Wednesday July 27, 2016

by admin on July 19, 2016

Wednesday july 27, 2016

Today the moon in Taurus which is so much more grounded energy than we are seeing now asks that we 12:45am be willing to change fixed attitudes:  Mercury Trine Uranus.

At 4:11am  Moon in Taurus trine Neptune in Pisces, Believe and feel and know we are divinely guided and protected and part of something so large and important and this is why we choose this time and our path:

11:12am  Moon trine Pluto, be open to allowing good feelings to transform you

5:23 pm PDT Moon Square Venus, what must you let go of to get what you want?

8:44pm Moon trine Jupiter  WHAT is your next step, the next practical thing you need to do to achieve your desires?

Kiss for today, get out in nature and enjoy, there are gifts in just getting out of manmade surroundings and out of your own head and connecting with the REAL in life:

, read or think or listen to something funny and joyful before bed and that will set your stage xoxoox life is not serious, life is funny, and full of what we make it.

–      color today white for purity of positive emotions
–      Nothing better than Black Onyx or tourmaline for the protection or
letting go of negativity
–       ANOTHER Kiss for today, HOW DO we eliminate dangerous emotions?   RELEASE OIL AND SAGE ARE MY CHOICES    Thinking positive, opening to laughter, exercise, Lower your intake of  carbs, Cut out the sugar, Caffeine, How about some almonds, blueberries, green beans, Yep…those believe it or not really are emotional regulators..

For me, smells of citrus, lemon, lime, grapefruit, cinnamon, smells Which make you think of something good>  Old spice after shave for me My grandfather…  roses, SOOO many memories around how my Husband used to bring me one a week of a different color…     Jasmine from childhood and honeysuckle.

Then there are the food memories, good but maybe I should stay away from those lest I send all of you to THE Cinnabon or refrigerator..  We can shift our emotional responses in many ways..

How about thinking about the GOOD things in your life and recognizing that others are projecting their emotions also…
I am still not working as usual and those donations help me keep this going.  $59per month to send this free report to you.  So if you want to go to my website there is a $12 donation button there, and if you do not want to assist, or cannot, that is ok also.  I have always felt that this is part of what I should and will continue doing until I cannot anymore.

And please remember the $100 gift certs now also?   Save $50 and get a 1 and ½ hour reading, cd and new ideas and even timing for that next step, you are so loved and appreciated and I wish you all love, health, healing and visions of GOOD THINGS coming,  I see so many of you ready to take that next GREAT LEAP of faith into some wonderful things    Love and Namaste Carol

I am constantly reminded that nobody said this time on this planet would be easy, but we are here in response to a call which no one can answer but us.  SO GET STRONG AND AS MY THERAPIST  JAN WEBSTER (on my website under other professionals) says…  CRY A RIVER, build a bridge and GET OVER IT:::   that is what this time is about.

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Tuesday July 26, 2016

by admin on July 19, 2016

July 26, Tuesday MOON V/C in ARIES until 8:37am PDT

The Taurus Last Quarter Moon (04 Taurus 21 is exact at 4 pm. (Last quarter SQUARE)  moon (past) and emotions challenging Sun (the now and what is)

What can you do now to increase your experience of sacred pleasure?   The moon enters Taurus at 8:37am and this sign is about nature, pleasure, sensual life of enjoyment, and good things, food and love and touch and sacred enjoyment of being on this planet in your body now:

Count your blessings of what you have today and try and avoid thoughts of what you DO NOT

I shall color today blue for clarity of what is really important and yellow for joy

–     For depression today use st. John’s wort, lemon,
tangerine and other citrus oils put Into water are wonderful..
And for calming down, lavender, chamomile, blue tansy, rose,   sandalwood
–     Lapis Lazuli  To help you to understand what must be  done for healing and to increase your independence; for me today I think I shall be wearing Pearls and lavender jade, at least that is what feels good right now on
Monday the 18th.…..but probably I shall get up that morning and let my jewelry pick me as I 99% of the time do..

KISS for today, let go of whatever
is hurting you in your Mind and watch it disappear in reality in your life
Happy people are doing God’s will — not by their behavior, but by their choice for happiness.  — Alan Cohen

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Monday July 25, 2016

by admin on July 19, 2016

Monday July 25, 2016 we begin a new week with strong energies and a suggestion from your astrologer (ME) that we slow down, count to 205 at least  The number 7 is a spiritual number, before jumping please all week

. Vesta (sacred connections ) enters Cancer which is a very nurturing sign at 2:18 pm energizing the mysteries of Sacred Nurturing.  Saturn is exactly aligned with Antares making this week very powerful to assist in changing the world.

TONS of aspects today as 8:29am Pluto squares off and control issues and issues about power are strong, be nice to your boss if you wish to continue working here today:

9:48 am PDT a Venus Trine with the moon again encourages action and fire and passion, good if you are in love, bad if you are disagreeing with someone in power

2:55pm moon (emotions and Mercury (communications) create more of this is what I THINK energy and these good energies are going to encourage lots of you to break the ties which bind today.  REMEMBER THE COUNT to 205 before responding please…

At 11:18pm the moon moves v/c  and at the same time ,  The Moon in ARIES  is conjunct  (mixing with) Uranus the planet of surprises and disruptions at  (24°Aries 30′) at 11:19 pm adding to the possibilities of experiencing unexpected events that take us where we want to go, even if we didn’t know it even if it is just dreams tonight.

Enjoy and live, we have now and we do have SO much to be grateful for.

The sun in LEO  says HAVE QUALITY not quantity and see how  much happier you are:  THE MOON WILL REMAIN V/C until 8:37am tomorrow ::::

–     Color today YELLOW for sunshine and joy and the 3rd I can do it chakra
–     Essential oil which is really good for me right now is Lavender for calming or the great blend called peace and calming :

–    Stone for today You could use river rocks or whatever, but SAPPHIRE for my truth for  me today  and did you know INDIAN Sapphires I have are under $30?   You can get Rubies  and Sapphires and Emeralds for under $30 …but river rock will do if you want  also and maybe even be better for you today if this fire stuff just has you wanting to GROUND, center and go back to nature  .

Another suggestion if Saturn is bogging you down today with MUST DO and SHOULD DO, WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT FOR YOU:  how about

Oil of :  Lemon or Lime or Orange to LIFT you up, or for free how about  oil of tree, go out and watch the trees budding, or find an evergreen and embrace  its sturdy trunk and honor its strength and feel yourself part of all of this  and then do what you must for yourself

KISS for today.   I am human hear me sing my song and for all of us to  find something we   CAN SAY I LOVE  this in my life….and if possible  HAVE FUN  today. and maybe one new thing each day to love or bring me joy???   ?   me is we you know?  And this is a great day to take off work and just let others deal with some of the challenges of TOO MUCH action and maybe not enough thought?

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Sunday July 24, 2016

by admin on July 19, 2016

v/c or VOID OF COURSE is a time when the moon makes NO aspects before going
into the next astrological sign and it often is a time when things DO NOT COME out as we thought they would.   *

THUS we use a bit of care with this time…during this time THE WORLD DOES NOT
NEED TO stop, but like traffic, often it is best to stop, look both ways , make sure
nobody is coming at you and then go, right?
Sunday July 24, 2016


At 12:06am PDT the moon moves v/c so Pisces energy is still strong but very much into symbols and symbolism, maybe asking you WHAT DO YOU FEEL or think about that dream, we shall all for sure be having them:


5:33am the moon moves to to ARIES and off and away with some good aspects, but ones which for sure bring a bit of impulsiveness and maybe reckless energy.


Trines are aspects of planets helping each other, and today has 3 main ones   AT 12:06am as the moon moves V/C  Moon (past and emotions)  Trining (Mars, action and passion in Scorpio)


9:17 am PDT (now the moon is in Aries you know?  We get the sun in LEO and the Moon in Aries saying HI lets go for it today… FIRE FIRE FIRE and water, emotions and actions are powerful though aspects are good, remember moderation in all things might be a great idea right now, except maybe optimism?


10:46 pm PDT as the moon in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius, I think of a client who told me this week:  I am breaking up with my boyfriend, selling my house, not sure where I am going and not speaking to anyone in my family right now.   ….   This is much like this aspect so… if you are upset with one or 2 folks, ok.    EVERYONE?  Look at what is going on with YOU maybe rather than them please, and this is my advice for today and this next week please:


IF you are a sky watcher, please Note the impressive lineup of Venus, Mercury, Regulus, Jupiter and Spica in the evening sky tonight.   Be HAPPY everyday so that it overflows into tomorrow)

  • Color today compassionate and kind (soft colors)
    –   Use pearls, moonstone, opals, something to awaken   your compassion
    –     Oil of frankincense or myrrh to connect you  to your divine soul
    –              KISS for today, is be nice and expect others to be doing their own thing and you will not get your feelings hurt.  So be nice to self also and ignore those who do not feel they need to do the same


“Life is an improvisation.”– Tina Fey and “With love and patience, nothing is impossible”.  Daisaku Ikeda


Ask Sharon Brigance the big questions on oils please.  Please contact Sharon at

Sharon Brigance – Independent Distributor ID# 329602 Young Living Essential Oils

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July 19, 2016

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Saturday July 23, 2016

July 19, 2016

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Friday july 22, 2016

July 19, 2016

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Thursday july 21, 2016

July 19, 2016

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Wednesday July 20, 2016

July 15, 2016

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Tuesday July 19 FULL Capricorn/Cancer moon

July 15, 2016

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