Tuesday September 30, 2014

by admin on September 28, 2014

Kiss is keep it simple sweetie for the day

V/c is when the moon times out and makes a last Aspect before it goes into the next sign and that aspect the Moon makes (RULES) that time and the one thing I can say for Sure about moon v/c is that things do not go as expected… thus 2nd and even 3rd thoughts before actions are a great idea..

Planets are actors and have a part to play Signs are the costumes the planets wear Aspects are how the planets are playing together

The Moon is or represents our emotions so we keep track of what sign it is in each day to better understand our own and others moods


September 30, Tuesday. The Moon enters Capricorn at 9:41 pm.PDT and in the meanwhile all day on the 30th is MOON v/c ruled by a JUPITER (overdoing it, faith, what you believe and the planet of SUPERSIZING energy) rulers for a day mean the planet involved and in this case JUPITER IN LEO will be running the show.


Tuesday September 30, 2014

With the moon v/c or timed our all day until 9:41pm today this one is hard to call, I believe that many decisions will be made today and tomorrow , 10/1 is a very busy astrologically challenging day. But, and if you can coast a bit today and tell folks that you will have your answers by 10am on 10/2 I think you can really put today to good use.

Please remember we are in a MERCURY retrograde shadow and still kind of rocking and rolling from the things which so set off relationship events last week. Be open to a nice day of fun and take care of yourself.


- Use Myrtle for coughs and to help fight colds and flu…RC and RAVEN are also good for this ; clearing the air is part of today’s energy and did you ever attend a group you were supposed to be quiet at? AND found yourself COUGHING …well that is one way our bodies CLEAR energy and this day is all about that opportunity. so how about we all use .

- Black tourmaline to eliminate negativity and for protection if you go to the jewelry website http://www.magicalgemswithcarolastro.com you will find on the first page what I call CAROLS RING: Black Druzy, I wear it 99% of the time on my LEFT hand which is the hand which BRINGS in energy. This is the most protective and gentle energy, go and look and think about wearing onyx, or something that feels grounding and protective today so you do not absorb too much from others

- Kiss for today is Be open for surprises of a GOOD kind…., look people in the eye, (WHEN that is comfortable for you and maybe your soul mate is your lotto today?)


This is my theme for the Moon in Capricorn which will be after 9:41pm PDT tonight When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor Frankl

Brain tired? Use these oils for mental fatigue: pepper, peppermint, rosemary, basil, spearmint and pine


Stone and Color for Mars and the grand trine of fire is Topaz: which is a gemstone for

Where you have SAGITTARIUS in your chart ($$ and values 2nd house ) for me in my chart. Topaz provides abundant energy and promotes trust in the Universe. Topaz broadens perspective and I always use this Stone when I am traveling.

Travel far this week in your mind, open your heart to miracles and remember we are all shifting hugely now and I would love an appointment or to do the $30 question option for you.

AND some thing which happened 6 times on Tuesday: When I do the $30 question please do not come back asking for a different answer, lol.. Think of me as the mechanic with this option and when I fix a headlight that will not cover a brake job, lol

SUCH an interesting week….and better days to come as we all learn more about US and for many of you truly open to getting a more powerful connection to others

You are loved Namaste Carol

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Monday September 29, 2014

by admin on September 28, 2014

Monday September 29, 2014

Wow, if there is an aspect in the sky it gets activated and that Sagittarius moon gets to scatter its energy all around, just like it loves to do.

1:43am NEPTUNE , and dreams are very powerful, but come in not so clear form.

3:10am as the sun in Libra activates that moon we get air and fire energy. GREAT ideas and more dreams but maybe clearer than the earlier ones?

11:34am as the Moon in Sagittarius hangs out with MARS we get a GRAND FIRE TRINE really activated, slow down, take some time and space and recognize today we could be moving so fast that nothing gets done.

Vesta the energy of the sacred flame of our desires activates and says, ARE you ready to live a life that feels sacred to you? I am here to help.

1:52pm PDT of course.. VENUS what we desire and how we get it enters the sign of Libra and words could become softer as people recognize the get more flies with sugar than vinegar really is true today.

6:46pm PDT a great aspect to change your mind and your life AKA Uranus is hard at work with the moon in Fiery Sagittarius trying to get you to understand what you TRULY desire and how to achieve it.

8:29pm WOW, we survived today and a wonderful aspect now with the moon (our past and our connection to emotions) Activates JUPITER in the FIRE sign of Leo and many will not mind this V/C at all as the moon moves out of alignment from tonight 8;29pm until Tuesday the 30th 9:41pm. YES: TOMORROW is a moon v/c day.

Kiss for today is Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory.– Betty Smith

- Color today black for grounding and centering or yellow for JOY

- Use Agates, black tourmaline and jet for the same Or sunstone, or Golden citrine for opening and firing you onwards A friend brought me some PYRITE (FOOLS GOLD) and this Is such a POWERFUL FEELING LEO STONE, you might want

A piece and see how it pulls your heart to open and to allow yourself To SHINE


I like to think of thoughts as living blossoms borne by the HUMAN tree – James Douglas


Narrow minds create narrow paths. Open minds create open paths Alan Cohen

ONE of my favorite thoughts is that it is only when we are In confusion that we are totally open to ALL Possibilities Remember this please..and see how it helps to shift your perception

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Sunday September 28, 2014

by admin on September 28, 2014

The moon enters freedom loving and fiery and free Sagittarius on the 28th at 3:50pm pdt until Tuesday the 30th 9:41pm pdt. When the moon is in this sign folks usually have lots of ideas and with this sign warming up for Saturn to enter it 12/23/2014 for the first time in 30 years, we are going to be very comfortable with learning the lessons of Sagittarius for the next few years:

SAGITTARIUS 9th sign of the zodiac: Mutable Fire, Fall energy Sagittarius traits can be Optimistic to a point where they do not think things through: Energetic and enthusiastic, the Sagittarius usually see the glass half full. Their optimism helps them carry on even in the most adverse situations and sometimes gets them into real trouble. . Straightforward even when others would rather you not tell it like it is. Interested in A huge number of subjects, and like the AIR mutable sign Gemini, sometimes not getting the whole story before making decisions.

The time of Sagittarius is about being more Generous, Courageous, maybe a bit overconfident and so sure sometimes we just go with it, without maybe getting all the nitty gritty before decision making REMEMBER 12/23 SATURN the planet of karmically getting our S?? together enters Sagittarius for 2 and 1/2 years.


Sunday September 28, 2014

We begin the day with the moon in Scorpio and the energy is pretty inward, withdrawn and by 1:31pm PDT as the moon moves v/c we begin to move TOWARDS the Sagittarius traits above

V/C is of course a time when major decisions usually should not be made, nor major purchases, but the last aspect the moon makes at 1:31pm is a nice aspect with Venus the planet of what we desire, so this should be a great day with HUGE energy shifts from the am to the pm for us all.

By 3:50pm when the moon reaches Sagittarius the day should be pretty great for most of us.

- This morning get connected to inner stuff if you are willing to sit down and take the time?

- After 3:50pm try and have clear time and energy, have those tasks done and enjoy a wonderful and restful or fun Sunday pm.

- Color today Pink for love and friendship and Orange for creativity and Find Coral colored things to put around you today

- in the A M rose quartz : and by PM pick something light and joyful like Larimar, Kunzite, Ametrine, Citrine, Aquamarine

- Oil of rose or geranium for the same shifting energy today

- And Kiss for today??? Do some gratitude’s in order to bring more of those things to you…. Inner peace and FUN, Realizing that today has great energy for taking down walls in your mind and heart makes it a wonderful Sunday.


“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” Thich Nhat Hanh and this one is from the same wonderful teacher and spiritual leader

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”

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Animal totem and tarot for this week

by admin on September 28, 2014

ANIMAL TOTEM for this next week I want it to be the Butterfly, but afraid it is

the OWL Brings the totem gifts of patience, intuition, able to see clearly when things are not clear, ancient wisdom, our ancestors, silence, hidden knowledge and wisdom, foresight

The owl is sacred to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena and is even depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as a symbol of status, intelligence and of course, wealth.

In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures the symbolic meaning of owl revolved around guardianship of the underworlds, and a protection of the dead. In this light the owl was ruler of the night and seer of souls. A misunderstanding of this necessary relationship gave the owl some negative associations with death.

It should be clear that the owl was honored as the keeper of spirits who had passed from one plane to another. Often myth indicates the owl accompanying a spirit to the underworld – winging it’s newly freed soul from the physical world into the realm of spirit.

Being aware of the owl’s symbolic meanings is a good way to connect with this fascinating creatures, and also become more in-tune with the owl’s wisdom: since to me the entrance to our underworld is where our dreams and visions tend to take us. Isn’t death truly when we decide to change our lives?


Since I keep seeing BUTTERFLY I kind of figure that since this is the totem for myself and all Libras maybe I need to share this. Did you notice both of the energies I am pulling have WINGS and FLY?

Butterfly is the totem for fall, for Libra, for the energy of Strength and introspection, think of what strength it takes to do the transformation necessary to become a butterfly and the changes which must be allowed to happen

Aren’t many of us doing this right now? Moving from one stage to another and maybe our wings will truly be lovely and help us FLY HIGH and If you see the butterfly as your totem or spirit messenger as I am now pay attention to the areas in your life or personality that are in need of profound change or transformation. Perhaps, this animal totem guides you to be sensitive to your personal cycles of expansion and growth, as well as the beauty of life’s continuous unfolding. An important message carried by the spirit of the butterfly is about the ability to go through important changes with grace and lightness


Tarot Card for this next week IS clinging to the past, wow, will get this out onto Facebook, what are we NOT willing yet to let go of is the message of this one and what is that refusal to let go doing to the rest of our lives.

I get ladies and gentlemen all the time who say, I cannot leave this person because I cannot hurt them.. they are meanwhile making themselves and the other person miserable and maybe not seeing they are TRULY staying with that job, relationship, role the have been playing because NOT worrying about others, but truly worrying that they cannot make it and using the other person as an excuse to stay safe and comfortable

AND lets be truthful haven’t WE ALL done this one with friendships, family and or jobs, love, whatever? what is YOUR ANSWER has to be to let go of the past, maybe not the job or relationship but how we feel and think about the above. Just an idea.

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Saturday September 27, 2014

September 28, 2014

WRITING THIS ON THE SITE LATE< GREAT SHOW AND VERY  VERY  Intense Scorpio energy day: Saturday September 27, 2014 The moon in Scorpio today TRULY gives us an WOPPING transformational energy as at 4:25am the moon and Pluto newly moved DIRECT out of retrograde says, if not now WHEN? DO IT NOW: a bit early […]

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Friday September 26, 2014

September 28, 2014

Friday 9/26 at 7:29am the moon moves to Scorpio and deep and internal connection with source happens over the next 3 days, Saturn which is Karma is very active during this time as is a sacred and Holy energy which for thousands of years has asked those of the Jewish Faith to celebrate their life, […]

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Thursday September 25, 2014 Rosh Hashanah begins 10 day celebration

September 21, 2014

         ARE YOU OPEN to a new Celebration and honoring of an Ancient time? This year September 25 is Rosh Hashanah meaning the first day of the Hebrew New Year or the year 5775 AM (anno mundi, “year of the world”). The Hebrew calendar is lunar based so it always begins with the sitting of […]

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Wednesday September 24, 2014 UPDATE CANCELLED TONIGHT

September 21, 2014

ASTROLOGY UPDATE IN KENT CANCELLED, see you in October? ******************************************************************* September 24, Wednesday   The moon in Libra today unites with the planet Mars now in Sagittarius, indicating passions and energies firing up relationships.  So as at 6:39pm tonight PDT a ROUGH aspect with the Moon in Libra (desiring equality in relationships)   And Pluto […]

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new moon info from Jan Spiller and other astrologers

September 21, 2014

MOON INTO LIBRA  Tuesday the 23rd  8:59pm pdt until Friday the 26th 7;29am PDT and during this time, balance and energy connecting you to others is very powerful ************************************************************* Tuesday September 23, 2014  NEW MOON from https://www.janspiller.com/ Every month on the day of the NEW MOON, the energy in the atmosphere opens to receive new […]

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Tuesday September 23, 2014 NEW MOON RISING

September 21, 2014

MOON V/C   or timed out is a time when the moon makes its last aspect, like it is getting ready to leave the party, says bye to the last person and maybe waits a few minutes for others to finish saying bye.  I see this as a REALLY powerful time, when things do not go […]

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