I have personalized the july 1 through 31st info in brackets, and the rest is LOTS of learning and general stuff xooxox

July 4, 2017 our Country is 241 years old and only 7 years away from its Pluto return… NOPE nobody alive here on this planet gets a Pluto return in the same body….but watching other countries through the ages surely gives astrologers an idea of the intention of Pluto to be about TRANSFORM or die…and when you die you Transform.

So in Astrology the death energy is always followed by REGENERATION and THEN REBIRTH: so ye of little faith, open up and recognize what you see happening around you is about determining the structure which the USA desires…and for us personally to help our lives be MORE for us to have more focus, more love, more recognition of self and … be who we desire to be….

I assure you, this time is NOT about one person being wrong or another being right, or what our founders intended when they wrote the constitution…they wrote it 241 years ago? Is it still supposed to work? I am seeing lots of fear, illness and confusion, about regeneration and rebirth but oh boy do we hate the death aspect of this.

PERSONALLY I am happy as can be that I know in the next 8 years we will do elections, and representatives, and those who vote for us in a very DIFFERENT and BETTER Way.. JUST as many of us eat differently, recognize the differences in organic food, and how animals are prepared at the processing plants changes the energy and the nutrition in food…. And herbs? And Essential Oils?

AND we shall find more and more natural things to heal us which Traditional Medicine could not do. AND my personal prayer is we shall recognize and honor veterans and help those who cannot help themselves..MORE…and yep, some of you disagree with me, have LOTS of clients I speak with each year who have a very different view but…

Astrology or an appointment or whatever is NOT about ME, but about you and how things can be better for YOU:::
Personally I have found a YOUNG LIVING PRODUCT which helps with diabetic nerve pain, and a torn ligament, and back stuff… and now doing the food and nutrition angle.. you can contact asksharonbrigance@comcast.net and ask about REGENOLONE a MIRACLE for me and pain, and it reconstitutes nerves…though we are not allowed to say this due to FDA rules…but since I am not selling it..I can tell you what it did for me..and is doing…right?
I think Saturn in Sagittarius is ABOUT creating a FREER structure, when folks put up fences, I turn them into something to jump over, not something to fret about… but then Saturn is RETROGRADE in my birth chart..>JUST as it is in the sky right now, lol

Regarding relationships this summer::: “The shaman (healer,teacher, and one who looks at energy without judgement) no longer looks for meaning in life, but brings meaning to every situation. The shaman stops looking for truth and instead brings truth to every encounter. You don t look for the right partner, you become the right partner. And then the right partner finds you. Its a very active practice focused on healing.” ~ Alberto Villoldo

GOOD things coming and I would love to see how this is working for you personally…I do telephone and skype and …..I would love to talk with some of you before October 10, 2017 when Jupiter moves to Scorpio and the processes might be a bit more? WELL now would be a great time to talk…and…

IF you are going to want a IN PERSON Reading in Federal way Washington I intend to come south and see clients FRIDAY the 21st of JULY in my Hotel and Saturday the 22nd at the CONSCIOUS WELLNESS EXPO: Which used to be the BOEING Parapsychology show…

this is my Favorite show and always has been a really GREAT EVENT, and one which is FREE to the public.

I am (asking if you wish to see me that you preregister please) I will not have time to chat at the Faire otherwise: WE will for sure be talking about that AUGUST Eclipse and what the sign of LEO is going to bring to you, READY or not…and the Venus rx. In Aries which is not technically over energetically until November… arising the divine warrior energy in us all.

SHOW IS in Kent Washington and we hope to see you at the Conscious Wellness Expo
Saturday July 22, 2017 FREE Admission Hourly door prize drawings
Hourly Speakers Open to the Public 10 AM – 4 PM
Kent Commons 525 Fourth Avenue N., Kent, WA 98042

I WILL FOR SURE be there at this day… Cindy Maschler Johnson my daughter comes in at 8am. I will be there around NOON. if you wish a reading the day before in Federal Way, or that day at the show please PRE REGISTER so that i can bring all your goodies with me, I need 4 folks to prepay and sign up to pay for my trip south and room… SO???? E mail carolbarbeau544@gmail.com and see you July 22nd? tons of healers, readers, artists, clothing, astrology , tarot, herbs, and SOOOOO much more…

The Sun which acts a bit like a RESIDING ruler now is in Cancer from June 21-July 22. We are a bit more indrawn and security conscious and insular under this influence. Much concerned with our OWN STUFF: For many of us, Our attention turns to our nest–our families, homes, and anything that makes us feel “at home”, safe, and secure. So of course family and relationship issues are easier tweaked as Emotions run deep. We are more susceptible to the ups and downs of the Moon while the Sun is in Cancer. So more dreams, psychic impressions and deeper emotional connects are strong right now:

On the 22nd of July as the Sun enters LEO we get a line up of fiery energy which has never been felt before in most peoples lifetime. In the 60’s we went part way and now it is time for hearts to open, passions to flame up, and a recognition that FEAR keeps away what we most desire… and maybe it is time to risk a bit more and allow our selves to recognize our own gifts, talents, and t hat we truly do deserve, maybe not a bigger home, or car, but a BIGGER Job, LIFE, More friends, more fun, more creative time, and MORE of the things which your soul gets to take into your next incarnation if you believe in that stuff?

July 4th through 7th, if you are fiery like me, hold back a bit on these days, those who need a BOOST here you go…

Full moon in Capricorn/Cancer on the 8th? Well, I see this one as letting go of old structures which do not work. What we were told by family as a child, old hurts, abuses and things which NO LONGER serve to do anything but make us sad and ill and mistrustful

Mercury is in Cancer from June 21-July 5. When Mercury is in Cancer, we move from the desire for quantity to the need for quality in terms of the information we are attracted to. We think, speak, and take in information on a deeper, more instinctive level now. We have less interest in what is universal, and more interest in what affects us personally and what affects the people around us. Our thoughts are colored by our emotions, so it is more challenging to be objective.

Mercury enters LEO and fire and fire and not a great time to get into big discussions. I have a friend of over 30 years who I almost lost my friendship with when she said something SO AGAINST my BELIEFS ….and then I remembered…AHHH she does have a right to believe as she feels doesn’t she?

Mercury in LEO is reaching greatest elongation of 27° from the Sun on July 30. Meaning that communications are often from the heart and soul rather than the head… Mercury is about logical communication but in Cancer was about how we FEEL:

Mercury in Fiery Leo will be highest above the horizon for those in the northern latitudes on July 19 but it is only about 8° above the WNW horizon around 30 minutes after sunset. Mercury will be very visible in the night sky this month ..

Venus is in Taurus from June 6- July 4. In Taurus, Venus is very sensual (naturally), content, and earthy . We seek security and value that which lasts. Our appetite for pleasure is strong. expressions of love and romance are most important now. Holding on to someone we love is our tendency under Venus in Taurus. The shadow side of this is excessive possessiveness and treating our partners as OURS : Holding on to our possessions is more likely now.

But the big news is VENUS (HOW we get what we want and often Venus in the sky and your chart influences what we desire) Venus as the Morning star is SO influencing us until November 2017.
This year Venus rose closest to the Spring Equinox in this cycle so you don’t want to miss this Venus Journey that many ancient cultures ceremonially enacted together.

Venus rose April 2017 to November 2017 we engage the Morning Star At each Gate in her descent into the underworld, the Goddess (Venus) is releasing what no longer serves in relationship to that chakra energy. (((Venus as a Morning Star is new, eager, spontaneous, resilient, and perhaps a little naive when it comes to love and the pursuit of comfort and pleasure,

while Venus as an Evening Star is slower to process feelings and/or to form relationships.
When Venus is a Morning Star, we’re in a phase of new beginnings in our relationships and values. The inferior conjunction begins a seeding process when it comes to values and needs.

(( EVENING STAR))) November 2017 Around the superior conjunction, a culmination, blossoming, or turning point may be reached (similar to Full-Moon energy), after which there is more maturity as well as deliberate energy in our connections.
So, how you figure this out in YOUR chart is… My Venus is 10 VIRGO and my SUN 23 Libra. So I am an EVENING Star person and thus this time may not be as comfortable for me as those of you who are Morning star..

MORNING STAR folks would have VENUS after the sun, so if my sun is 23 Libra and Venus was 1 Scorpio I would have been born a Morning star (MAKING ME LOTS more fiery and out there, lol) so…if you want? Please make sure and do the $30 question if you wish online for me to send via e mail your chart and lots of info. On YOUR VENUS: I will be doing a couple of events, radio interview, ect on this interesting time soon and let you know asap:

July 3, Monday. Today the Earth reaches Aphelion or is now as far away from the Sun as it will get this year. I always feel this time opens lots of doorways into inner guidance and insight and allows if we choose? To distance from outside influences and connect with inner guidance.

JULY 4th in true firecracker energy Venus enters Gemini and we are more social, less fixed and more open to learning: JUST read a great book and ordered it for a friend on Amazon: MEDICAL MEDIUM by Anthony William. WOW, so much natural healing info.. great month to read and learn new things until Venus enters Cancer on July 31st..

Mars is traveling with the Sun this entire month, entering Leo on July 20 and exactly conjunct the Sun (4 Leo 30) on July 27. * remember The sun is the President of the board*** and gives EXTRA power to Mars which is in Cancer (Cardinal water) from June 4-July 20.

We pursue our interests ardently, but we avoid a direct approach to going after we want. CANCER is a sign which often is not comfortable BANGING at the front door, so be aware of others,and pay attention please..
Right now, We are defensive rather than overtly aggressive. Much of what we do depends on our mood of the moment.
July 20th when Mars the planet of War and action enters LEO we have more of the heating up energy and a sense that until Mars enters VIRGO on September 19, 2017 we need to be a bit more careful, avoid confrontations and recognize fuses for those who feel unloved, unappreciated and alone are VERY SHORT: this is not even mentioning those who will want to FEEL more and go off their meds.

PERSONALLY I choose not to live in fear, but by common sense and listening to intuition which is SOOOOOO strong right now.
Psychic energy comes in all forms: A friend bought me some meat at an organic place yesterday handed it to me and I IMMEDIATELY SAW a recipe. I SWEAR, the whole thing, how to marinate, and cook and lol… I went home, cooked a stir fry with lots of veggies and not much FRY and shared it with her.. 20 minute great recipe delivered by? LOL who knows, but it was good. DO not figure psychic energy has to be about Lotto numbers, often it is something very simple like this, thank your guides and angels and accept the gift.
BUT I would have loved some lotto numbers… Seeing an acupuncturist and wanting $$ to go south the end of the month, but instead I get a great and healthy dinner… lol WHAT YOU NEED< not always what you want:

Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn are retrograde all month, these are OUTER Planets and may not influence us unduly, but surely will create more going over and over again with Structure , Organizations, Countries and larger world issues.
July 1, 2 some stressful aspects with overdoing and moon in Libra asking you to compromise a bit and recognize the OTHER guy has ideas also.

Monday 3rd Moon in Scorpio but ok day

Tuesday 4th .. Moon in SCORPIO until MOON V/C void of course 6:34pm PDT then into Sagittarius 10:08pm PDT a social day but a major rough aspect with MERCURY and URANUS 5pm to 6:30pm PDT double check details please
July 4th through 7th, if you are fiery like me, hold back a bit on these days, those who need a BOOST here you go…

Wednesday 5th Thursday 6th, Friday 7th, SKY looks good, but remember aspects in your PERSONAL chart affect you Personally, this is me looking at the SKY, common sense RULES

(THURSDAY the 6th I will be in EDMONDS Washington up on highway 99 at the PUD for the BLUEBIRD of Happiness Group…great speaker on past lives visit Norma Menzes on facebook or e mail and I will send you connect ) ***
Saturday the 8th FULL MOON Cancer/Capricorn 17 degrees 9:07pm pdt and 11:0 5pm pdt the moon touches PLUTO WOW WOW WOW POWERFUL change and transformation day AND Full moon in Capricorn/Cancer on the 8th?
Well, I see this one as letting go of old structures which do not work. What we were told by family as a child, old hurts, abuses and things which NO LONGER serve to do anything but make us sad and ill and mistrustful

Sabian symbol for the sun at Cancer 17: A seed grows into knowledge and life.
Sabian symbol for the moon at Capricorn 17:A young woman surreptitiously bathing in the nude.
The moons symbol is a bit harder, naked is innocence in metaphysics and always requires GREAT TRUST

surreptitious in the Old English dictionary means, Kept secret, especially because it would not be approved of. So what do we do when we are bathing?
Isn’t it about washing away the past, energy, dirt, AND this speaks to me of GOOD THINGS going on but some of us cannot SEE or SENSE it yet as is the SEEDS, when we plant them they are UNDERGROUND but these Seeds are GROWING into Knowledge and life, or Knowledge about life?

Sunday 9th Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, hunker in and ask yourself will it be important in a year? 10 years? AND act from there

Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th Wednesday 12th expect the unexpected and have a great time, some good energy…

Thursday 13th WILD CRAZY PSYCHIC and dream energy and perhaps? NOT the greatest choices or purchase day, same with 14th.

GOOD energy 15th

Sunday 16th, Monday 17th slow down and double check::: and if you want a Federal way apt. hope you have paid by now??? Or I cannot bring your charts, maps, numerology ect with me
Tuesday 18th, Wed 19th, Thursday 20th until 10;40pm pdt good. Saturday 22nd SUN TO LEO 8:16am… great day for a show:

(IF you want a FEDERAL WAY IN PERSON APPOINTMENT you need to have paid by now, plan is to leave on the 20th and see clients 21st and 22nd at we hope to see you at the Conscious Wellness Expo Saturday July 22, 2017 FREE Admission Hourly door prize drawings Hourly Speakers Open to the Public 10 AM – 4 PM Kent Commons
525 Fourth Avenue N., Kent, WA 98042
I WILL FOR SURE be there at this day… IF I get at least 4 folks to prepay and sign up before the time to head south….. but we will be represented there as..

Cindy Maschler Johnson my daughter comes in at 8am. I will be there around NOON. if you wish a reading the day before in Federal Way, or that day at the show please PRE REGISTER so that i can bring all your goodies with me, E mail carolbarbeau544@gmail.com and see you July 22nd? tons of healers, readers, artists, clothing, astrology , tarot, herbs, and SOOOOO much more…

21st, 22nd until new moon on 23rd at 2:46am Dark of the moon wishing time .. (((I will be offering gift certs for telephone and skype when I get home at the show..make sure if you drop by the table you ask to get one, you will save $55 on a FUTURE reading..not good at the show, sorry, we have to pay for my trip, room and the table at the show xooxoxo carol

July 23rd NEW MOON in LEO 2:48am FIRE FIRE FIRE Sun and moon at 1 degree Leo
Leo Fire, fixed, the energy of passion and the middle of summer
Leo 1:A man is under emotional stress and blood rushes to his head. LOL, we could use some stronger and steadier thinking now couldn’t we? TWEET time, LOL
Monday 24th Tuesday 25th Wednesday 26th MORE of the same INSTINCTS strong and much needed cooling time is required before decision making…snap judgements may not work well these days

27th GOOD as well as 28th and 29th and 30th and 31st…
ALL in all this action filled month should activate many of us to fall in love, let go of things which no longer work and recognize what we truly NEED to be … WELL Happy is a relative word…and I am a Libra which is a sign often happy with being happy SOMETIMES.
So, let us say what do you Need? Productivity, sense of purpose? Knowing you are on Track? Feeling loved? ???? this month is trying to help you get it…FOR me there is always the need to be …purposeful? Each day try and do something which I feel changes the world, or someone or something in a good way… I truly mean this and when I do not do this I do not feel relevant.
THIS IS NOT the best reason… relevancy is kind of an EGO word isn’t it? AND perhaps the reason the universe sometimes pulls me DOWN and makes me stay down for a while to recognize I can be Relevant without doing anything? (Lisa Ruby, or anyone else out there identify with this one?) LOL
WE all have issues and things we are learning…And I would love to make an appointment with you and help give you some suggestions based upon your (YOUR) personal info, maps, charts and TAROT which often surprises even me..
MORE GENERAL BIG STUFF happening now just this month

We all right now have A Grand Trine in the fire signs (May to November 2017) will continue to activate our passions. (SEE what I chose on my facebook page to represent this:

In May, the North Node moved into Leo, shifting the presiding energies from task-oriented Virgo to the more expansive, heart-centered, fiery LEO approach to life

Because the Nodes move backwards through the zodiac, the North Node quickly completed a Grand Trine with Uranus in ARIES and Saturn in Sagittarius

The Nodes desire for us all to activate south node in Aquarius and break free of ties which no longer work for us…North node in Leo, find our hearts center and work from there.

For all of 2017, Saturn (structure in the sign of Sagittarius) and Uranus (in the I want to be free sign of Aries) create a favorable climate for channeling raw energy into more of a conscious action which will produce more long term results.

Even though this trine is considered an “easy and rather helpful ” aspect, the contrasting energies of law-abiding Saturn and Uranus Who loves changes and shaking things up a bit create a certain amount of tension that could leave us feeling unsettled at times.

With the North Node in Leo balancing these two forces via a harmonious trine, it will feel easier to take confident action and connect with our heart’s desire. MEANING get out and do more what gives you joy, find sites with things which make you smile. Animals often for me…always flowers, the water, and OMG TREES I do love trees …A day without looking through waving branches is not a good day

The Jupiter in Libra –Pluto in Capricorn (Difficult Aspect aka square) that continues to be in orb this month will simultaneously magnify social and political problems allowing us to see what no longer serves us individually. This energy if you allow an open mind can offer feelings of hope and optimism. Recognizing others who think your way, are willing to activate, fight, talk or connect with you is really good now.

AND This square creates pressure that will push us to raise our standards for ourselves and to operate with greater authenticity recognizing what we have done to compromise and not quite so willing to do this anymore…

. Our desire to succeed will be strong, making this July a good month to work for the causes in which we believe. I see so much on animal rights, human rights and feel we are moving in the correct direction, just wish the HATE based energy could ease a bit but I kind of doubt that with all this pressure and fire energy, I always believe we get what we NEED, not always what we want in life and astrology surely teaches us that.

Jupiter-Pluto Square Pressures Us to Transform OURSELVES, but unfortunately some folks seem to feel that TRANSFORMATION and making their life better may be YOU changing something. LOL, you can choose to go with or?

This tense aspect can motivate people to “walk their talk” and dig in with fierce
determination to protect the ideals they consider non-negotiable. So, when trying to teach pigs how to fly, remember to them YOU are the Pig …

While this type of energy can create a standoff, it can also foster a natural environment of change that exposes the old systems that are no longer working for us. As July 2017 moves us along this  square will tighten and raise consciousness about what is ready to be transformed in our lives and in the world. WHAT CAN you do?

Meditate, pray, march, help whatever is your particular interest. For me most of all is homeless, food for those who do not have it, and then it would be MORE of the above. I love PEOPLE and Vets and figure we are where we are and do not spend much energy asking how someone got there, just am concerned to help them move if they choose…

With Pluto retrograde (April 20 to September 28, 2017), there will be an emphasis
on acknowledging the things we can and cannot control. Worldwide, it will be more difficult for the powers-that-be to hide their motivations. HIP HIP HORRAH remember me saying last year that the EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES energy comes in strong summer of 2017. HERE IS is…

The public is likely to see more of the “good, bad, and the ugly” of our existing systems. It is likely that some of the known will need to give way to the unknown, which will require  people to sacrifice feelings of security to allow for positive transformation.

With Pluto, there is always an element of destruction present; however, the overall goal is to clear the ground to rebuild something stronger. It will be up to us to support this energy and resist the urge to cling to a crumbling structure. (AND some will have the job of clinging so that others can see how futile that is. DO not judge now…but be OPEN and recognize the only change that is REAL is the changes YOU MAKE:

On a personal level, we can leverage the Jupiter In the partnership sign of Libra and –Pluto in the take charge and rather compulsive organize sign of Capricorn …So that this square can be utilized and manipulated to our advantage by identifying and recognizing our own compulsions, obscessions and recognizing how many of those would be GONE were we to see ourselves as a POWER source, connected to many.

I have given names on facebook to people and they are creating a new community ; family and new attitudes… We can have a support system which is not about arguing, but about friendships with positive and upbeat healers, and people who are themselves often in a rough place and each day showing up and making this day better than yesterday: AND YEP, we all have slip back, fall down , and pity pot days… but/and it is what we do with them that matters isn’t it?

I remind myself constantly so far I have mastered (with your help and many others) Every fall, slip and NOPE I cannot get up day…. So here I am saying if I can do it, for goodness sake you can also…

I absolutely love Shamanic astrology and you might enjoy the rather more intricate report on each day this month http://cayelincastell.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2017-July-Celestial-Timings.pdf

A GREAT site as is MARK Dodich astromark.com and lots of others out there, working hard to try and help you with that NEXT step just like me xooxox 253 838 1179 Carol Barbeau

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June 9, 2017 FULL moon

by admin on June 13, 2017

 Gemini and Sagittarius FULL MOON June 9, 2017 6:10am PDT ..

Friday, June 9th, happening at 6;10am pdt  is the FULL MOON exact day and time for
the most powerful day of the month.  Full moons pull us in the  direction of the sun
directly opposite from the moon.

Since the sun represents the now, it is quite appropriate that news, and ideas and
communications abound as we ponder what might be, could be, is and not too many of
us seem in agreement about what is coming.

Full moons are our best opening each month to view our lives objectively. During the
three days around the Full Moon, you can see where you need to make changes in many
areas of your life and once the full moon happens the energy now assists us to
RELEASE and let go of the past.

Once aware of your interaction, how can you best adjust your approach so that you
can reach your life goals?     Are you in the best relationship?  Job?  Living in
the place of your dreams?   Many of us will be feeling  It's time for reevaluation
and elimination in your life to make room for things which are now important in your
life..Is it a new relationship?  change in Job?  Knowing it is time to move on in
some way is the message for many now?     OR it could be A vision that there is more
coming?  Most of us feel powerful energy at work during the full moon time and for

On the 8th I will go outside that evening, look at the sky and the moon and feel the
full moon energy of light, ask that I be allowed to truly look at where I am, where
I desire to be and that I get help and assistance to let go of my blocks.
There is a REALLY powerful opportunity for insight and progress inherent in the Full
Moon. The chart for the Seattle Washington area shows the Sun (the light and the now
) in the 12th house of the unconscious mind  and hidden things, with Ceres and
Mercury.  WOWSERS some things are going to be presenting themselves not just on the
evening news but in our own lives.

I often see some really powerful and negative actions during full moon times as
People often react emotionally during the days of the Full Moon due to a feeling of
helplessness or hopeless....    I believe that many of us are aware that we are not
where we desire to be right now, our country, our finances, our relationships and
recognizing that we cannot do EVERYTHING but we can now do SOMETHING, let something
go and create space over this next 2 weeks.  PICKING out one thing and changing it
will make UNBELIEVABLE shifts for you this next year, just be open to recognizing 
we are all in lesson time and none of us can fix it all ourselves but we can do
something really important.

With the moon in this FULL Moon 6/9  chart in the 6th house of health and duty and
service in Sagittarius at 19 degrees we are asked to look at what we are doing to be
healthy and happy.  On the telephone the other day with a client I asked what she
was doing over the weekend, she said work…

I then reminded her that she could go sit under a tree for 10 minutes, listen to
music, take a bubble bath, watch the light through the leaves on a tree, watch a
sunset or sunrise, go to the water,  that there were lots of things we all can do to
clean our energy, and clear our mind that do not require an  airline ticket to a
island in  the carribean.   SHE Said…OHHHHHH?   As if that daily feeding of her soul
was something she never thinks of.   BUT we surely do get out there and try and
clear others don't we?   SHAME on us.... we have nothing to give if we cannot
receive do we?

This lady is a nurse, a mother of a handicapped child, in a relationship and….NOT
taking care of herself.  IS that you also?   

Full moons make us aware that something is missing and good astrologers are supposed
to give you dates, and ideas on how to change that aren’t we?

I often this this description of the full moon is something we all need to read each
month and recognize this is the GIFT WE are being given:  Full Moon (180 -225
degrees ahead of sun)  

The full moon is the pinnacle, the climactic point. Now we get answers. You'll see a
lot of extremes now. The way you interpret those has a lot to do with your inner
landscape -- you reflect what's going on around you.  With such a polarity,
projection runs rampant. If you go outside and see people acting like lunatics,
that's your projection. If everyone looks beautiful, that's also your

What you perceive depends on how you're feeling.    The gravitational pull of both
sun and moon, with the earth in middle, sets up these extremes. The trick here is to
find balance. If we're out of balance, we'll go one way or the other; we'll either
be blinded by the light, or we won't even see it. The moon's magnetic pull makes
this a very powerful time. Whatever Sun Sign the full moon is in has a strong effect
on our energies.  (SAGITTARIUS which is fire and about their own TRUTH and freedom) 
where do you have Sagittarius?) 

  That effect will play out according to each person's individual chart.  A lot
tends to happen around the full moon: more people end up in emergency rooms, the
police scanners go wild. But it's also a time for romance. The play of light over
the water, the moon hanging in the branches of trees, the huge orb rising over a
cityscape -- all these put us more in touch with our creature sense. Time to howl
at the moon.

 The full moon is also associated with fertilization and ovulation. (BEGINS BLUE ON
CALENDAR if you bought an astrology calendar from me.  STILL have some left January
2017 through JUNE 1 2018 so you can still get a whole  year.  (reading, tarot,
astrology, and 2 cd’s about the personalized calendar and report writer)   e mail
carolbarbeau544@gmail.com    pay pal on website http://www.carolbarbeau.com

June 12, 13, 14th 2017   Disseminating Moon (135 - 90 degrees behind the sun)   By
now, we've learned our lesson, received the information. The question is, what to do
with it? A strong desire to demonstrate to others what you've learned makes this a
time to share you knowledge. Your intellect is in charge: You see, you acknowledge,
you tell somebody.

This is a powerful time (6/8-6/11) for kind of revamping your life, recognizing some
things are just not happening right now and moving on to what is appearing and
trying to manifest for you.

Please remember that this  Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS opposes the Sun in GEMINI, so it
is likely that a strong need for freedom comes with Sagittarius and communications
heat up with Gemini…so…make sure that you really want to say something before
communicating…feelings are a bit mixed and problems if we are not careful surely 
can result from miscommunications. 

With Mars sitting at 3 degrees of Cancer ( pretty close to the moon) we may activate
an action based on emotions and not be thinking as clearly as normal.  As Always I
would suggest during this rather hot energy over the next 4 years we should   listen
carefully before jumping to conclusions and say back.  (I think I heard?  Was or is
that correct?)   For us right now with Pluto, Juno, Astraea, Hygea all retrograde in
 Capricorn in this Seattle charts 7th house of partnership…wow... Avoid making snap
decisions and for goodness sake recognize that unless you are being paid as someones
manager, nobody is feeling like being managed at this time…so if you can, please,
take time to process and assess the information you receive.

Thursday, June 8th - all day and night an energy of the moon (emotions) squaring
Neptune and some very confusing communicating coming.

Friday, June 9th - all day and night we are a bit upside down with 6:10am full
moon..7:04am pdt Jupiter moves direct in Libra kind of bringing to the foreground
relationship issues, and 6:19pm pdt the moon (past and emotions, touches Saturn the
planet of karma and being in Sagittarius, that do not fence me in is strong.  I
found a cute saying and put it on facebook which is especially potent for this time:
 it is:

         OHHH Honey, I do not take ORDERS: I barely take suggestions:  I LAUGHED so
hard and immediately thought of myself and many of you who are awakening
this energy if it is not already alive and well?

Laugh but this energy I promise is there awaiting you waking it  up…I shall let
sleeping issues with others ,  lie myself..during this time:::

Saturday, June 10th - all day and night; with the moon now in Cancer we are
awakening feelings, deep emotions and an awareness of ties that not only bind but
PINCH: 1:13am the moon (emotions) touches on Mercury (communications)   How many of 
you really want to express your emotions right now?

12:36pm pdt as the moon squares newly awakened Jupiter moving direct in Libra others
stuff seems to flow into our stuff more strongly than normal.  Some great intuitive
stuff happening but by 8:29pm as the moon opposes Pluto and WOW  11:07pm Mars
squares Jupiter… HMMMM/   great day to go alone to the woods, to the mountains, to
write and journal and be your own therapist.   TAKING care of self is highly advised

11th still an overdoing tendancy but moon in Capricorn and could be a day when you
make some important decisions.

12 and 13th and 14th be open to change Moon in Aquarius 

15th the moon moves to Pisces and the sun in Gemini opposes Saturn, this happens
once a year and often is a very illuminating day for us all.  

16th NEPTUNE moves retrograde at 4:10am at 14 degrees of Pisces.  Neptune will
remain Retrograde until November 22nd when it will move direct at 11 degrees of
Pisces  This is a time when intuition and visions and imagination and music and art
all try to open up within us.  We are asked during this time each year to open up
and recognize our inner colors, music and abilities, as well as recognize our own
intuition and psychic abilities (which we all have you know?)

The Last quarter moon (June  17th   2017   Last Quarter Moon (90 - 45 degrees behind
the sun)  Like the first quarter, this phase is about movement. This time you can
engage in conscious action. The choice is in your hands and you know it. It's up to
you to create the outcome. This is dynamic, conscious movement. You decide whether
to take action -- or not.

On the 20th as the sun moves to cancer, we have our longest day of thhe year and at
9;24pm pdt here in Seattle SUMMER BEGINS>>>> (article coming before the 20th about
the new moon on the 23rd and this years summer solstice….

June 21, 22 and 23rd before the new moon at 7:31pm PDT we are in Balsamic Moon
phase.. (45 - 1 degree behind sun)  DARK OF THE MOON We have another word for this
moon phase -- Karma. This is the closing, the conclusion of the cycle during which
you reap what you've sown. If you haven't learned the lessons, taken the action
called for in the first seven phases, you can't move on. People born during this
phase often have a mission, something bigger than themselves that they must carry
out. This energy is greater than yourself. This time, the outcome of whatever's
going on is not yours to decide. You have already taken the steps that set up this
outcome. It's a time to release the past. (PINK 48 hours before new moon phase) 
Magical wishing TIME :::

AND we shall have a NEW MOON on the 23rd…be expecting to see lots more of this
because now we are entering eclipse season truly..   there never was a better time
to get a reading, I love to begin with your soul contracts, and so far I have never
had anyone disagree with what they came to do, and often they find out that they
have more tools and abilities and openings than they thought.

We are all being tested now, but tests show us where we are don’t they?  I see
things changing radically and perhaps that is not all bad…  I see companies coming
forward, states and individuals and organizations to begin to create change which
our government cannot seem to manage.

WE are all a part of this, with what we post on facebook, what we tweet, how we send
out messages to others…what is your message you WANT to be sending out?  Please
contact me about business or surgery or wedding or other timing  $30 one question
done via e mail

OR $155 for an hour and a half, relocation, and just about anything you want to
know… maps, charts, and timing …

$200 for a calendar and another extra $100 worth of stuff with me…

 lots happening… as the Nodes opened up LEO (heart) and Aquarius (the ability to
shift our ideas)  and …   LEO  AQUARIUS eclipses in August will bring more fire and
ideas to the table, enabeling you to make businesses grow, and most of all, reach
out to your hearts desire…

10/10/2017 Jupiter moves out of pleasant Libra into SCORPIO and we should have a bit
of a plan before that time.    IF possible and if you desire, I would love to help
Love and Namaste  Carol Barbeau  253 838 1179    http://www.carolbarbeau.com

Carol Barbeau

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Navigational info through June 2017

by admin on May 26, 2017

ASTROLOGICAL  NAVIGATION  Influencing Personal Navigation?

WELCOME TO THE last days of May and June 2017 Astrology

Expect plans to be subject to Lots of interesting adjustments during this time and realize that the universe is drawing with pencil and constantly erasing as soon as it puts down a new idea.  Using this time constructively you will come out of this eclipse season with  TONS of new ways of doing things, better, faster and Easier.  Being adaptable and remembering this time is not about endings, or even beginnings, but information, reconnections and rethinking will enable you to utilize this energy to its maximum potential.

To quote my Grandmother.  An Idea is just an Idea until you take action on it, until then it can be changed, after taking action, often we recognize we should have thought about it all for a bit more….

I shall begin with a bit about the times we are in right now:  VIA ABC WORLD news tonight, the one show I tape daily and then fast forward through what I do not NEED to know (LOL)   you just experienced first hand the energy of GEMINI:  I have 6 planets in Gemini in my area of Other folks ideas and money (8th house)    This enables me to be endlessly excited and open to others ideas and to know that when I have an appointment with someone, they are also teaching me.  New ideas, new views, and so we are all a bit more involved right now than we  might with with all of the above aren’t we?

On the news we are seeing URANUS the planet of change in Aries, rash ..impulsive… actions without thought of what others might think?   (Sitting right now with VENUS (what we desire)

Hygea (healing)  Juno (equality in partnering)  Pluto (death, regeneration and rebirth)  and Astraea  (Truth) all in Capricorn struggling with all this Gemini stuff and also the Cancer energy after 6/20 …Capricorn needs structure but as I said earlier this year is NOT about structure but a #1 year of new beg innings…    which is the TAROT CARD THE MAGICIAN

BUT as one of my spiritual teachers reminded me…we are also in a 10 year…  9 is about the WORLD tarot card,  1 is magician, so perhaps the answer is using these 2 energies, recognizing we are the magician but, our magic will not work as well alone as it does when we work with those of like minds:

WE had a GEMINI New moon (BRINGING in Increasing energy  time)   on May 25th.  Here in the Seattle Washington area the sun, (the now) the moon (our past)  Ceres (nurturing) and Mars (action) are all in the 10th house of how we are seen in Gemini.

May 9th our world shifted forever as the north node entered Leo and the South Node entered Aquarius and in this chart we open up the 6th house of service, duty, work and health and the 12th house of house of the unconscious mind, secrets, and that which often within self is often hidden…  SO wowsers, how about a month of NO SECRETS from self.  (what if we knew and understood our own blocks and how to eliminate them?…  what if we recognized that when we change our ideas (MERCURY the planet of communication does rule Gemini you know?)  What if we recognized like the picture I just put on my facebook page, that ideas can fence us in, giving us what we feel is security and safety, or we can let them fly free and?

Well, I believe with the aspects out there right now we (many of us ) are ready to fly free from that fence which has held us in for so long.

So..what if I told you that all this Gemini energy is making what is called an opposition to Saturn?  Saturn the planet which helps us keep and get our S…  together is in  freedom loving  Sagittarius and challenging Gemini (old ideas, thoughts, patterns)   CAN we change old ideas to create new structures?

Saturn  opposing Gemini energy, Exact with the moon on Friday the 26th…   Sunday 28th 11:54 pm pdt Exactly opposing Mars in  Gemini…making for an interesting weekend, avoid anger issues (ruled my Mars) and remember that structure now is included with some very differing opinions…  Great ideas and connections and weekend to meet new folks, bad for arguments, or disagreements..

Jupiter which is our belief system is retrograde but moves direct on that powerful full moon on 6/9 at 6:10am pdt here in Seattle..   Jupiter is creating an opposition to Venus the planet of what we desire and we are being asked to look at what we Want and desire (Venus) and ask is this what I NEED  or just what I want?   Oppositions work like FULL MOONS and ask us to release while that new moon in Gemini sends a BRING IT on energy asking us to bring in…  So, lol…remembering you rule this energy unless you allow it to rule you I would say to us all…

Happy birthday  this June  to you Sun Signs in GEMINI and CANCER and for all of us we are gifted with the gifts this month of New ideas (Gemini) and inner knowing and increased connection to our own needs (Cancer)  WHERE are these signs for  you?  7th, 8th and 9th houses for me..

The most Ancient birthstone for June is the EMERALD, which is about truth and fidelity So this gemstone is food for partnerships, intimacy, letting go and spiritual connection as well as travel for me.

And the Modern June stone is the Agate for grounding and Centering

Junes Flowers are the Honeysuckle and Roses  and these are the flowers for the houses where you have Gemini and cancer…

Use the Colors of White for Purity and Green for Prosperity and Healing until the summer solstice on the 20th when the sun enters Cancer and which will be the longest day of 2017:

Friday june 2nd has some challenges with Saturn and mars, so avoid trying to put anything into stone or perhaps new projects on that day.  On the 3rd WOWSERS as venus touches Uranus and love is in the air, get out this weekend and recognize that the universe is trying to help you look for love in all the RIGHT Places.

On the 4th Mars the planet of action into cancer brings us a bit closer to emotions and less intellectually challenged.  Paying attention now to how things FEEL will work much better than the last 6 months ….

On the 6th of June Venus to Taurus and Mercury to Gemini bring an ever more social and open energy into relationships …

June 9th 6:10am PDT Full moon 19 Gemini and 19 Sagittarius  Full Moon (180 -225 degrees ahead of sun)  The full moon is the pinnacle, the climactic point. Now we get answers. You’ll see a lot of extremes now. The way you interpret those has a lot to do with your inner landscape — you reflect what’s going on around you.  With such a polarity, projection runs rampant. If you go outside and see people acting like lunatics, that’s your projection. If everyone looks beautiful, that’s also your interpretation.

What you perceive depends on how you’re feeling.    The gravitational pull of both sun and moon, with the earth in middle, sets up these extremes. The trick here is to find balance.

If we’re out of balance, we’ll go one way or the other; we’ll either be blinded by the light, or we won’t even see it. The moon’s magnetic pull makes this a very powerful time. Whatever Sun Sign the full moon is in has a strong effect on our energies. That effect will play out according to each person’s individual chart.  A lot tends to happen around the full moon: more people end up in emergency rooms, the police scanners go wild. But it’s also a time for romance.

The play of light over the water, the moon hanging in the branches of trees, the huge orb rising over a cityscape — all these put us more in touch with our creature sense. Time to howl at the moon. The full moon is also associated with fertilization and ovulation. (BEGINS BLUE ON CALENDAR)  not too late to get one from me…   e mail carolbarbeau544@gmail.com

June 9th Jupiter moves Direct and relationships either improve, but kind of a s… or get off the pot energy so those of you tired of Not enough movement shall say…BYE BYE to things which do not seem fair.  Jupiter is in Libra you know?   Where this is in your chart is HOT HOT HOT  10/10 Jupiter moves to Scorpio and wow…  love, intensity and passion are really pushing all our buttons by fall.

Neptune the planet of visions, illumination, and confusion moves Retrograde on the 16th in Pisces and wowsers..   Until Neptune moves direct on November 22nd we are being urged to Listen to our gut, to pay attention and to look for the signs our guides, and angels (both here on earth and above) are sending us…   on the 16th and 17th…Psychic visions as the moon touches Neptune retrograde and we enter a last quarter moon stage:

Last Quarter Moon (90 – 45 degrees behind the sun)  Like the first quarter, this phase is about movement. This time you can engage in conscious action. The choice is in your hands and you know it. It’s up to you to create the outcome. This is dynamic, conscious movement. You decide whether to take action — or not.

After the 20th  with the Sun in Cancer and the Summer Solstice we move into a more fertile and much more grounded energy and are further able to connect to our own needs and nurture ourselves so that we can accomplish our next step on our path.  This will be the longest day of the year and this is the celebration of the coming of the light.  The Summer solstice is when we invoke protection, strength, energy and clear sight with our wishes and prayers and receive all of the above.   THIS year is especially powerful as it enters also the window of Balsmic moon.  (find free article on how to use the magical days on my website http://www.carolbarbeau.com )  under articles.

ALSO you can find there a current events posting of all my articles and ideas during the month, make a point of visiting and I shall write more there…

NEW MOON at 3 degrees of CANCER on the 23rd at 7:31pm PDT here in seattle and that on the 21st with the balsamic moon energy we feel Mercury moving into cancer with the sun and for a few days as Mercury (ideas) and the sun (The now) are together in Cancer we can feel our thoughts, and perhaps their inner and outer affect upon ourselves and others?   Remember please we truly do create our reality with our ideas…

The 24th is packed with energy about safety, family, security and mars the planet of Energy squaring Jupiter could have many of us doubting ourselves.  FEAR not, stop, listen and FEEL and you will get the answer which is truth for you:     AVOID confrontations this weekend as on the 25t h The moon (the past and emotions) makes a rough aspect with Uranus (Change) and words spoken in haste or written come back to us as a very unpalatable dinner down the road:

26th is a nice day , followed by another roadblock to us being a bit too picky with others on the 27th and by the 28th we are flying high with lots of VIRGO energy.  Remembering Virgo is not about criticalness but about HEALING is great for this week and on the 30th of June we have

First Quarter Moon (90 – 135 degrees ahead of sun) This is a time when things come to a head — some might call it crisis time. You feel the friction in the air, but that’s not necessarily bad — friction starts a movement toward solution. Think of starting a fire. You need friction to create the first spark. Rub two sticks together or strike a match; the fire will warm you and cook your food. You may sense a problem but not know what it is.

Awareness is still moving toward understanding. It’s the time to implement ideas and look at possible solutions if you’ve identified the knot in a situation.

Please Be a bit careful now with news, SO MUCH Incorrect stuff out there…Please before sharing, go to accurate sources before spreading information and ….  THOUGH I feel as POWERFULLY about things as any of you do…I also recognize what I  PUT OUT I GET BACK:

SO, I shall try and forgive the unforgiveable, have compassion for the non compassionate, and wish nobody any evil.  BECAUSE I do know that what goes around comes around and that HATING THOSE WHO HATE IS  Planting and Growing HATE:::    I have often to remind myself that being prejudiced about those who are prejudiced IS  PREJUDICE:::

I wish you the most wonderful May, and June of your life and wish that you would set that intent for yourself.  All that has to happen to make it happen in our world…..  TRULY is to have some patience… is to BELIEVE and FEEL it, taste, and touch and sense that it will happen…When we have passion for what we do and know that it is in alignment with the rules of the universe how can we fail:

AND YES:  BEING PISSED OFF often gets things done…but lets do something productive….buy American, show your beliefs by what you donate to, how you spend your time, energy and money…and…remember we are all teachers…  WHAT can you teach this week?  Today?  Tomorrow?  For the rest of your life?  Forgiveness and Love for me…along with passion for what I believe in…

…..  Which is what this month is all about, connection to our passion and our sense of why we came here…              OUR TIME is here, can’t you feel it?    Namaste Carol Barbeau, http://www.carolbarbeau.com    carolastro@carolbarbeau.com   carolbarbeau544@gmail.com for an appointment, calendar, reading, tarot, one question $30 or a date or time for events?   Lots of information out there now…and I would love to connect with you asap…  REemember we are in the time of SPRING right now:  SPRING is about growth…

May 20th  through June 20th  is the CORNPLANTING MOON.  (GEMINI)  AIR. People born under this moon are Deer people.  Their plant is the YARROW, their colors are white and green and their stone is the moss agate.  Their elemental clan is the BUTTERFLY Clan.  They are clever, intuitive, alert, eager and resourceful.  They like to create and enjoy beautiful things.  They must learn to be more consistent and less suspicious.


TIME OF the  SOUTH is Shawnodese  The animal is the coyote, the season is summer, the time of day is Midday, and the colors are yellow and green.  The powers of the South are GROWTH & Trust


SUMMER SOLSTICE June 20th   to July 22nd is the STRONG SUN moon.  People born under this moon are the FLICKER people.  (CANCER)  Water.  Their plant is the WILD ROSE, their color is pink and their tone is the carnelian agate.  Their clan is the FROG clan.  Flicker people are able to silently and receptively ride with the flow of life.  They are gentle, dreamy, sensitive people, able to both reflect and absorb things round them.  They must learn to be more independent and less changeable.  

 We all are all 12 of the signs, Want to do a $30 question and via e mail I will send you your chart and angels and colors and energy for each of the houses…

Houses are the areas of your life,  THESE are your own personal information

1st    HOUSE  is SELF , appearance and YOU, YOUR RISING SIGN  (one of the most important parts)

2nd Money and Values

3rd ideas & communications & brothers and Sisters and short trips

4th is home, family, nurturing parent,  and security

5th is creativity, romance, risks, kids and adventure and gambling

6th work, duty, health, duty service

7th partnerships not necessarily intimate kinds

8th intimacy and letting go sex, death and taxes

9th higher ..school, travel, spirituality, trust in GOD house

10th career/how you are seen

11th legacy (what you came here to do this lifetime) friendships, and groups

12 karma, dreams and your inner life, this is the MAGICAL closet to your unconscious mind, your inner dreams and where all the answers are if you dare to open the door ..I call this house the CLOSET



Aries     Michael, For Protection, Ray 1  …St Germaine  Ray 7  Transmuting energy and Zadkiel Ray 7 angel helping to transmute energy and part of the  new world order  (URANUS the planet of change here now)

Taurus Gabriel Gods messenger, bringing harmony through conflict, the goal is  To find inner harmony regardless of outer world chaos, and create beauty Ray 4

Gemini                 Jophiel who helps us to express unconditional love and wisdom Ray 2  (LOTs of this energy in the sky right now

Cancer St Germaine  and Zadkiel   St Germaine Transmuting energy and Zadkiel    Ray 7 helping to transmute energy and part of the new world order  & Chamuel Ray 3 who is the angel of Active intelligence or the ability to bring the abstract into form   (COMING soon)

LEO      Raphael  the angel of Healing, concrete knowledge and science, bringing  Metaphysics into the physical realm    And   Michael  the angel of power & Protection Ray 1  NORTH Node here now demanding we open our hearts if we desire to evolve

Virgo      Jophiel  who helps us to express unconditional love Ray 2 and wisdom and Uriel Who represents self less love and service to all life   Ray 6

Libra      Chamuel the angel of intelligence or the ability to bring abstract  Thought to form Ray 3  Jupiter here now

Scorpio                    Gabriel Gods messenger, Ray 4 bringing harmony through conflict, the goal id To find inner harmony regardless of outer world chaos, and create beauty  10/10/2017 Jupiter moving here***

Sagittarius       Raphael  the angel of Healing, concrete knowledge and science, bringing Metaphysics into the physical realm Ray 5 :    Uriel Ray 6 the angel of self less love   and service  To all life  & Gabriel Ray 4 Gods messenger, bringing harmony through  conflict, the goal is  To find inner harmony regardless of outer world chaos, and create beauty  (SATURN our planet of Karma is in this sign now)***

Capricorn            Chamuel, Ray 3 he angel of intelligence or the ability to bring abstract thoughts  Into form ;    Michael, Ray 1 he angel of Protection and  St Germaine & Zadkiel  Transmuting energy and Zadkiel,  Who is also a Ray 7 angel helping to   transmute energy and part of the  new world order  (PLUTO here now and MUCH MORE coming, not the least of which Saturn to Capricorn 12/2017

Aquarius               Raphael  the angel of Healing, concrete knowledge and science, bringing  Metaphysics into the physical realm  Ray 5  SOUTH node awakening many who in other incarnations were the healers and rule brakers to create new realities of equality

Pisces                 Jophiel, Ray 2 who helps us to express unconditional love and wisdom and Uriel Ray 6 who represents self less love and service to all life  NEPTUNE and CHIRON working to heal and open us to vision and imagination in this sign


How you best use this IS to look at what you want to manifest or need help with.  WANT A STRONGER SELF image, or to work on the  SELF look at your rising sign…$$  2nd house  and those are the angels for you…

For Love, creativity, and joy  look at 5th house of romance, 7th house of partnerships and 8th house of intimacy   And so on and so forth.  HOW BEST TO use this is to be open to what ANGEL Really appeals to you also.

GOOGLE these Archangels and learn lots about YOURSELF:  TAKE A CLASS with Mark Dodich  astromark.us

or have me to a $30 self explanation for you done by me…..  is it time to  LEARN ALL ABOUT THIS for yourself    and how to use this energy?   253 838 1179   carolastro@carolbarbeau.com    carolbarbeau544@gmail.com

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MAY 2017 an ACTION month
Let me please (since mercury is now direct, but still in that SHADOW until 5/20 when it returns to 5 degrees of Taurus…… OFFER you an opportunity to kind of take your mental temperature.

IF I say or were to title this article: GREAT OPPORTUNITY what would you feel or think?

OR if I did the whole Quote from JFK of.. In times of GREAT CHALLENGES WE HAVE GREAT OPPORTUNITY: the first statement feels good. The 2nd one tells you what brings the ability to have the great opportunity doesn’t it.. SO Mercury rx. In Taurus was about how to USE Ideas, and then it (mercury) backed into Aries…and the need to just GO: DO: Get it done came on strong. Mercury is direct now until 5/15 in ARIES: so, slow down and recognize when this logical and linear planet moves back to TAURUS on the 20th you can UTILIZE Much of what you are learning right now:

May each year has planets in rich and earthy Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. This time always brings us into a time of richness and fruitfulness. The Symbol For the energy of Taurus until the 20th is the Bull. Taurus is a FIXED Earth sign (Earth signs are about Building and planting) So, for all of us this time gives us the dedication, tenacity and the determination to build what is most important to us

Magical energy Colors for May are Green for growth, Pink for love and blue for clarity of thought, word, and deed and use the Stone Emerald to improve psychic powers, sharpen intellect, intuition, vision and memory. The plant sacred to this time is the Hawthorne also known as the May tree which blooms only in May and is used for clarity, visions and psychic ability.

IF you are looking for a marriage month, this is a wonderful month for commitment. And a great month to unite the Yin and yang within the self and balance your life. ENERGY is powerful and communication until the 20th, then more steady, I always for a marriage chart look at what is NEEDED: May 1st, which is also BELTANE and a fertility time, opens us to all that is rich, luxuriant and abundant in our lives..

TIME OF the east we are now ½ way through  April 19th through May 20th is the FROGS RETURN MOON (earth) TAURUS People born under this moon are the BEAVER people. Their plant is the BLUE CAMAS their color is BLUE and their stone is CHRYSOCOLLA. They are TURTLE CLAN. These people are hard working, orderly, home oriented and strong. They sometimes hold back their feelings as effectively as the beavers dam holds back the water. They are affectionate, self reliant, patient and stable. Beaver people sometimes need to curb their stubbornness and tendency to overindulge


May 20th through June 20th is the CORNPLANTING MOON. (GEMINI) AIR. People born under this moon are Deer people. Their plant is the YARROW, their colors are white and green and their stone is the moss agate. Their elemental clan is the BUTTERFLY Clan. They are clever, intuitive, alert, eager and resourceful. They like to create and enjoy beautiful things. They must learn to be more consistent and less suspicious.

So Happy birthday to those of you who have TAURUS sun signs, and Gemini coming on May 20th… we have many of the inner planets in these 3 signs now, while the outer slower moving planets seem to be more and more pushing the energy of less personal and more humanity centered signs. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are about MORE than self, more than family, more than friends, more than country and more than US and OUR stuff. These signs still seem struggling with what we watch and hear on tv. But how do we KNOW we know something? Doesn’t it often require a TEST? Well, welcome to test time..

SO, back to mercury…finally mercury went direct 5/3 (IN ENGLISH the planet of how we think and with this planet in Taurus after the 20th. I think we shall begin much more to think about taking acts of power for ourselves as creating opportunities that tests our sincerity and trust in the process.

Working in Federal way, last weekend I noticed the sense of FUTURE with folks, more looking ahead and wondering what their part and what they would be able to do to create the world they wanted for their children and Grandchildren…

I always believe intentions are powerful but not so much SELFISH intentions. YEP: WE are all selfish, we want OUR family OUR Friends OUR Country…but in Astrology the message we are hearing is not about OUR BUT about US: so…perhaps recognizing what you see now is the tip of the iceburg and there is so much more buried which will come forward with your actions, your thoughts, and your belief in a world much better than the one we are in now.

SO MY CHALLENGE for us all is about taking acts of power. It does not involve marching (but if you are inspired go for it) But maybe calling a local school and offering $10 a week to help feed a child who does not have food money?

OR sending prayers for the world rather than YOUR folks, or Creating positive conversations, or just feeling that you are willing to drop a bit into these perspectives and opening to what is divinely possible.

Donating, time, energy, prayer, facebook, POSITIVE stuff please… and have a question? I am still doing the $30 one question on line only carolbarbeau544@gmail.com with your questions and $30 pay pal is on my website. STILL have a few calendars $200 for calendar,and cd. Reading and cd…tarot and TONS of information. Calendars run 1/1/2017 to 5/1 / 2018

In 2017, Beltane is exact on May 5 within 5 days of the Scorpio Full Moon (20 Scorpio 24) on May 10.

Mercury stations direct on May 3 at 24 Aries very close to Uranus at 25 Aries (both planets having to do with perception and awareness) creating the possibility for unexpected events that altar our perception of reality. Which I am kind of trying to do with this report.

This really sets the tone for the entire month of May 2017 suggesting this is a time for expecting the unexpected with events that are intended to set us up for our next BIG leap in consciousness. I see one of the most significant astrological events in our era happening 5/9 as the North Node (North node is our destiny point, this is one of the major reasons by House and sign which we are here upon this planet. You could do a whole chart by the TRIBE you came from (SOUTH NODE) and the tribe you are trying to Join (NORTH NODE)

From 11/11/2015 we have had the North Node in Virgo I am here to learn to pare down and look at what is ecologically sound and secure, I analyze and then make decisions; Will always have the South Node in Pisces, I am here to learn to be more into the details, to learn that there is a big picture But there is also facts and details which must be adhered to: NEGATIVES of this time have been too little facts, too much nitty picky, and too much I BELIEVE: yep..what we believe can save the universe or kill the planet. I TRULY BELIEVE That… so…what do YOU BELIEVE?

5/9 the north Node enters LEO North Node in Leo: I am here to open my heart, to act, speak and feel from honor and respect and passion; Will always have the South Node in Aquarius; I am here to learn to be more responsible, less erratic and that centering in to what I feel passionate about is often much better for me to do than my ability to detach from people and situations

and the South Node (which often represents values and beliefs and what not enters Aquarius) for me with a belief that Aquarius is the ability to break the rules easier and leo to more center into what is truly important and quit sweating the small stuff this is a HUGE 18 month doorway for us all.

SO::: South Node is what your soul has done in other lifetimes and knows how to do. The house which contains your south node can show a place and abilities that you do extremely well and sometimes can overdo. North Node is what your soul is becoming, skills we need to develop and where we need to learn to grow 5/9/2017 Leo/Aquarius until 11/6/2018 when we experience the Cancer/Capricorn era: THEN 5/4/2020 Gemini/Sagittarius

WHAT HOUSES this all happens for you is HUGE: the nodes move backwards so begin at 30 leo and 30 Aquarius and by 11/6/2018 we are going to have learned much about how compassionate we are, or how fear has locked our hearts down..

In the sky right now or Between now and June 7th, the planet Mars will continue to diminish in brightness and then become invisible to the naked eye, at which time Mars, which symbolizes the masculine principle in Shamanic Astrology, (now in Gemini all month, surrenders to the underworld. Why is red planet surrendering? What does this mean from an astrological and spiritual perspective?

In my belief system Gemini is the trickster, information and much about logical communication and now not so logical? What are you hearing going WTF???? What is happening? Much of this is about the energy of action Mars Retreating…

May 10th we have a full moon at 20 Scorpio with the sun at 20 Taurus: Sabian symbol for this is
For the NOW time, aka or the Sun 20 degrees Taurus 24 minutes: Taurus 20: Wisps of clouds, like wings, are streaming across the sky. And if you round it off to the next number it would be:
Taurus 21: A moving finger points to significant passages in a book.

For the moon (our emotions and our past 20:24 Scorpio is
Scorpio 20:A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.
or Scorpio 21:Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.

Both of these are much about knowledge, things we find out and perhaps hope? This full moon asks us to let go of THE I HAVE and do not want to lose energy of Taurus, and remember with Scorpio what is REALLY important and how we FEEL. NOT fear, fear is 99 9/10th of the time just a thought, a story we create which rouses what if..

What do you love, what do you need to do to keep what you love, and THINK AGAIN: WHAT DO YOU REALLY LOVE, and what are you just used to …. What would you DIE and LIVE for?

Adding some energy of confusion and further increasing the ability for us to create from fear or positive energy on 11 May – Mars squares Neptune in Pisces**

If you feel lost, flow with it. FEEL what you feel and then think and FEEL what is important and you may be really surprised

A great aspect to assist us in believing we can and will do what is needed is **12 May – Mars trines Jupiter in Libra** Do not overdo but use this few days to get things done and at the same time feel how you feel about what you are doing

Want to win a battle and lose the war? We have the whole week of **19 May – Mars quincunxes Pluto in Capricorn** Back away unless it is important, no tilting at windmills unless your life depends on that windmill. FEEL … Taurus is earth energy and this time should take us to truly IMPORTANT discoveries about self..

Saturday the 13th is a super day and we are doing a show in Bellingham wa. NOPE, not planned just a great day for whatever…

14th Mothers day has a Square between the moon (Emotions and the past) and Venus what we want now. Try and ignore the past and just have a good day, Capricorn moon is a bit austere but tomorrow on the 15th Mercury is finally back in grounded Taurus and out of this wild Aries energy which seemed to ask us to open mouth and share words we may be dining on forever.

18th 19th 20th karma and fate and free will and what we believe and dreams and visions and WOWSERS:

On the 20th the sun into Gemini lightens things up and we now seem to have more options:

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March 20th through April 19th FIRE: Spring: THE I AM TIME: So, I will CHOOSE passion and fun and actions which bring these things to me or take me to these things..(the time of ARIES)

April 19th through May 20th. EARTH: SLOW DOWN, plant, look at what you are planting and growing in your life. I CHOOSE GROWTH for the good of the all (the time of Taurus

May 20th through June 20th rethink, process Find new people, ideas AIR contacts, people and I choose to change all ideas which are not for the good of the self or the good of the all (the time of Gemini)

June 20th through July 22nd SUMMER Water, emotionally connected to source, I will choose to use my intuition and to feel joy in all experiences and learn what is MINE that I am feeling and what is OTHERS and let go of the others stuff. (the time of Cancer)

July 22nd through August 22nd Time to empower the self FIRE: I choose joy, I choose love, I CHOOSE TO CHOOSE fun and to open my heart to love and adventure and creativity (the time of Leo)

August 22nd through September 22nd EARTH It is time for me to reflect on what I need to harvest in my life, what resources do I need to gather and what Do I need for the next step (the time of VIRGO )

September 22nd through October 22nd FALL: AIR, it is time to reconnect with others, to harvest and , to assist if needed and to be ready and open to accept help from others in my own harvest (Libra time)

October 22nd through November 21 Water, time to go within, to find my own personal source of power and release, eliminate and shed the old skin of who I was in order to birth the dream of who I can be and who I really am inside this old skin. I AM ALL wonderful things within self (Scorpio Time)

November 21 through December 21st FIRE: time to reconnect with who I am becoming, to find who I truly am within and find my own truth for me , myself and the world. I am living and BEING WITHIN MY OWN TRUTH and acting from this sacred place (Sagittarius time)

December 21st through January 19th WINTER Earth it is time to bring my EARTHLY GIFTS to the world, time to share what I have learned and share. I AM ABUNDANCE (Time of Capricorn)

January 19th through February 18th Air, it is time to rethink plans, to reprocess how we are all connected and be ready to move from tradition to change. Looking within and truly shifting and changing my thoughts I step to the last step of the wheel of life. Through CHANGING IDEAS AND THOUGHTS AND HELPING OTHERS DO THE SAME I GROW: (time of Aquarius

February 18th through March 20th Pisces Water, it is time to look deeply within and open to all the infinite possibilities which will help not only my but others BODY MIND AND SOUL to grow. I know I am part of everything and everything is part of me. IT is Time to assist the world and the universe and all with it. From this moment on I will look at EVERYTHING WITH NEW EYES knowing all I think and see and feel is ME and everything is me WANT AN APPOINTMENT? E mail carolbarbeau544@gmail.com

$30 question option MIGHT BE WHERE DO I have all these energies? I have the first 18 degrees of Scorpio in my 12th house of the unconscious mind the place where we HEAR … or create voices….and 18 to 30 degrees in the first house of SELF, how i am seen and action and how I present myself…

First 17 degrees of Sagittarius in my 1st house of Self and… in my 2nd house of values and money and 17 degrees to 30 degrees of Sagittarius ..10 more houses and what the houses and signs are and mean comes with this great $30 way to understand how you use energy online info.

DARK OF THE MOON WISHING DAYS May 23, 24th and 25th until that New moon at 12:44pm in Gemini also on **25 May – Mars sextiles Eris in Aries** Time to look within and take appropriate action to set you on course towards your desired destination.

**28 May – Mars (action) opposes Saturn (structure in Sagittarius (and the Galactic Center)** IF it is supposed to happen, IT WILL easily now…DO NOT force please, you are getting assistance whether it seems so or not…

NEW MOON May 25th 12:44pm pdt here in the NW … 4 Gemini 47 minutes which is 5 degrees in my book Well, this one pretty much takes calm news off the table this week: Gemini 5: A radical magazine or publication, asking for action, displays a sensational front page.

Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces is activated BIG time with this new moon and opportunities as we end the month for recognition of what must be done are here. 28th a great day to stay home, ponder, meditate and try and stay out of ? anything this memorial day weekend which does not feel safe.

I am not fear based but/and…if you have an astrology calendar? Look at this day and all the aspects, squares, and activations with Pluto, mars, Saturn, Uranus … none of which are peaceful planets… stay safe, and how do we do that? LISTEN TO YOUR INNER voice, the one in the gut, not the one in your head, or heart, but GUT: that is guides, angels and your many lifetimes acquired Common Sense, lol

GEMINI: The most Ancient birthstone for June and GEMINI is the EMERALD, which is about truth and fidelity And the Modern June stone is the Agate for grounding and Centering Junes Flowers are the Honeysuckle and Roses Use the Colors of White for Purity and Green for Prosperity and Healing
Sending you all LOVE and light and hope that you use this time to imagine GOOD Things

and recognize how many times you have thought NEGATIVE things and they have NOT HAPPENED?

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