIT had other ideas so our totem for this next week […]

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Saturday July 4, 2015

July 1, 2015

PLEASE USE CARE WITH FIREWORKS this weekend, we here in Washington State have tons of trees and Little rain and many other states and countries are even worse off, how about celebrating the 4th is a new way this year? ************************************************ ************************************************ Saturday July 4 2015 Happy 4th of July and we do have some […]

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Friday July 3, 2015

July 1, 2015

Friday July 3rd 5:21am PDT the moon moves to Aquarius until Sunday the 5th 7:23am Moon in Aquarius or the 11th house , I am loved, I let love in.  I am kind to myself. I live in peace and Gratitude. ********************************************************* July 3, Friday 2015   We began a bit early this year but […]

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Thursday July 2, 2015

July 1, 2015

Some major dates for this month are: July 1, FULL Capricorn Cancer moon 1st of 2 full moons this month July 2nd the moon touches PLUTO which will happen again on the 29th a very unusual mixing of emotions and transformation 2 times in one month July 5th moon touches Neptune great psychic energy July […]

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WEDNESDAY JULY 1 FULL Cancer Capricorn Moon

July 1, 2015

FULL moons are times when the energy tries to help us eliminate, pare down and get rid of some things in our life more easily, as you look at that HUGE FULL moon tonight and VENUS and Jupiter together, remember Jupiter wants you to have MORE and VENUS asks what you TRULY DESIRE MORE OF?  […]

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Tuesday June 30, 2015

June 22, 2015

Tuesday June 30 2015   MOON in Sagittarius until 11:18am then the moon moves V/C until 2:11am tomorrow morning when the moon enters Capricorn. For the next few days  Jupiter in Leo quincunxes stationary retrograde Chiron in Pisces, echoing the aspect these two made on 2/17. this aspect completes the Yod, or finger of God/Goddess, […]

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