HOW to use the energy of the MOON

by admin on April 22, 2017

MOON MANTRAS  253 838 1179  LEARN
THE SIGNS and on your Astrology calendar if you have one?    Now  you now have a  mantra for times each month:::  WHAT IS YOUR LIFETIME MANTRA?  Do you know the sign the moon was in when you were born?  I am moon in TAURUS:

Moon in Aries or the first house  I am courageous. I am whole.  I stand in my power I follow my passion and dreams


Moon in Taurus or the 2nd house   I release all blocks and know that I truly can move forward and create and build something from nothing it is within my power


Moon in Gemini or the 3rd house  I know that I have the power of thought to create a new life for myself and a better world for others


Moon in Cancer or the 4th house    I honor my intuition.  I accept my path.  I am healing: Body,    Mind and spirit


Moon in Leo or the 5th house   I Create from love and move forward with an open and willing heart inspired by love and generosity


Moon in  Virgo or the 6th house   I am safe, I trust more, I fear less. I am centered and grounded recognizing perfection is not necessary


Moon in Libra or the 7th house I am centered and grounded, I know how to balance my obligations to others with my obligations to myself


Moon in Scorpio or 8th house   I feel my emotions and my pain. I reawaken my passion.  I surrender to this moment I am empowered by my inner visions


MOON in Sagittarius or the 9th house  I play in my imagination, I create my reality.  I know and share my truth


Moon in Capricorn or the 10th house I know how to build and create for the betterment of  All upon this planet and within this universe


Moon in Aquarius or the 11th house , I am loved, I let love in.  I am kind to myself. I live in peace and Gratitude.


PISCES or the 12th house   I CONNECT with SPIRIT, I invite sacred transformation.  I embrace the unity of all beings

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recent post on facebook 4/16/2017

by admin on April 16, 2017

LOL, i GOT this message in an e mail and MUST SHARE it: ((> Thanks, Carol! Helps me think ( a little, since my brain is sitting there  tapping it’s foot waiting for me to
move on))
and my reply was. WOOPS: FORGOT to mention that VENUS moved direct on the 15th BUT::
:BUT in PISCES when it had retrograded in ARIES, so Venus NOT BACK into the sign of GO for it (ARIES)
until the 28th after that new moon on the 26th SOME of you will push forwards and others… have some rather WTF moments when things just do not move fast enough.
Another client wrote. I AM SO DONE SOMEONE NEEDS TO STICK a fork in me. LOL… remember please VENUS RX is for us to RETHINK what we desire and our options, use this time and you will achieve GREAT REWARDS down the road xooxoxoxoxox

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HOW to shift this energy 4/11/2017

by admin on April 12, 2017

PINK FULL Moon is calling us all

RELEASE RELEASE RELEASE is the pull of energy which is driving so many a bit mad right now. AND yet the message i get from so many
is clinging to the past and old ways is their desire, rather than letting go?

Monday that Aries, Libra full moon brought some new players to the game as the FULL Moon had Jupiter (expansion and the planet which loves to overdo) in connection with the moon (our past)

And Uranus (change and the unexpected) connected to the Sun in Aries, causing many of us to think, if not me who will do it? WELL, the gift of a full moon is letting go and how do we do that? Do you take time to go to facebook to someones page who posts funnies? Lovely flowers, Wonderful Music Videos, who tries to bring things to your life which you do not have time (you think) to look for?

OK, work is not secure, relationships feel scary, family is acting up, not enough money, not feeling like you would like? WE all have one or more of these things happening and then we turn on the news and OMG OMG OMG

and I always remember my Granny in Kansas saying…
Patty carol let me tell you about the chicken little and the sky falling and what BAD things happened because he thought only about what could happen BAD…
So, I was lucky, I had a Granmom who drank too much, smoked, danced, and her last thought was that her toenail polish did not match her fingernail polish.
And who buried 5 husbands, she did dance lots (Lol)

And A grandfather who was a farmer and taught me that after the full moon, you got things completed, you did not count on things growing as fast and that this was not the time often to plant or expect outcomes you wanted. WOW, Astrology taught via COMMON sense was my foundation.. lol plus the Grandmom who often seemed the child and i the adult but She taught me SO much.
IF you did not have an upbeat and positive person in your past, FIND ONE FOR YOUR FUTURE, and I would like all of you to do a small test with me please:

I want you to imagine a vast field of untouched white snow, you are walking straight forward in a direction which calls to you. NOW It is time to go home… HOW do you do it?

do you go back over your steps and destroy your footprints or make a new path, do you go straight or take a detour? THIS IS LIFE FOLKS, we have opportunities each minute of each day, how to respond , to walk, drive, and so much more. WE are so lucky but…and do we want to

WHAT IF? We decided we wanted the future like the past and were told we had to NOT TURN AROUND BUT WALK BACKWARDS in exactly the same steps we had taken? HOW long could you do this backwards walk without falling down or messing up? ISN”T this what we try to do when we say I could always do .. THIS, OR That or whatever. For me it is clients, I used to do 5 a day and now 2 is it…OR? does that make me less effective? OR PERHAPS A BETTER ASTROLOGER?

WOW: please ask yourself if you are worrying about going back to what once was, what you thought once was or??

Remember Mercury retrograde is NOT A BAD time, but it is a time to rethink how we view life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness….and what makes us happy? Go to my facebook page today and see what makes me happy? I shared flowers, music and joy… and the TRUTH that this is a tough time for those wanting it THEIR WAY:

Peace? Well the news often makes me cry, and then I watch something 15th century on the history channel or netflicks, recently a dubbed series the MAGNIFICENT CENTRURY. About Saladan and his Harem. I have long dreamed about living in 2 harems, different countries but both mid east.. NOTHING about the men who owned these harems, but have met and worked with many women this lifetime who I believe I helped in these harems, or owe debts to.

WATCHING the series I recognized I had been an OVERSEER, a woman who kept the peace between the wives and favorites and who did a darned good job of it, and still work to create friendships and groups to work together.

THIS is where my astrology writing comes from and lest you think I am just rambling, lets do the astrology for you right now:

TODAY the 11th the moon is in Scorpio 3:42pm AHHHH my 12th house of the unconscious mind and dreams and a place where OFTEN my writing comes from … the aspects today are the moon Opposing URANUS (CHANGE) so this is about HOW TO CHANGE IF YOU DESIRE?

11pm tonigiht a good aspect with SATURN carries through tomorrow to help us FREE ourselves from old restrictions. Saturn is RETROGRADE IN Sagittarius ……On the 12th the Moon in powerful and deep Scorpio will enter my First house of self? WHERE IS this for you? Do you want to know? Do the $30 option and I will tell you how to find everyday where that moon and other planets are:

ALSO that moon is opposing Mercury retrograde making this week and excellent time to change your point of view.. ARE YOU WILLING? I have a client who I love so much it HURTS, she helps the world has made more changes (well, now that I think of it I have more than one of those)

ANYWAY these wonderful people are many of them ILL NOW: Someone I have admired for years called and said she wanted to die, and during all this pain and suffering…I got an eye infection with my autoimmune disease which moved to cellulitis on my face and I could NOT SEE for 5 days.
SO? What was it that my body did not want to see? I do believe 90% of illness is related to our own emotional stuff. And 10% is …well, it is what it is… NO BLAME, just something to deal with.

ANYWAY I see at least 2 of these people the world NEEDS SO BADLY not ready to rest, to let go and to heal.. and me seeing? WELL, you can figure that out. So, if you are reading this and you are one of the ones needing to take better care of yourself, needing to rest, needing to let go, needing to ask for help… QUIT IT RIGHT NOW SO I CAN GET WELL (lol)

AND So.. Aries sun time is always a bit of a rush, I keep trying to tell folks that March 20th was the new year and many of you are just NOW moving into the 1 year of new beginnings, no matter what your western calendar says.. So, until that LOVELY new moon in Taurus on the 26th. Please recognize there are many ways to be happier now.

I have never been one to say, your prince is coming to someone who I did not see it, or that you will win the lotto, most of us have to learn some things about money and no lotto for us. I have never blown smoke up folks tidy whities, This world we live in is scary, but not as scary as the 1500’s is it?

NOT as scary as the 60’s when we first got atomic power going full tilt, and had the Cuban Crisis, not as scary as when some of you thought a child might die, or lost a loved one, or looked at a world changed forever with your own loss and grief.

WE are at a time when over the next 4 years we make it or break it as a human race, yep…WHAT is there to fear about that? Don’t you as I believe …. Believe the soul lives on? Personally next time being a cat might be nice….. I believe there are other races, other planets and places which are not so hard as this earth.. and I TRULY BELIEVE

WE are going to make it as a race,

that the light workers are working harder and WOW growing in strength, I have seen many this last year in their 60s and 70’s asking me about life after death, about how to help with healing, about how to make the world better, and I PERSONALLY believe in the human nature which is what we see when a car on fire full of strangers is surrounded by brave souls working to get those within the car out. I work with some much younger and at 18 some of them are so far past me in trust, in spiritual belief and in LIFE I am astounded. YEP they are out there folks, just we do not see them on the evening news…

Every night I tape the news DAVID MUIR WORLD NEWS, and fast track through the storms and criminal stuff and watch the politics YEP WE NEED TO KNOW what is happening because if NOT NOW then SOON we will be able to do something about it. At the end there is a positive feed almost every night about a child doing something for his school. or TOTAL STRANGERS, kids who have a social awareness which i doubt was around when i was growing up. Companies working hard to help their employees, and MADE IN AMERICA growing stronger…

I DELETE folks who try and post fear on my facebook, but do honor their pages and their feelings and just do not want it on my space. BUT DO honor that some are trying so hard to walk backwards in the snow and .. I send them love and prayer and know perhaps my way is NOT theirs and that they find happiness and peac with their way… and think…..WOW, how much energy, time and frustration does that crap take?

SO for those of you metaphysical? HOW do you honor the TIME of letting go besides cleaning closets, getting rid of coats, and things you do not want?

HOW about letting that favorite vase or nick nak go to someone who loves it? HOW about giving something you love to someone you do not love?

WOULDN”T that sacrifice of letting go be worth 100 times what giving to someone you love be? JUST a thought and remember my Scorpio rising is not afraid of a little pinch of pain, but recognizes that honoring the flow of energy now could just be really painful for some.

Do you donate to something you believe in? Planned parenthood, or an animal shelter, or food for kids at school, or school supplies, donate energy, drop into childrens hospitals to visit those kids who have parents a long way away and get no visitors? Do to VA hospitals and visit? OLD folks homes?

I am not saying we can fix everything but if each of us just does a teensy bit and lets go of some old beliefs WOWSERS:

and I have always thought when I do for my kids who I love, I am not doing anything really.

BUT when I do for someone who is not family and who needs it, perhaps GREAT SPIRIT is watching , call him Jesus, or God, or Buddha or Allah..

Lol, said Allah to a friend in a public place recently and she said. (CAROL be careful, and I said.. lol.. if I can say F… in public I surely should be able to say Allah)

She cringed, and I thought… so sad….time for a tv show or good movie showing us that we are not all paper cut from the same color page isn’t it?
I know we are dealing with race issues but why do we cringe from believing in ONE GOD? whatever you choose to call him, perhaps it is radicalization , and I KNOW it is mainly FEAR: AND for that fear we need to educate, send love, light and perhaps even facebook lovely messages. Go to my page and friend those who are in my feed, you will find some WONDERFUL PEOPLE there … not writing about their lunch but trying to lift the energy int he world

SO: honor what you please , but recognize that fear grows fear, and anger grows anger, and resentment does the same… and as does love, mercy, compassion, understanding, generosity and … I want all of you know, I try not to whine too much.. BUT I would not be here at all without donations while I was so ill. One client sent me for a year $100 per month, others $12 on my page on my website, and they bought medications and food for me.. and those of you who prayed, brought me back…I know this

SO I KNOW many of you have MUICH that you need to learn to RECEIVE

and many of you have much to give in order to know you also are going to receive…

I love you all and pray that you let go of something this next 2 weeks in order to create space for something or someone IMPORTANT:

Mercury moves direct MAY 3rd in Aries but will not be back into Taurus land until MAY 15th by which things shall perhaps be much clearer. Fear is often caused by trying to do that backwards thingey in the snow and when you recover yourself, turn around and create a new path you recognize today is all any of us are sure of. AND using it well,

being happy, smiling and opening to miracles is our gift to ourselves which we all DESERVE don’t we?

I love you and more when the moon moves, me.

LOL, nope will write before the dark of the moon wishing days on April 24th and 25th
STILL A COUPLE of openings in Federal Way on Tuesday 5/2 if you wish to contact me at
253 838 1179

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APRIL 2017 a hot month with lots happening

by admin on March 30, 2017

APRIL 2017   Watch Dreams become reality and obstacles slip away as Saturn
Retrogrades April 5th.   Get new projects done before Mercury retrogrades from the 9th of April through May 3rd:

Welcome to a new world and a NEW YEAR….  IN reality the NEW YEAR began for the sky on the 20th of March as the sun entered the sign of ARIES and so now the Shifts happening are really going to open your Life in so many wonderful new ways.

We begin the month with A BRINGING in energy (GREEN COLORED if you got your calendar?)**  contact me about how to color or get your calendar

So energies increase until the full moon on the 10th when we have a RELEASING time and things feel they slow down a bit.

Welcome to your astrology and some wonderful opportunities for change and creating a new way of being.   CAN WE ALL?

look to the past with gratitude

look to the future with Vision

look upwards for strength

look within to find peace   and please remember

In a controversy the instant we feel anger  we have already ceased striving for the truth,  and have begun striving for ourselves. Buddha

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west;  people create distinctions out of their own minds and  then believe them to be true.   Buddha

It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.    Buddha

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.  Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by  angels or by demons, heaven or hell.  Buddha

WOW does life heat up On April Fools’ Day Jupiter wearing her  Libra costume goes backwards
AKA  retrogrades into an aspect called a  quincunx  with Ceres in Taurus:  (From )( The Inconjunct or Quincunx.  Pleae   Remember, quincunx means ‘integration.’ The quincunx is asking you to change something or make an adjustment in the 2 houses where the planets sit that create the quincunx. A quincunx is a 150° angle

Often described as ‘being between a rock and a hard place.’ Therefore, the quincunx is described as a “hard” aspect, meaning it brings challenge. And challenges eventually build a stronger character. Through your own inflexibility, the quincunx will teach you to either “bend” or “break.” For us all who are a bit stubborn this is a POWERFUL learning time,  And whether you learn the easy way or the hard way is certainly up to you by your choices and attitudes.

Want to argue politics, or take a stand I would advise against it, but if you must please , make sure that the philosophy behind  the action is clear, understandable, and flawless.  Ceres is about the harvest, nurturing and often relates to planetary ecological issues.

Jupiter in Libra just would like us all to shut up and find a middle ground and get along.  NOT the way April 2017 begins for any of us though. SORRY, but please remember about 99% of us out there are a bit pissed off right now.  Just stand your own ground and do not try to push into others and you will be ok.  PUSHING, well, expect to be pushed back this month.

Good luck to those of us wanting “all or nothing,” “my needs only,”  my way or the highway energy. Jupiter, while in Libra, presumes fairness for all should be the way while . Ceres, in Taurus, seeks financial stability in the resolution.

We have been encountering since Late February the energy of Venus Retrograde which in the sign of Aries has tried to Encourages Reassessment of Self, which action to take and OURSELVES:

On April 2nd Venus backs into Pisces, and dreams become reality?  OR reality the dream?  Whatever…  Right now  we may be inspired with new ideas, it won’t be good timing to move forward with our plans until May.  IF you must then remember plans can always be changed and flexability is our keyword, and if it not?  Then we shall learn it.

Venus is the ruler of both money and love, making Venus retrograde a particularly bad time to initiate major business transactions or committed relationships.

So this Venus rx. Is about action (Aries) and mutability and instinct and psychic connections (Pisces) so many of us are getting a great growth opportunity right now.


  • Aries is Cardinal (CREATES ACTION) Fire (action and creation) The Symbol of Aries is the RAM, head down and charging forward: So, curb those  rash actions and instead use the bravery and courage end of this wonderful cycle which encourages the I AM and I CAN DO in us all.  The sun is in Aries until April 19th when it enters Taurus:
  • The colors of April are all forms of RED, which is the color of passion, new beginnings; Red is the color of the first Chakra and carries unbelievable power if you wear it, or even visualize it. Did you know red in a room brings passion and energy to that room?  Or to a person?  RED FOR THE POWER and passion of being the best that you can be from this moment forward.  Red for Forward and NOT backward
  • Use Sapphire blue and the energy of this stone this month to connect you into higher consciousness and keep you on track. Or turquoise for Shamanic connection.
  • We are now in the time of the East and the energy all around and within us is about ILLUMINATION and Wisdom.
  • The Eagle is the Spirit keeper for this time as we are encouraged to fly high and dare to become more than we think we can.
  • Dandelion is the flower and the Color Yellow which is the color of joy is a great energy to use this month besides the sapphire blue and red.

Coyote is part of Mercury energy and the trickster this month is opening the doors to our inner self wider than ever before.

Mercury the trickster planet of ideas, communications and planning is still in that magical mercury retrograde April 9th, 2017 to May 3rd in Taurus until the 20th and then MERCURY BACKS INTO FIERY ARIES and all bets are off…

The first part of this mercury rx. Will be about money and finances and practical stuff and the 2nd ½ will be about Action, passions. And carry forth any anger energy you are holding onto SO LET GO RIGHT NOW:   and….

On April 4th, Mars (the planet of war, action and energy  in the earthy sign of Taurus quincunxes Jupiter’s Libran position.   So, this is a continuation and is very. Similar to the April Fools’ Day pattern, the end real world result must work for all parties. Perhaps many things which you feel MUST BE done right now could wait until May and you can slow down this month and enjoy a get away, or just some quality time alone?  We have some great planning and getting more information energy, but also are being pushed to GET IT NOW:

April 5th Saturn the planet which represents structure and order and karma moves Retrograde in Sagittarius from 4/5 to August 25th.   I like Saturn retrograde because for me, the rules come off a bit and folks seem a bit looser and easier to deal with, but getting that loan or creating order from NON ORDER will not be as easy as you might like.  Sagittarius is the sign of freedom and DON”T FENCE ME IN, will be our theme through much of this next few months.
April 9th Mars (Action) catches up with Ceres in Taurus.   Both these mid-solar system bodies possess the ability to be… well,  Hair-triggered, reactive, knee jerk and defensive energies are certainly available should you choose to use them?   Astrology guides and gives us energy but we do not have to use it do we?  Recognize the reactive collective impulse, impetus urges out there. And if you choose?  You can stand above such response patterns and serve as a calming influence.  Since this is in Taurus, accomplishments this month just could help change your life and others.

April 9th MERCURY retrograde asks us to rethink our plans and finances in Taurus Mercury then retrogrades or backs into Aries which is much about actions April 28th and things get a bit wilder.  We shall not be out of the mercury rx. Pattern until mercury returns to 5 degrees of Taurus on May 20th and …so…remember redo, replan, revisit, rethink, replay, rejoice, reject, review and all the RE things will go great…  REAPPLY for a loan is good and reconnect with those from your past is good also.   NOT a bad time, we have 4 mercury rx. Per year, just a time to allow us to breathe if we will take it?

April 10th Full moon with the  Moon in Libra (mantra)  I am centered and grounded, I know how to balance my obligations to others with my obligations to myself  The moon in this chart is sitting with Jupiter in Libra and asks us to believe that we can have harmony and care for each other  (SABIAN symbol for the moon at 22 degrees of Libra is Libra 22:A child giving birds a drink at a fountain.)

For this full moon we also have the  Sun in Aries (Mantra) Aries  I am courageous. I am whole.  I stand in my power I follow my passion and dreams  (Sabian Symbol for 22 Aries is Aries 22: The gate opens to the garden of all fulfilled desires.  (now we begin to Release as the moon grows smaller each day and this Full moon is much about relationships, with self and others and the sun in the sky is sitting right next to Uranus (change) so expect a wild May also.

We now have 4 planets in Capricorn asking us to take charge, 4 in Pisces asking us to lay back and let go, and  Lol, you get to choose don’t you?

April 15th Venus finally moves direct and many of us will have a much better idea of the next step, but please remember Saturn just rx. And mercury rx.  Double check all plans please, trust in the details only when you have checked them out again.

Get those taxes done EARLY the 18th carries some squares (challenges) to travel and communication.  The moon is in Capricorn that day and authority figures will be holding to the rules this last day to get those taxes in.

On the 19th as the sun moves to Taurus we begin to get the energy of earthy Taurus, Gemini and Cancer.  This time always brings us into a time of richness and fruitfulness.     The Symbol For the energy of Taurus until the 20 of May now is the Bull.  Taurus is a FIXED Earth sign (Earth signs are about Building and planting) So, for all of us this time gives us the dedication, tenacity and the determination to build what is most important to us

Magical energy Colors for April 19th through may 20th  are Green for growth, Pink for love and blue for clarity of thought, word, and deed and use the Stone Emerald to improve psychic powers, sharpen intellect, intuition, vision and memory.

The plant sacred to this time is the Hawthorne also known as the May tree which blooms only in May and is used for clarity, visions and psychic ability.

April 20th Pluto the planet of death, regeneration and rebirth moves Retrograde until September 28th in Capricorn.  Since this planet is not a PEARSONAL planet and spends so much time retrograde you may not even notice it,  but since we are gathering Capricorn energy where events are happening for you will be HOT for the next 2 years…(time for an appointment?  This time is pretty much like a train heading for a destination and very easy to read events for people right now)***

On the 21st and Mars the planet of action leaves behind its kind of angry Aries, and stuck Taurus energy and enters much more social Gemini. I expect things to begin to move more easily now

Saturday 22nd  WOWSERS  SOOO  much psychic energy on Friday, Saturday and into Sunday.  WOW

April 24th and 25th Dark of the moon magical wishing time in Aries and Taurus and then the NEW MOON
BRINGING IN TIME 4/28 5:16am PDT and wow is this a power packed chart:  4 planets in Pisces right next to 5 planets in Aries, and a sun, moon new moon at 6 degrees of TAURUS (Sabian Symbol for this is) Taurus 6: A bridge being built across a high narrow gorge.   And boy aren’t we ready for some bridge building….

Wednesday April 26th New moon in Taurus Moon in Taurus and SUN in Taurus Mantras:    I release all blocks and know that I truly can move forward and create and build something from nothing it is within my power

Gifts this month are an ability to readjust our beliefs and goals and also for us all to perhaps see the other guys side a bit easier?  Learning patience, and perhaps some of us learn that other opinions other than our own can be OK and right for THEM, even if they are not right for us.

GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES are:  (lol)  learning to STOP self from REACTIONS and move into positive real world goals and actions.  Learning what is Stubborness and what is truly your own objective and … being consistant.

This is not a bad month, but lots is happening to assist us to grow.  ALWAYS PLEASE REMEMBER THE GOAL of SPRING IS ::: energetically… TIME OF the east (AND we all use these energies nomatter what our own sun sign is ..

 SPRING EQUINOX March 20th     ARIES:::::::::: The Spirit keeper for the moons of the east is WABUN, the time of the east is about the EAGLE and the season is spring.  The time of day is dawn and the colors are red and gold.  The powers of the East are ILLUMINATION and WISDOM this year

MARCH 20th  until April 19th is the BUDDING TREES moon.  People born under this moon are the RED HAWK people.  Their plant is the Dandelion, their color is yellow and their stone is the fire opal, and their clan is the THUNDERBIRD Clan.  Like the hawk, these folks are quick to fly into things, or out of them.  They have clear vision, and their compliments like talons sometimes sting, they are far seeing, energetic, independent, strong willed, and need to learn more patience.

April 19th through May 20th is the FROGS RETURN MOON (earth) TAURUS

People born under this moon are the BEAVER people.  Their plant is the BLUE CAMAS their color is BLUE and their stone is CHRYSOCOLLA.  They are TURTLE CLAN.  These people are hard working, orderly, home oriented and strong.  They sometimes hold back their feelings as effectively as the beavers dam holds back the water.  They are affectionate, self reliant, patient and stable.  Beaver people sometimes need to curb their stubbornness and tendency to overindulge


May 20th  through June 20th  is the CORNPLANTING MOON.  (GEMINI)  AIR. People born under this moon are Deer people.  Their plant is the YARROW, their colors are white and green and their stone is the moss agate.  Their elemental clan is the BUTTERFLY Clan.  They are clever, intuitive, alert, eager and resourceful.  They like to create and enjoy beautiful things.  They must learn to be more consistent and less suspicious.

I hope to see you for an appointment, I am in Federal Way, Washington the 29th, 30th and 5/1  and will be hopefully at these shows…  always available for skype or telephone and those calendars 2017 until MAY 2018

So you can still GET A FULL year, of a reading, report writer, timing, personalized astrology calendar, cd and much more..  $200   or an 2 hour apt.  $155   and

I  hope to see you at Mystical Winds in Anacortes: Sat., April 8th 10am-5pm, Anacortes Senior Center, 1701 22nd St, Anacortes, WA


Odd Mall:  (Emporium of the Weird):Sat. and Sun., May 20th & 21st….Tacoma Convention Center


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February Eclipse and into March, venus rx. and more

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HOT Damn eclipses February 2017 are you ready?

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INFO ON CAROL Sunday Nov 13 full moon eve

November 13, 2016

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Carol sent out some e mails last night to people trying to find spots for them, 3 hours later was back in er.  (written on the 17th of October: She is really ill and in the most horrible pain, has a acute infection and digenerative spinal disease along with diabetes out of control and they […]

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