SPRING 2017 Illumination and Wisdom time

by admin on March 17, 2017

ILLUMINATION and WISDOM time is here as is the option to encourage within Self Bravery, courage, new beginnings, adventure, love and MORE
Coming March 20, 2017 3:29am pdt   AKA Spring

OK, what if I told you I could give you a magic wand to eliminate fear and dread and help you understand what is going on.   NO, but I can give you some hints as to what is happening and then you get to decide what you want to do as the Sun moves from Pisces and we leave WINTER behind and enter really 2017 as the SUN enters the FIRST sign of the Zodiac Monday the 20th and I BELIEVE FOR ME 2017 really begins.

#1 I have a saying I posted on facebook for us all which is SPRING energy, and encompasses the Aries themes:   (The devil whispered in my ear and said  “I am the storm and you cannot survive me”   AND I whispered back,   (I AM the storm and I can and will survive whatever happens)

I know there is lots of Pisces energy and it seems that fear and doubt are catching as we hear more and more things which frighten us about our future.  AND:   How do you gather people together to create change who are content, happy, secure and feeling they can trust others to care for them?

Please really look and ask yourself this question and at the VERY BOTTOM I will give those of you interested ideas on how to partake.  And those of you who choose to NOT activate politically or for the good of the all, that is ok also..   3 clients today    1 with villa in Italy,  One planning on moving to S. America, and another planning to find a place and kind of go back to the land with her true love (ps this lady last year believed she was too old and that energy had passed her)  I am seeing love bloom in 60, 70 and even 80 year olds now.  So this fear stuff does open us more to love if we allow it.

I repeat a bit of what I wrote 2 weeks ago about HOW TO USE SUNDAY the 19th and Monday the 20th and whenever you choose to use this powerful energy:::: When the Sun is in Pisces we always feel this ability to connect too deeply, this is done not to hurt ourselves but to allow ourselves to see our PAIN and needs and empty spots..aka wounds….. we see them not to hurt us, but  So that we may fill them up.

So, if you have been sad or feeling out of things a bit?  Remember you are in a time of great growth and healing and that you chose to stay for it, says YOU ROCK and YOU CAN DO IT xooxoxoox

This energy shifts the 20th.March 20 3:29am pdt  is the Spring Equinox when the Sun moves into Aries and crosses the Vernal Equinox point in the sky. This means today and tomorrow we are in the precise window of the Equinox Solar energies when the Sun makes a direct path over the Equator bringing and equal balance of Day and Night to both Hemispheres of the Earth.

LONG honored and VERY powerful magical energy.On a practical basis, Radiant energy from the Sun directly over the equator lessens the usual strength of the Earth’s magnetic field during the Equinox days.

Did you know that  Twice each year as the Sun passes over the equator the magnetic energies of both hemispheres are at their lowest potency. This means for about 24 hours before and after the exact Equinox point it is easier to connect with other dimensions of reality energizing otherworldly magic that can holistically benefit the Earth.  AND OUR EARTH, which is OUR BODY:

Those of you doing Shamanic work and magical stuff will find the power during this time fantastic.

LETTING go of grief and pain and fears works wonderfully now also.ILLUMINATION and WISDOM is our message in Aries and until 12/2018 URANUS the planet of CHANGE resides within this sign and is using this powerful energy to assist us to change through?  Well  doesn’t this time call for bravery and courage and with the sun in Pisces lots of us decided to hide our heads and listen to that Devils voice in our ear.

March 20th,   NOW we AWAKEN and lots of others awaken also…Venus the planet of what we desire is retrograde in ARIES all month asking do we desire to fight?  TO grow?  To make new plans?  To open to the ACTION that our visions demand we do to make the dreams grow?

Jupiter the planet of faith is retrograde in libra, trying to bring old friends, soul mates and soul teachers back to us (April report will come next week and be posted on my page..

And April brings mercury retrograde and Saturn Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde (retrograde planets shift the energy and assist us to go back oftentimes in our minds to a time when we WERE BRAVE and BELIEVED:

are you ready for the trip into who you thought you could or would be?  OR have you like myself transformed and shifted so much this last year you barely recognize the journey you have taken?

Challenges are strong the next 2 weeks between Mercury (linear thinking) and Pluto (transformation, death and rebirth) so, it does require that we get busy and if we so desire create how we choose to be reborn and what we choose to let die, old fears?  Old relationships?  Sadness?  Illness?

All are powerfully motivated from the moment you read this until the 27th at 7:57pm PDT and we then have an ARIES NEW Moon and boy do people, ideas, visions and good things begin to try and come to you..

Magical dark of the moon wishing days are the 25th and 26th and 27th until 7;57pm PDT  and let me remind you that MARS the planet of action moved into BUILDING and stable TAURUS on March 9th, trying to help us stabilize action.

Even with Mercury in Aries, and too many ideas feeling kind of exhausting, we are going to be able to access more energy and more optimism with Spring.On the 31st of March Mercury into Taurus helps stabilize and bring Mind, thoughts, communications together with action (Mars) for a strong beginning to April 2017.

We are NOT alone and I have at the bottom of this report some ideas on how to help change the outer world and your views.  Feeling powerless and unable to achieve it all is common right now.  AND YET NONE OF US CAN CHANGE IT ALL BUT WE CAN DO something even though we cannot do everything.   RIGHT?


For new articles and more, also pay pal and donation button and lots of interesting articles to help you learn about energies and yourself.  (Free)      http/www.carolbarbeau.com

Within the American Indian tradition we find the seeds of Astrology.  The energy that we choose to use this lifetime by the time we are born, the animals and plants and minerals which are sacred to us creates a part of who we are.

Within the Indian Tradition, there is no word for Astrology; rather there is a sense of the energy of the season.  So, use this and try to understand yourself and others in a new way  (OR IS IT AN OLD WAY?)

We are all one with the earth, water, sky, and fire of creation.  Sense and feel what it is that your soul wants you to be and use this with that intent of being the very best that you can be and honor the energy of who you are.  Remember please as we enter these times, we all get activated and a part of our life opens.  Want to see your chart and where your 12 energies are?  $30 pay pal one question option and online I will send you your own Map…   online only carolbarbeau544@gmail.com

For instance I have Aries in my  5th house of creativity, children and 6th house of health:  Taurus in the 6th house of health and 7th house of partnerships.   Gemini in my 7th and 8th houses…  with the $30 option I will tell you what each of YOUR houses mean and give 5 or 6 hand outs to help you better understand with my own interpretations..  Done online by me xoxoox

FULL 2 hours with me via telephone or skype or me just do you a recording to listen to about your life path, what your chart says about your life mission, gifts, abilities, where you are living astocartography wise..  numerology, tarot and FUTURE timing of energies.  Astrology does not force any of us …   but when the sky changes as we have now, the world changes and often if we do not change with it  we suffer…  and my goal in life is to LIFT others higher, to be my business name

              ILLUMINATIONS   my goal is to turn on the lights, to show you doors and windows and things which you were perhaps not aware of, or reinforce that which some of you already know and can barely believe yet.   253 838 1179  I hope to talk with you soon  carolbarbeau544@gmail.com to make an appointment… 

As now we enter the TIME OF the east

 SPRING EQUINOX March 20th     ARIES:::::::::: The Spirit keeper for the moons of the east is WABUN, the time of the east is about the EAGLE and the season is spring.  The time of day is dawn and the colors are red and gold.  The powers of the East are ILLUMINATION and WISDOM this year

MARCH 20th  until April 19th is the BUDDING TREES moon.  People born under this moon are the RED HAWK people.  Their plant is the Dandelion, their color is yellow and their stone is the fire opal, and their clan is the THUNDERBIRD Clan.  Like the hawk, these folks are quick to fly into things, or out of them.  They have clear vision, and their compliments like talons sometimes sting, they are far seeing, energetic, independent, strong willed, and need to learn more patience.

April 19th through May 20th is the FROGS RETURN MOON (earth) TAURUS    People born under this moon are the BEAVER people.  Their plant is the BLUE CAMAS their color is BLUE and their stone is CHRYSOCOLLA.  They are TURTLE CLAN.  These people are hard working, orderly, home oriented and strong.  They sometimes hold back their feelings as effectively as the beavers dam holds back the water.  They are affectionate, self reliant, patient and stable.  Beaver people sometimes need to curb their stubbornness and tendency to overindulge


May 20th  through June 20th  is the CORNPLANTING MOON.  (GEMINI)  AIR. People born under this moon are Deer people.  Their plant is the YARROW, their colors are white and green and their stone is the moss agate.  Their elemental clan is the BUTTERFLY Clan.  They are clever, intuitive, alert, eager and resourceful.  They like to create and enjoy beautiful things.  They must learn to be more consistent and less suspicious.

OK, by now I have pretty much weeded out the fear and hate based folks on my facebook page so if you choose to go there, I post daily and have some of these ideas and more posted:

#1 just discovered today ::: Huddle (n.) – a small group of people holding an informal conversation   https://www.womensmarch.com/100/action2   Nope this is not to get you to march but it could be?

This is about putting in your zip code, introducing yourself to the 6,000 people onboard and perhaps putting together a march, a conversation about what you can do for our Schools Food programs,  Insurance, Environment, Childrens issues, and WHATEVER you are interested in, Pets and gardens, and YEP Marching if you desire.  Join this group and  and finding folks who agree and in your area want to participate:

#2   FILM the news.  NOPE not one of the holler and scream ones.  I do WORLD NEWS ABC which is owned by the Disney company and feel there is not harsh criticism of anyone.  JUST the facts,

I film it so I can scan across it and watch what I WANT and eliminate that which is not good.  For me in Seattle this is channel 4 and around 5:30pm..  

NOW I KNOW YOU SAY YOU DO NOT WANT TO WATCH the negativity.   WHAT IF THEY WERE BUILDING a PRISON at the end of your block?   WOULDN”T you want to  know???   A PUBLIC who does not know anything but what facebook says is in TROUBLE:

#3 turn off the wild and crazy news stuff, it excites you about things which you cannot change

#4  Listen to your inner self when you feel frightened.  YOU hear the sky is falling..  ASK your inner self, guides, angels, whatever   IS THIS TRUE FOR ME?   You do not have to judge others, just ask is this for ME?

#5  what to know more about bills and what is in them and politics.  I love https://ballotpedia.org/115th_United_States_Congress?  To find telephone # and senators and folks in Congress you can write to if you are not happy with what is happening.

#6   WORK for locally what you believe in..  Donate  time $ or even just  $5 to a program which is losing funding…  Meals on wheels, childrens food programs,  animal shelters, arts, music, special needs programs, the library, planned parenthood.  Veterans….Homeless.. 

WE all have some thing we believe needs help.  Drive that extra mile to the mission DOWNTOWN area, the burbs toss away more clothing and things because they get so MUCH:  

downtown areas, will be happy to unload your car at the curb and you do not even have to touch the street.  I call Seattle Union Gospel mission and say  Carol is coming and the guys are at the curb and unload me..

#7  be willing to believe you can change something.

#8   What do you think you would put here?  WRITE your idea and then copy and post for yourself.

#9   VOTE in local elections, show up for city hall meetings and remember when we look the other way?  WELL then things happen we are not happy with.

Personally folks I think of myself as a liberal, NOT PART OF A  PARTY:  because life has taught me that nomatter how hard I was willing to work one disaster can take you to the ground….. one illness can wipe out retirement and my saving grace is my work, the friends who support me and BECAUSE I CARE for others, Others care for me .

IT is not that we do not get back what we put out.  IT IS OFTEN WHO we put it out to which gives us NO RETURN:  and yep.  ME also, but that cannot be 100% of your life. 

Please Donate time and energy to letting GOOD people know you care for them and what they do….  And…..

HOW do you meet GOOD people,  Donate time feeding the homeless, call a school and ask to big brother or sister a child.  Call a school and ask to teach an program, art, music, helping someone learn to read? 

All it will take is a telephone call and they hopefully will do a police check and when you check out.  YOU HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD, the people you meet and MOST OF all YOURSELF:

BE brave, be courageous, and be aware that action is called for now.  Pray, meditate, and or march, we are all Divine and perfect in what we choose to do. 

I have a cat who believes when he cannot see me, that he cannot be seen.  THIS is the way of the world. 

  WE need to be aware of the GREAT OPPORTUNITY we now all have in Spring of 2017.  

I hope to talk to you about your ideas, and please join me on facebook, I promise I do not spend time on what I had for dinner, but usually keep it upbeat and informative and most of my friends do the same.

AND I WILL BE IN KENT WASHINGTON at the EMERALD SPIRAL 9am to 5pm PDT Saturday the 25th for a fun day at a great healing arts show. KENT commons, more info on facebook and I would love to say hi to you:

Kent commons   525 4th avenue North    Kent Washington 98032    www.EmeraldSpiral.com




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has our new year really begun yet?

by admin on March 17, 2017

Has the new year really Begun yet? For me March 20th, 2017 is my new year

         March 2017 the month of SPRING and New beginnings

                      NOW the year truly begins

Today I was Reading the Celestual Timings by Cayelin K Castell  and she writes so
much about KINDNESS, not that many of us are seeing too much of it right now:  But
she also wrote something which really stuck a spark with me

  “Sometimes Intentions Take Time to Manifest On another note I have also realized
that sometimes our visions and dreams take longer to manifest than we imagine and
yet when it comes together it is often better than what we were imaging.)    So
how many of us are waiting for someone, something, someday which we KNEW was to
happen and is not here yet?

I would so encourage us all now to be a part of the Kindness revolution, but
recognize that for many who have turned off for so long, turning on now, their dials
are set a bit louder than normal and it may take them a while to kind of Level out, 

So, let us begin now where we are energetically and astrologically and recognize
that after Monday march 20, 2017 at 3:29 am PDT …Spring begins and to me as an
astrologer the Sun into the FIRST sign of the zodiac  ARIES signals the year TRULY
BEGINS:  SO, I have NOT had my NEW year yet folks..

Adding to this Venus the planet of what we desire in a once every 2 years retrograde
motion in ARIES doesn’t it perhaps seem appropriate that that ME FIRST, what about
ME, energy would be coming forward very strongly in this 3rd month of a #1 year..

 So, Spring this year is a 4 energy which is about foundation and how many of us
recognize FOUNDATION is what we are setting up now with our views, opinions, public
posts, and for this little Libra sun sign.  EXTREME Rudness from many…..  I have my
views and you have yours and isn’t this WONDERFUL?   I am hopefully in this report
going to help you see bright lights, stop signs, GO NOW signs, slow down signs, and
all the information the universe is trying to give to us all.

Venus is retrograde for 40 Days Moving retrograde in the evening sky on March 04,
2017 at 13 degrees of Aries.
(Sabian Symbol is Aries 13: A bomb which failed to explode is now safely hidden from
discovery)  SO, lets not be too literal and think of our EMOTIONS as the bomb, not a
literal thing to fear blowing up, but a thing to relate to self as an test about our
hidden emotions)

Venus disappears from the evening sky on March 18, 2017 at 9 Aries
 (Sabian Symbol Aries 9: A seer gazes intently into a crystal ball before him.)
Venus moving from Evening sky dropping into the Metamorphic Underworld. In the
retrograde phase Venus conjuncts the Sun March 25, 2017 at 5 Aries
(Sabian Symbol Aries 5: A white triangle is seen; it has golden wings.) and a few
days later rises as a Morning Star March 31 at 1 Aries
 (Sabian Symbol Aries 1:A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her.)
 beginning a new 584 day cycle. Venus moves  direct on April 15, 2017 at 27 Pisces
After on On April 2nd dropping back to Pisces:

SO, lest I have lost all of you in the haze of metaphysical thinking.  THIS VENUS
RETROGRADE IS about, our hidden emotions….  And then us beginning to see the light
and the gold within self and others… and then us rising out of the ocean (water is
always about emotions)  and with the seal embracing us…wow, this is a strong
indication of many of you tuning in to connection to source, tuning out the things
which are not important and moving into the center of self……and also a strong theme
of activism for our planet and our resources.

(see you just got a free reading for the next month)  I would were I you print this
part and think.  AHHH  this is what this month is about and Venus moving direct… 
4/15 at 27 Pisces carries the Sabian Symbol for us to move forwards
(Pisces 27:A harvest moon illuminates the sky.)   SO by fall we shall have
illuminated many of the mysteries plaguing us right now.  Found a center of self
much more powerful than where we are right now…and begun to see the light..

I would love to turn on the lights for you and show you what is trying to appear to
us all, BUT I am not going to tell you not to go when I say STOP:  To thine own self
be true is part of what we are all learning now, many have left us this year, many
of us are moving on without support systems, and without the security of knowing
what tomorrow brings.  AND TRULY?   WHEN DID WE EVER KNOW?   Isn’t perhaps much of
life  WTF?  Moments and being ok with that?

March 11th Saturday as the Moon in Pisces opposes Neptune, look for wild dreams and
even wilder action on this evening before our March full moon.   On March 12,
Sunday. The Virgo Full Moon (22 degrees of Virgo 13)(the sun is at 22 Pisces 13
minutes)  is exact at 7:54 am  DST as we move today to DST here on the West coast.

Sabian Symbol for the moon  Emotions and our past at 22 Virgo is
Virgo 22:A royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones.  HONORING our sacred
The sun (THE NOW)  at Pisces 22: has the sabian symbol of A prophet bringing down
the new law from the mountain.

This bespeaks to me of a combined BODY and SPIRIT energy, as we honor the reality of
life and also begin to listen to our own inner prophet?

OR ones outside of self who we honor?  I myself love to read David Pond,  Mark
Dodich, Gloria Starr, Cayelin Castell , Sybil, and so many others to get a view of
what THEY THINK, then I go to inner self and say is this what I should write,  Look
at the calendar and feel the energy and ..... instead of just listening to those i
admire, i say.... or?   Is this THEIR TRUTH, so many of us will be doing this
process Very strongly won’t we?

Full moons are always when the moon (the past and our emotions) are as far from the
Sun (the now and current energy) as possible.

 IT always begins a time when it is easier to LET GO and a time when we are asked to
honor what was, and make room for what will be with the New moon pm yjr 27th of
March 2017.

The Virgo Full Moon is the Full Moon of the year that is for celebrating the High
Priest/Priestess/healer  who honors the sacred patterning of life.    This last
month the circle of life and death has been very close to me and those I love and I
have walked that path of remembering my pain as I went into a current event with
others.  Birth, death, regeneration, coming back from being knocked down, these are
all parts of the patterns of the universe, and things we came into human form to
learn along with.

Joy, passion, life, sunlight, sunsets, animals, children, nature, work well done,
friends, family, love,  energy, admiration, honoring, sacred energy, those moments
when we smile, laugh, or just feel that we have finally CONNECTED for nomatter how
short a time with what life is about.

When the Sun is in Pisces we always feel this ability to connect too deeply, this is
done not to hurt ourselves but to allow ourselves to see our PAIN and needs and
empty spots..aka wounds..... we see them not to hurt us, but  So that we may fill
them up.  So, if you have been sad or feeling out of things a bit?  Remember you are
in a time of great growth and healing and that you chose to stay for it, says YOU
ROCK and YOU CAN DO IT xooxoxoox

March 13th mercury the planet of how we think into Aries again contributes to brave
and impulsive action and a bit more of ME ME ME than US US US energy.

On the 15th as VENUS retrograde in Aries  begins to rise, expect lots of old
emotions and feelings to surface, remember we are now in letting go time,  honor and
release is your best theme right now.  The sun is still shining in Pisces and we are
more open than ever before upon this planet to grow into that which perhaps is So
much more than we ever thought we could be.

March 17, 18th and 19th expect a DON”T fence me in energy and a bit of the rebel to
come forward, not the best time to buy or purchase things, but then again Venus
retrograde is often BUYERS REMORSE time    BIG time, remember it is a time when our
need is to reapply ourselves to (Venus) what we TRULY desire…rethink, replan, re
invision, reconnect is GREAT and oftentimes old lovers try and come back.  I always
tell folks about this one,  THINK about when you were with this person…  Are you the
same now?  So, what makes  you think they are?

March 20 3:29am pdt  is the Spring Equinox when the Sun moves into Aries and crosses
the Vernal Equinox point in the sky. This means today and tomorrow we are in the
precise window of the Equinox Solar energies when the Sun makes a direct path over
the Equator bringing and equal balance of Day and Night to both Hemispheres of the
Earth.    LONG honored and VERY powerful.

On a practical basis, Radiant energy from the Sun directly over the equator lessens
the usual strength of the Earth’s magnetic field during the Equinox days.

Did you know that  Twice each year as the Sun passes over the equator the magnetic
energies of both hemispheres are at their lowest potency. This means for about 24
hours before and after the exact Equinox point it is easier to connect with other
dimensions of reality energizing otherworldly magic that can holistically benefit
the Earth.  Those of you doing Shamanic work and magical stuff will find the power
during this time fantastic.  LETTING go of grief and pain and fears works
wonderfully now also.

Usually magical energy during this time includes calling the directions.  THE EAST
is the time of SPRING:  (lots of good sites  about this on google)

SPRING EQUINOX March 20th     ARIES:::::::::: The Spirit keeper for the moons of the
east is WABUN, the time of the east is about the EAGLE and the season is spring. 
The time of day is dawn and the colors are red and gold.  The powers of the East are
ILLUMINATION and WISDOM this year MARCH 20th  until April 19th is the BUDDING TREES
moon.  (Can you perhaps see why Many Astrologers, and healers see the coming of the
SPRING EQUINOX as the new year?

Hopefully many of you will use this time to do honoring ceremonies, releasing ashes
of dearly departed, gathering to celebrate , going outdoors in nature, connecting to
those you love?

In the south end area of Seattle Washington?   (MARCH 8th, there will be a SPRING
CEREMONY CELEBRATION at DENNYS in Kent .Washington . want to come, please contact
asksharonbrigance@comcast.net    this group is wonderful and I know they will
welcome you in for the ceremonies, but you need to let them know ahead of time so
they have space for you ..  (I am going to try and be here myself)****

Saturday the 25th as Venus retrograde touches the sun is another high holy and
wonderful but very different energy day.  We are moon v/c   Moon Void of Course and
this is a time to let spirt lead us with the moon in Pisces and some great magical
energy happening on Sunday the 26th and into Monday the 27th….

March 27, Monday. The Aries New Moon is exact at 7 Aries 37 minutes .  FOR me this
is 8 degrees but will put both Sabian Symbols for you :
Aries 7: A man successfully expressing himself in two worlds at once.
Aries 8: A woman's hat with streamers blown by the east wind.  (in Sabian symbols,
remember the SYMBOL what does a HAT DO?  what does  the HEAD do?

So the direction East is about From the Lakota Soux  (East (Yellow) - The direction
from which the sun comes. Light dawns in the morning and spreads over the earth.
This is the beginning of a new day. It is also the beginning of understanding
because light helps us see things the way they really are. On a deeper level, East
stands for the wisdom helping people live good lives. Traditional people rise in the
morning to pray facing the dawn, asking God for wisdom and understanding.)

March 27th,   This is the New Moon closest to the Equinox and is a powerful new moon
for growth, for optimism, for creating new intentions or renewing old desires and
regaining that which was lost.  For many hope and optimism seem far away, but please
remember we have to see where we are to find where we need to go.  In life and
Buddhism there is not a GOOD thing,  NOR A  BAD THING,  Just things, and when we
begin to see that we put labels on things and our labels are not necessarily the
label others would choose, then we begin to attain enlightenment.   IF WE CAN AVOID
pointing the finger of  YOU ARE WRONG at others, or self.

Opinions, views, feelings, emotions , change, what does not change is what you are
here for this incarnation and for us all right now with the North Node in VIRGO we
are here to ::: North Node in Virgo I am here to learn to pare down and look at what
is ecologically sound and secure, I analyze and then make decisions;   Will always
have the South Node in Pisces, I am here to learn to be more into the details, to
learn that there is a big picture  But there is also facts and details which must be
adhered to BEGAN 11/11/2015  ENDS  5/9/2017 and then we are here to learn to:

North Node in Leo:  I am here to open my heart, to act, speak and feel from honor
and respect and passion;  Will always have the South Node in Aquarius;  I am here to
learn to be more responsible, less erratic and that centering in to what I feel
passionate about is often much better for me to do than my ability to detach from
people and situations  5/9/2017 until  11/6/2018  when the Nodes shift to Capricorn
and cancer…

With the sun now in Pisces until March 20th we are all learning the Pisces message
of learning to learn to TRUST and to be open to hearing, seeing, listening to the
divine and open our senses of  intuition to sense, smell and Feeling;   In Pisces
the ability to see we are part of the whole is strong..

So, march 2017 is full of Stop, wait, open, believe and GROW energy.

For us all it begins with many illusions, visions and dreams  (PISCES) and moves
stronger and stronger into ARIES the sign of  Action when nomatter our sun signs we
get to learn to  act when necessary, to be more brave and to be passionate about our

At the same time , as if this was ever easy?  Jupiter the planet of our BELIEF
systems and what and how we REALLY USE FAITH is in the sign of Libra, (RETROGRADE
until June 9, 2017)***   this time is asking us to think of others also, to be kind,
and to practice compassion and for me Libra always brings to my mind.  “”THERE But
for the grace of Spirit go I…   I could have been born in another country, another
race, another culture, and without honoring of all of this maybe NEXT time IT could
be me..”””

And I have to add in honor of those like myself who struggle with this:
THE Saddest and least helpful phrases we can ever say
               WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN:::
What Could have been:   AND the worst.   WHAT SHOULD have been.
So, lets all of us keep our eyes to the front window and avoid that rear view mirror
as much as possible.  There are things which we can change and things which we have
to learn before they can be changed.  AND let us all recognize the difference. 

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,   And wisdom to know the difference.
Time for an astrology reading?   OR a look at 2017 and 2018?   The Solar Return and
More  is just $155 for 2 hours, including numerology and a FREE TAROT reading. I
have on my website http://www.carolbarbeau.com a  services page, just do the $155
prepay and say I want it ALL Carol, lol.  Most of you will right now and we will be
looking at your chart through 2020    WE are beginning a theme now...

Carol Barbeau - Illuminations Astrology for You<http://www.carolbarbeau.com/>
Welcome to Illuminations . Carol has worked professionally with others, counseling
and helping people truly connect to their gifts, and tools for over 40 years.

2017 Fire and passion
2018  Acting and anchoring in what is important
2019  new laws, new ways of being for ourselves and maybe the world
2020   Energy increasing for the GOOD of the all

WHERE do these energies happen for you???

When someone asks me what is going to happen to me this year, As an astrologer of
course I look at Transits, planets visiting you like this wild and dreamy and very
interesting Pisces energy, and the Venus retrograde beginning on Saturday>  I look
at secondary progressions, timings for eclipses and so much more.

But also, I have always placed great emphasis on the Solar Return which is a year
long look at your upcoming year.  I always look at Last year, this year and next
year for themes and most of my regular clients do this each year.

Each year on a certain moment the Sun  'returns' to where it was at the moment of
your birth. BY DEGREE and sign.  This is a great energy for timing and will give you
lots of additional information as to what FATE has in store for you.  YEP, some
years we write the script and are always the author of how we handle life, but this
year has some really wild card energy, and I would love to talk with you about it? 
AND many of you are relocating also, make sure and mention you would like me to look
at this during our time together.  E mail carolbarbeau544@gmail.com   to make an
appointment and I look forward to speaking with you very soon.

PS For in Person Seattle Washington appointments I have times on Saturday the 25th
Pm Sunday 26th and Monday 27th.  Make sure and sign up, prepay and I will look
forward to meeting up with you in Seattle on these dates.   SKYPE and TELEPHONE
253 838 1179 but e mail carolbarbeau544@gmail.com  is best

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WHAT?   WHEN?   WHO?   HOW?  Feb 21, 2017

How many times this last year have you said the above?  How many times do you wonder what you hear and see is true and what is illusion?   Since February 3, 2012 until the year  2025. Neptune the planet representing visions, dreams, illumination, divinity, magic, insanity, dillusions and falsehoods which can seem true has been in this 12th and final sign of the zodiac..

Pisces is a water sign so the Moon’s effects on the tides and waters of the world, including our emotional bodies, might be very dramatic.   Look at the weather patterns, and our emotions, anger, negativity as well as Great Heroes coming forth…..

So increased intuition and insanity seem a true part of the times we are living in don’t they?  AND wouldn’t someone who dreamed the airplane have seemed insane to those around them?  OR Motorized vehicles, this sign always comes in at the end of an era very strongly to open us to dream a new reality.

In 2009 I read this and copied it (Chiron in Pisces sprinkles healing faery dust on us all from April 2010 until April 2018. Chiron will be in Pisces  until April 2018. So get comfortable on the magic carpet. We’re in for a long ride!

Chiron is the archetype of the “Wounded Healer” and brings with it the opportunity for healing through embracing our wounds, which in healing gives us the ability to help others heal.  WE are often asked with Chiron to look at the shadow, not only our own personal darkness but the darkness of the collective as well.

When we gaze into the darkness PISCES asks us what we see?  Do we see humanity, people helping each other, generosity, sharing, light workers, miracles..or  do We see the world adrift with intolerance, discord and emotional turbulence. As we are shifting into higher states of consciousness, these aspects of ourselves, personally & collectively, are coming into the light, they have to come into our awareness to be healed and released. The only way they can be healed is each one doing their own personal work. I always refer to this as the DUST BUNNIES Under the bed, we have to see them to clean them out don’t we?

The Nodes are kind of magical places which bring energies in and to me are perhaps one of the most important energies upon this board game we call Astrology (AKA Life)  and on  November 12th, The North Node what we need to learn Entered Virgo OPPOSING the The South Node in PISCES  which is a reminder of the past, past lives, past abilities, past prejudices and very deeply as it moved into Pisces reconnecting us with the unconscious mind.  So the south node in Pisces, has been working on deepening the emotional introspection that has lately caused so many to feel alienated, cut-off, and confined to their own worlds and imaginings.

Until May 9th of 2017, the focus will be on taking care of business, getting things squared away, finishing what has already started, and clearing the messes that have been made. North Node in Virgo and with the south node in Pisces, RECONNECTING:

So, please note the marches, the connections on social media and so much more as this south node in Pisces reconnects us and plugs us into a new? (OR very old way) of being

So, we have talked about CHIRON and NEPTUNE 2 larger than life energies which will change our collective but right now..  February 21, 2017  what the F>>>  IS happening?

Personal planets are kind of OURS to do with as we choose.  When January 3, 2017 Venus the planet of what we desire entered Pisces, wow, did the media go off the roof and unfortunately social media followed as in Pisces we decided (we wanted friends who think and believe as we do)  WOOPSY that is not the reality of life is it?  So ordinarily Venus moving into Aries on February 3rd, would have been the end of this for another year.

BUT on MARCH 4th Venus will Retrograde in Aries, backing again into Pisces for the 2nd time this year..Venus only moves retrograde every 2 years so on its, own it is kind of a big thing, allowing us to rethink love, romance, jobs, where we are to live, what we eat and what we desire, but this year we shall 3 times re encounter some magical energy.

From January 12th through January 24th Venus encountered in her travels for the first time chiron, the wounded healer and Neptune.  Now in the retrograde motion Venus in Aries backs back into Pisces on April 2, 2017 asking us again, are we willing to HEAL with a vision of something beyond reality, are we ready to Use Neptunes power to imagine a different world, free of pain and suffering, or at the very least imagine a time when we can allow our own personal Pain to release?  TO Imagine hope and believe what we desire to believe rather than perhaps what we might be seeing around us?

To add to this energy February 18, 2017 3:22am PST here in Seattle the Sun (kind of our Board of directors boss) moved into Pisces and the lights went on even brighter as we are going to be allowed to see through the material world into ?  WELL, what do you believe?  Are we all separate, do others want to  hurt us, can we trust, can we believe, are we living in fear or caution, or optimism…and some days all at the same time?

The sun in Pisces Lights up the sky and our inner world until March 20th When the sun enters Aries and we have a Spring Equinox.  The charts for all of these events favor lots of inner growth and some pretty amazing Awakenings, willing or not we seem to be hearing a new (or is it old?)  Music playing and are more ready to take our part in the next step.

February 25th at 3:08pm PST mercury the planet which helps us think, reason and rationalize things out moved to Pisces to further encourage new ideas and thoughts, and imagination.  Mercury remains in Pisces until March 13th when the FIRE, get ready, get set   Type of Aries energy enters our consciousness even more

Please remember  The process of a solar eclipse generally lasts for months, although the period between the Lunar Eclipse February 10th  and Solar Eclipse February 26th  is often filled with more dramatic intensity.   Things coming to a head and much of what is happening now feels like we MUST do something, yet almost no astrologer in the world will advise doing too much between eclipses.  Need surgery or have to do something, Please go ahead and then recognize that the universe often has more power than our individual desires during this time.

PISCES   NOW: Feb. 26, we shall have a NEW MOON Solar Eclipse, BLOCKING now and trying to bring back your dreams, imagination and the connection to all beings.  This NEW Moon Eclipse  at 8 degrees 12 minutes of Pisces  (since lots of astrologers think this is 9 degrees) I shall post both

Pisces 8  :A girl blowing a bugle.
Pisces 9  :The race begins: intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed.
Both seem pretty much in alignment with what I am sensing and feeling now

I had not known until reading Marks Dodich astrology report astromark.us   report that this is The is the last solar eclipse in Pisces until 2024. Make time for your inner spiritual well being, and for me that is body, mind and spirit. I am back getting acupuncture, spending more time in nature, near the lake, looking at the trees and thinking about HOW I AM PART OF YOU,  And you are part of me and we truly are all one.

AND For myself and I know many of you we are finding that the tarot cards are speaking to us  much louder than normal as are Guides and angels.  I believe part of our upgrade is listening to the source, to the center of our being and though the cosmos seems to be showing us chaos and disagreements, perhaps this is always part of huge change and upgrades in consciousness.   The readings I am doing for others seem much more profound and answers easier to come by.

You’ve probably heard that the Merriam Webster Dictionary’s “word of the year” for 2016 was “surreal.”. Now that we are in Eclipse Season, our shared experiences again reach a critical point. But to what end for us personally and how best to use this time?   Meditation, prayer, positive self talk, and trying to ignore the US AND THEM energy which is trying to distract us from our real work:

Are you ready, lots of energy is coming to us all ? With some longer-lasting Aspects happening we are reaching a peak over the next thirty days,   SHIFT seems to be the word I see and hear most often.  Shift to what?  Perhaps that is our own inner choice now.

This cycle continues until March 20th, reminding us that it’s time to affirm connection to the Inner Self and to let ourselves, stop and listen and pay attention to the inner light and sound of our own music.

Creative juices are flowing more easily now and perhaps you are feeling blocked because you have not yet STOPPED the old way of being, to listen to the new you?   OF course drugs, alchol and escapism are strong energies during this time of year always.   Confusion is always associated with Pisces and Neptune and for myself, only when I am confused do I stop and RETHINK, rework and review where I got off track.

Many other important astrological influences now is Jupiter in Libra (wanting us to be safe, wanting relationships and peace)  but this peace loving energy is moving in exact OPPOSITION to Fiery and passionate Mars and CHANGE producing Uranus (Uranus is the planet I call the s.  Disturber and this planet just loves disruption)

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition peaks on March 2nd, and you will be feeling the strength at least through march 10th  On February 21st -23rd , Mars is in a bit of a battle with Pluto the planet which to me most easily seems kind of like Darth Vader, bound to get his way, nomatter how long the transformation takes.  So lets all be very careful beginning from RIGHT NOW forward    The planet of change (Uranus)  Loves to assist us with changes and breaking away from things which no longer serve us in a sudden and rather unplanned way.

A planet I now do with all readings is Eris is an icy dwarf planet that moves very slowly. Her purpose seems to be disruption and the creation of chaos.  She has involved herself with Mars (action) in impulsive Aries, and Uranus in Aries.  About 6 months ago Eris and Uranus have become close traveling companions and we can blame much of the disruption on this very determined to help us change union.

Now we  add Jupiter (which is a teacher planet, but truly jupiters biggest desire is to create MORE) of whatever is happening so now lets add this  to the mix,  and your creativity should be high along with a bit of low impulse control.   Add to this Venus Retrograde and Eclipses, and I promise you that the sky is attempting to change our lives into being more free and for us to become more in alignment with inner knowing and act accordingly

If you are on facebook please look at my post the OSHO ZEN CARD the source… Be Here Now. Being in body and paying attention please, if you must act, sit quietly and listen to inner reflections first if possible..  Clarity is not a gift of this time, but Angelic guidance is.

Mars gains energy and support from Saturn (structure and order)   beginning March 3rd, suggesting that a real sense of direction can emerge for those in alignment with their life path. Also, once Mars moves into Taurus on March 9th, a greater energy will be here for planning and creating situations which will grow rather than the kind of dissolving into Mist energy we have encountered lately.

I would love to do a one on one reading for you, since there is a theme and we are now into it finally.  This theme lasts 4 years and many of us last year began to get rid of the things that seem to just be taking up space, and to reevaluate what is working  energy and people wise.  This has brought some real illnesses to many.  So the OSHO ZEN card on facebook  THE SOURCE is the answer for many of us right now.

Even though Venus is retrograde, there’s an excellent window to negotiate from a position of strength from March 16th -19th, when Mercury and Venus travel in together trying to align us with how to use Mercury (ideas) to get what we desire (Venus)

the Virgo Full Moon peaks on March 12th which I will write about in the Spring Equinox report…but March brings in an energy more grounded and centered

So, please remember as we begin to leave winter 2017 behind and . As we near the end of the Sun’s cycle in Pisces, we look forward to the emergence of new life … the promise of Spring! It is during the Sun in Pisces that we are reminded to have compassion, to be more understanding to  forgive, to let go of the things we cannot control, and to discover the freedom of moving in harmony with true inner and outer peace

Fear not, the universe and higher power are not conspiring to ruin the world or hurt us, we are just growing and isn’t that what we came here for?  I believe that life right now is going to take you to some wonderful places, introduce you to wonderful people and woops I almost Forgot

VENUS RETROGRADE March 4th through April 15th is a SUPER time to reconnect with old friends, lovers, family from other incarnations.   I have watched this for so many years and know many of you are going to be wanting RELATIONSHIP readings…so…  I am offering a special deal

READING for 2 people $155 which is the normal price for one person..  Pay pal is on http://www.carolbarbeau.com  and we are updating the website.  So this can be found under CURRENT EVENTS…  no more dailies, but for those of you who like the sayings…here are a few to help you smile.
Compassion is language the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain~

Kindness is in our power even when fondness is not.~Henry James~

Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret,for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true.
~Robert Brault~
Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you ,not because they are nice but because you are.

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up.
It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.

I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much  trouble.  ~Rudyard Kipling~

AND one of my favorites is  Never miss an opportunity to make others happy,
even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it.

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway. ~Henry Boyle~
Again, I would love to make an appointment with you, timing, relocation, numerology, tarot, all of this and more is included in a 2 hour one on one $155 appointment, and do not forget the 2 people deal for $155 through march 10th..  Contact   carolbarbeau544@gmail.com

Website http://www.carolbarbeau.com    I do telephone, in person and Skype appointments world wide and my telephone # is 253 838 1179 but the best way to reach me is carolbarbeau544@gmail.com  Hoping to talk with you soon.  I do take master card and visa and will be seeing clients in the greater Seattle Washington Area on Saturday march 25th   Sunday March 26th  and Maybe Monday March 27th  make sure and prepay asap to get your 2 hour spot in person with me…

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HOT Damn eclipses February 2017 are you ready?

by admin on February 16, 2017

The theme of the world is changing and how can we NOT notice, well the big energy pusher right now is:

off and away we go with #1 what is an eclipse?  AND since we are energetically near enough to the first one February 8, 2017 at 4:33pm PST here in Seattle Washington ….we look at further activation of FIRE (Passion and action)  and  AIR (communication, and ideas)

Eclipses are the universes attempt to balance us if we look at them in Metaphysics.  In Metaphysical teachings we see the eclipses as an energy being BLOCKED so that we can MORE clearly see within self and what our outside world is doing… …

But what are we seeing and who cares and what does this do for you?   Well, The advantage is that we are forced into a new way of looking at and seeing things in an eclipse.  Eclipses reverberate for up to 6 months and usually have a theme.

This year LEO and Aquarius are very strong as we have eclipses : with shifting signs this year, out of desire for perfection  Virgo and gentle but often confusing Pisces into the sign of stepping into leadership, and opening our hearts and souls Leo, and creating win-win environments. Even if you are not seeing it yet, it is in play, like a football game, the ball is off and being passed on to others:

Aquarius. Feb. 10, Lunar Eclipse, With the MOON at 22° Leo/ which has the Sabian Symbol of  Leo 22:A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.    And 22 degrees 28 minutes (if it were 22 degrees 30 minutes) I would be giving you 23 degrees information, so if you find other astrologers giving you different, that is why:

22 Aquarius: Sabian Symbol much about foundation   (With the Sun at ) Aquarius 22:A rug placed on the floor for children to play on.) This is the first of a series of Leo and Aquarius eclipses, not seen since 2009. You must open your heart, in Leo while Aquarius asks you to not get pulled into the drama of the world which does not concern you.  Leo says, look at your HEART and if it sings, then answer that song..  Mark Dodich astromark.us    says…. Step back from your busyness to determine what your heart wants to do next, not just what your finances or other people want of you. (GREAT ADVICE)

Feb. 26, Solar Eclipse, BLOCKING now and trying to bring back your dreams, imagination and the connection to all beings.  NEW Moon at 8 degrees 12 minutes  (since lots of astrologers think this is 9 degrees)

I shall post both Pisces 8:A girl blowing a bugle.
Pisces 9:The race begins: intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed.


LOTS MORE coming on this one next week and it is about time for many of you to get an astrology TUNE up, sign up now and learn what VENUS RETROGRADE IN ARIES is going to help you with as VENUS enters her Day star phase..

and What this Next February 26th HUGE SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW moon is opening up not just for you but for the world.   NEWS IS HOT now and getting MUCH HOTTER before the end of this year


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INFO ON CAROL Sunday Nov 13 full moon eve

November 13, 2016

Carol is just home from the hospital from having a TIA which is  kind of a baby stroke, not left with word salad, thinking one thing and saying another but weak and will be wearing a heart monitor for a while and not working for a while longer.  (PS for 12 hours you asked her […]

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October 21, 2016

Carol sent out some e mails last night to people trying to find spots for them, 3 hours later was back in er.  (written on the 17th of October: She is really ill and in the most horrible pain, has a acute infection and digenerative spinal disease along with diabetes out of control and they […]

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ANGELS for the 12 Astrology signs

October 4, 2016

An Angel says, ‘Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn’t happen, you have   worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.’ ANGELS for the signs: ARIES    Michael for power and protection:::  St Germaine and Zadkiel THE NEW   ORDER   TAURUS Gabriel Inner harmony […]

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Thursday October 13, 2016

October 4, 2016

“Worrying is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” ******************************************************** Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. — Arthur Koestler ************************************************** **************************************************** Control what you can, but surrender to what you must.– Alan Cohen I […]

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Wednesday October 12, 2016

October 4, 2016

Moon in Pisces is time to dream, time to recognize your ability to create from those ideas, thoughts, visions and what we say and do.  The moon enters Pisces 10/12 at 5:43am pdt until Friday the 14th at 8:08am  setting us up for the 10/15 FULL moon celebrating my birthday this year:   which will have […]

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Tuesday October 11, 2016

October 4, 2016

Tuesday October 11, 2016 Let us be big enough to be smaller than our neighbor, spouse, friends, and strangers. Today with the moon in Aquarius again we are advised to expect the unexpected and ride the flow of change. Mercury (ideas)  is conjunct Jupiter(Expansion)  (06°Libra 53′) less than a degree apart at 02:45 am Mercury and […]

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