Wednesday August 31, 2016

by admin on August 23, 2016

Wednesday August 31,   DARK of the moon wishing energy

WOW more magic as the Moon enters Virgo at 8:22 am further activating the mysteries of the natural cycles of Earth and Sky and opening the Virgo New Moon Window exact tomorrow. And remember it is an ECLIPSE also.

More next week as September 1 features the Virgo Solar Eclipse further energizing this powerful portal…to inner healing, knowing and healthy self care…  OUR bodies and our lives are our homes aren’t they?

“A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
(SO we can build a HOME anyplace can’t we?) ALL BY OURSELVES by loving what we have and infusing that
energy into wherever we are:    Let your home be a place of peace tonight and get some space from those pulling energetically on you if you can.  AND YOU KNOW YOU CAN, right?

Today at 8:22am the moon enters VIRGO to create another magical healing and wishing day.  NO aspects in the sky means that Mercury newly turned rx. Is going to kind of rule the day, be at peace, be at joy and ask tonight for clearing energy of body, mind and spirit.  9/1 at 2:03am PDT the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE happens and then we begin to BRING IN and things INCREASE:

So, tonight let go gently and easily and ask that burdens, pain, sorrow and all which you have carried far too long be removed…Ritual is nothing but INTENTION, there is no wrong way unless you are wishing ill on someone, Ritual is prayer, meditation and setting intentions,

Dakara keys does some new and full moon rituals online and with her business, you can find her on facebook and maybe do a ritual on this powerful new moon energy, rituals on releasing before 9/1  2am and after that time rituals should be geared towards bringing in and manifesting

This surely has been a wild and strange month and I look forward to more Clarity, balance and LIBRA energy coming to us all in September 9/9 Jupiter the planet of more moves to Libra for the first time in 12 years and lots of you are going to find life MUCH EASIER and love if you desire it?

Xoxoxo  Carol

–       Color today pink for love, rose quartz for the same
–       Oil of Lemon or tangerine to further increase joy
–       Kiss for today, be open and watch the magic happen  when you slow down and move into the dream and do not  try and force things today..
–       A great stone for today would be Larimar which  has wonderful psychic connections.  OR   RUTILATED  QUARTZ  the crystal with the gold wands in it.

REMEMBER PLEASE ROSE QUARTZ is the stone which asks you to believe you DESERVE and good things are possible and will happen for and to you xooxox  carol

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Tuesday August 30, 2016

by admin on August 23, 2016

AND  “Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.”
– Maxwell Maltz


Tuesday August 30, 2016  BIG DAY TODAY:

Today we are in Dark of the moon  magical wishing energy approaching the 9/1  ECLIPSE: so these wishes and intentions right now need to be about LEO, and Virgo this next 2 days, leo I am POWErful AND CREATIVE     VIRGO  I AM A HEALER AND DO NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT   I AM DIVINE AND RIGHT WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE RIGHT NOW:

Saturn our planet of karma, structure, order and time sitting today at (9 Sagittarius 56) is closely square Neptune, illusion and vision and this has been much of the craziness you have seen on Tv and in the news.   Neptune is now at  (11 Pisces 29) exact again on September 10.   So the next week is going to be extremely …….   Well, Neptune for me is easy, it is trust inner voice, and not ego voice.

Saturn not so simple, how to create freedom as a structure?   Saturn is now in Sagittarius and our own truth is very strong, and Neptune often to me says,  AHHHHHH  Carol my sweetest child, this is your truth TODAY, remember  that please.

MERCURY rx. Today 6pm but we have been feeling this for a while, use care with contracts, agreements and make sure and double check.  Mercury rx. Is the BEST time to catch up on projects and get things done ahead of time even.  Not the best for new ventures but GREAT for making reconnections and searching out some new visions and ideas.

A trine to Uranus by 9:20pm tonight as the moon moves v/c makes for a GREAT MOON V/C tonight, lots of options and visions and manifesting energy tonight we will be midst this moon v/c until 8:22am tomorrow morning…

Kiss for today KEEP IT SIMPLE and keep it nice and BE OPEN TO NEW ideas  at the VERY least
today please.
–       Color today Green for healing
–       Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect   you to your path
–       Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the Blues and is called the SECURITY OF SELF stone
(because when we are not secure in self we do not pull In the right kinds of relationships do we?  AND WHEN
We are secure in self and NOT trying to FIX others we get GREAT relationships, friendships and romantic)
-Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage and physical energy to take good care of us so


Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.  William James


Your smile to someone in pain or need just might be one of the main reasons you are here right now doing what you are doing.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. – Buddha


“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”– Jean Shinoda Bolen


“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”– Parker Palmer


“When you adopt the viewpoint that there is nothing that exists that is not part of you, that there is no one who exists who is not part of you, that any judgment you make is self-judgment, that any criticism you level is self-criticism, you will wisely extend to yourself an unconditional love that will be the light of the world.”– Harry Palmer


MANY OF THESE QUOTES ARE FROM  IF you search quotes on Google you will find quotes on releasing loss, pain, and so much more, we have resources, it is just sometimes hard to motivate ourselves to do healthy self care isn’t it? SO…  please search out solutions this Mercury rx.  And you will FIND  them xooxox Love carol

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Monday August 29, 2016

by admin on August 23, 2016

  • Life becomes simpler and lighter. When you love yourself more then things simply become lighter and easier. You won’t make as many mountains out of molehills (or out of plain air) as you used to. Or beat yourself up or drag yourself down over mistakes or temporary setbacks.

Moon in Leo Monday 29th 1:111am pdt until Wednesday 31st at 8:22am pdt:  When the moon is in Leo we need laughter, fun and joy, we need some recognition from SELF or others, so honor yourself and LOVE YOURSELF, this is always a very important message to us all if we want to live our life in our power and passion
Monday August 29, 2016

The moon which is v/c from last night at 11:23pm pdt  (MOON V/c things do not turn out as expected)
But at 1:11am pdt the moon moves to LEO

Moon enters Leo  1:11 am. Venus enters Libra at 7:06 pm. This means after sunset tonight Venus is very near the area of the sky where the Autumnal Equinox Sun will rise next month with the Moon nearby.

Venus in Libra is a time when we can  truly relate more easily to others, partnerships become easier and it is easier for us to see others points of view.  But you know The place to begin, as always, is with ourselves.

This day is a good one, and best used breathing deeply and bringing in strength and courage and love and joy and all good things.  We get few enough  energies about US and our truth..explore your own today please…

Leo remember is about creativity and joy and with a trine 7:20pm tonight to Saturn we seem to be connecting with a karmic energy of it is now time for some freedom and joy for myself.   Remember the spiritual saying about needing to fill our cups up so that we have something to give to others?

Use -Oil of Jasmine or rose for a good feeling within  the self.  I love Gardenia…BUT jasmine and rose are love smells also.  LOVE OF SELF is the key here
–       What you do or are today is nothing compared to what you can be or do tomorrow is our KISS
–       Color today purple for spiritual connection
–       Larimer or turquoise for shamanic connection to self
–       and maybe? Oil of cinnamon to clear the head and cheer you

  1. Ask questions before bed tonight of your guides, angels, Inner guidance, whatever you believe in and expect answers To come as we are asked to BELIEVE and know that Something good is coming for us. BUT first we have to be willing to do something good for self don’t we?
    “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it. ” – M. Scott Peck


“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.” – Mark Twain


“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.” – Harvey Fierstein


“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball


“Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


“If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”– Fred Rogers

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Sunday August 28, 2016

by admin on August 23, 2016

Sunday August 28, 2016

Today the sun in Cancer will move v/c at 11:23pm pdt but really all aspects today are good ones, or at the least the planets are working well together, whether you do the same ?   AHHH  free will

2:41pm pdt is the only rough aspect of the day as that Moon in Cancer says lets just stay comfy and Uranus the planet of change says, ahhh but what about the changes you desire?  A square or 2 planets challenging you to ?  Well, you win today whatever you desire happens doesn’t it?

Jupiter, venus, and Mercury all work well today with that cancer moon until

11:32pm as MERCURY TOUCHES VENUS (Communication almost stopped in the sky, makes a landing on VENUS (what we desire)  the urge to speak your needs is POWERFUL tonight, but and …remember this happens for the other person also.

The moon moves v/c or times out 11:23pm pdt with the Mercury venus aspect:

ASTRO SPEAK is Mercury conjunct Venus both at (29°Virgo 00′) exact at 11:32 pm.   Sabian Symbol for this degree is: Virgo 29:A man is gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading.   SOUNDS like a great night for prayer, meditating or inner knowing

–     Kiss for today:   Reach out to others and do not be alone until later tonight, today is for sharing
–     Color for today:   Red for reaching for the gusto in life
Ruby for the above
–     And For me the oil of release to help let go of that last
Right now, I have a Teensy (or not so teensy) bit of regret and sadness in my Own life, (want to join me?)  Take any oil, flower, object  And invest it with RELEASE AND LET GO ENERGY:  Sometimes I even take a picture, when I want to let go of expectations of that other person, people are who they are, and rarely do they want to hurt us, they are just doing what they want to do for themselves aren’t they?  And yes, sometimes that hurts a bit as we personalize it too much?  LETTING go night for me ritually tonight
RITUAL, for me, I like when the moon is in my 9th house which is CANCER energy to do rituals, the 9th house has to do with higher philosophy, the turn it over to higher power house and get it out of MY mental Monkey mind 3rd house and move it energetically into the let Higher power take over …Also full and new moons are great times to light a candle and remember, honor and shift energy


if you are not happy with where you are right now Begin to search out the answers as to how to make
Things different by this time next year It does not all have to happen at once does it?
Ralph Waldo Emerson said “for Everything you have missed, you  have gained something else”

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Animal Totem and Tarot for the next week

August 23, 2016

ANIMAL TOTEM FOR THE WEEK IS SKUNK  lol, I love this and had to look it up at I will not tolerate abuse in any form. I have power! I will not let others use me. I am a divine child! I will sift out friends, keeping the good. That is my responsibility! Like […]

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Saturday August 27, 2016

August 23, 2016

Saturday August 27, 2016 The moon in Cancer today works well with the sun and Neptune, so good intuition and some very good energy coming in.  Hopefully you do something FUN today and get out there and make yourself happy 3:28pm pdt Venus and Jupiter *both planets*  sitting at  (27°Virgo 22′) meet within ½ a […]

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Friday August 26, 2016

August 23, 2016

The moon enters Cancer at 8:06pm pdt today until Monday the 29th 1:11am:  When the moon is in Cancer folks tend to be a bit more energetically pulled in, not so quick to share but very sensitive, so try and be nice, this SLOW mercury energy is going to have some of us running mouths […]

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Thursday August 25, 2016

August 23, 2016

Thursday August 25, The moon in Gemini today gets challenged a bit by Mars (action ) and Saturn (structure and order) Expect lots of ideas today and some of them to be missing a piece, write them (ideas) down and figure that you are being given messages today like a jig saw puzzle: 9:28am pdt […]

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Wednesday August 24, 2016

August 18, 2016

The  moon in stable and sturdy Taurus relinquishes Control over to GEMINI at 4:46pm today until Friday the 26th at 8pm:   Moon in Gemini or the 3rd house  I know that I have the power of thought to create a new life for myself and a better world for others   Wednesday August 24, 2016 […]

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Tuesday August 23, 2016

August 18, 2016

Tuesday August 23, 2016 August 23, Tuesday. Saturn, Mars and Antares hanging out together.  MARS seems to desire action and loves war and energy flowing and Antares the eye of the Scorpio and red in the sky like Mars is the anti Mars, the peacemaker and was supposedly placed in the sky to keep the […]

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