Wednesday December 2, 2015

by admin on November 29, 2015

Wednesday December 2, 2015

Today at 2:09am the moon enters practical and hard working Virgo for an interesting ride on the NOT so Virgo side.

Today at 4:13pm as the moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces wow, we are asked to believe the impossible, or is it  recognize what we are hearing and seeing is NOT the truth but someone else’s idea of what is happening?

5;41pm pst as the moon in Virgo Squares Saturn in Sagittarius we are karmically  being asked to recognize that there is more than one truth.  Had this discussion with my daughter on Thanksgiving.  THIS world we live in is not black and white, but so gray and our views, decisions and opinions are so based upon what we have read, learned and heard.

Today I ask you to think not with your head or heart but with your GUT, and build bridges not walls …  bridges let us find many truths, walls will ultimately always fall and harm those hiding behind them.

YEP some serious stuff today and at 11:40pm we have our LAST QUARTER Square as the sun (the now) and the moon (emotions) set up into a challenging aspect as we are 1/2 of the way to that new moon on the 11th in Sagittarius and our challenge is going to be with this one to recognize there is more than ONE RIGHT WAY:

OUR way is not necessarily others way and until we recognize that we all came with a game plan and we have to honors others rights we are going to be challenged by this energy.  NOT to worry we have 2 and 1/2 years of figuring out how to heal so many things in this world.

LOL and today I am putting up my new computer?  OR NOT?  lol


–     Color today turquoise and use the stone of the same for connection to the blue of  The water and the SKY  and the green of Earth and spiritual energy as they come together in harmony

–      Oil of Ylang Ylang to relax, balance and restore confidence and self love

Kiss for today:  do what your inner voice guides you to do with harm to none and ENJOY LIFE


DREAMS should be wild tonight, take notes:


Squares ask that you shift your perception so that you Can see what is going on.   So, a rough aspect justAsks that you MOVE a bit, you can do that, right?


“I believe life does work like TiVo. You may not realize that capabilities such as automatic search, record, replay, and fast–forward come standard with your brain.”– Martha Beck

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Tuesday December 1, 2015

by admin on November 29, 2015

Tuesday December 1 2015

Todays energy really supports open hearted energy.  Anything done which is fun, creative and done without anger is going to go well, if not today, then down the line.

WE have a great aspect with Uranus around 12:30am which  may have some of us rather sleepless but full of great ideas.

6am MERURY TRINE URANUS  wow, talk about great communication, petal to the metal ideas, visions, imagination and diarreah of the mouth for some.   This day carries such powerful communication and brain fog clearing energy I love it

Writing, journaling and just getting busy with that Leo moon to plan fun and surprises and things which bring your heart joy is my ideas for us all today.

At 7:09pm the moon and Venus  our emotions (moon) and What we want (Venus) work well as the moon moves v/c so from 7:09pm until the moon enters Virgo at 2:09am we have a GREAT V/C and some really excellent energy:

expect some

WONDERFUL dreams tonight.

–     Color today white for purity

–     Oil of frankincense for the same

–     Pearls for connecting into tenderness and intuition

And  to slow you down

–     Kiss, use kindness in all you say and do please


A lie has speed, but truth has endurance. 

Edgar J. Mohn


AND what is a lie but someone else’s truth  At the moment?    (This is Neptune folks)

What is real?   IS anything really real except  Your connection to source? and isn’t that continually

changing all the time?


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Monday November 30 2015

by admin on November 29, 2015

Kiss is keep it simple sweetie for the day

V/c is when the moon times out and things do not go

as expected

Planets are actors and have a part to play

Signs are the costumes the planets wear

Aspects are how the planets are playing together

Moon is emotions so we keep track of what sign it is in each

day to better understand our own and others moods


**************************************** Monday November 30, 2015

The Moon in Leo works well with Saturn at 6:48am pst and many of us will get LOTS done today.

At 7:54am the moon and sun bring strong fire energy in and again we are inspired to action.

12:47pm pst Mars brings further GOOD energy to a really passionate and intense Monday for us all.

11:40pm I shall be writing tonight, wow, what GREAT energy as Mercury and the moon ask us to write, speak and move forward our heart energy.  and.

Again we talk Shamanic mystery energy as The Sun enters Ophiuchus, a.k.a the serpent bearer, according to modern day astronomy maps every year on this date. It is important to know that the constellation boundaries were redrawn by astronomers in 1928 giving rise to the confusion about the 13th sign.

Ophiuchus is the constellation linked with Aesclepius (a master healer taught by Chiron) and when the Sun is in this area of the sky it is a great time for paying attention to your dreams as it relates to your personal healing journey and imaging radiant health and well-being as the divine birthright we all deserve to experience.   So this is a time of imagination and healing.

Like imagining and FEELING and seeing that someday we shall have peace and that we can help in some way.

The power of imagination makes us infinite. ~John Muir

Imagination is more important than knowledge. ~Albert Einstein

Kiss for today is….be open to something new and maybe

Balance today ½ work and ½ play.  Balance

And creativity, and new  is the key now for us all.

–     Color today purple for spirituality which to me is

Being at one and content with our lives

–     Use MALACHITE which besides being a stone of

MONEY is a stone which is said to help belief systems and

Helps us pull out beliefs that are not working for us

–     Oil of Sage  for inner and outer clearing


MAKE INTENTIONS TONIGHT BEFORE BED: If you cannot imagine, then imagine you can imagine

What you most desire tonight


Don’t know what you want?  Imagine that you are

Being held by your guides, angels and (YOU ARE)

And ask them to help you, (THEY WILL)

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Sunday November 29, 2015

by admin on November 29, 2015

Sunday the 29th the moon enters Leo at 4:47pm until December 2nd .  I always see the sign of Leo as remembering our pride, our strengths and truly learning to trust in self, this fire sign can be one of the most insecure on the inside while roaring like the lion on the outside.  The difference now is that we are encountering some magical and mystical places Shamanically and the moon in Leo will either bring out our best or worst the next few days.  Allow this energy to open your heart and remember we are all hurt , we are all afraid, and we are all healing ******************************************************************** ******************************************************************** Sunday November 29, 2015

Around Midnight as Jupiter the planet of our beliefs works with that moon Still in Cancer dreams last night could have brought up some old emotions and memories and if you think about it perhaps that was about seeing how strong you are:

At 4:46am as the moon in Cancer makes what is called a Square (challenging aspect) with Venus, what we desire now in the sign of Libra, peace and calm can seem very far away.  News and others seem to work to pull us into THEIR STUFF today.  AVOID IF POSSIBLE PLEASE:

6:50am pst the . Sun (the now) sitting at  (07 Sagittarius 03) is square Neptune sitting at (07 Pisces 03)   With the sun now in Sagittarius desiring freedom and Neptune in Pisces asking what we believe, another aspect trying to test our beliefs and visions is here today.

At 4:47pm pm pst the . Moon enters Leo at 4:47 and from fears and doubt many will move to who gives a  xxxx   attitudes as they blow off the blues and open to fun and maybe a more adventuresome attitude.

As if to challenge this  The Sun conjuncts (sits on top ) of Saturn the time keeper,  karmic planet who is now sitting at (07 Sagittarius 23) at 4:16 pm.   HOW does this one work?  WELL, I have a rather light and fluffy Saturn in my birthchart  (GEMINI) energy.

For those who are a bit more serious and duty bound you could be feeling that this day never ends or is it your list of duties you HAD to get done?

For those like me, it is a lightening energy to recognize what is important, will the world end if you do not get something done or finished?   FOR most of us, probably not.

My quote for us all today is to take ourselves and others LIGHTLY.

and I know many of you were expecting this a couple of  days ago….guess I kind of went v/c myself and suddenly today went OMG….   WRITE TIME:: and with sending this tonight is dangerous indeed as many of you who receive the report at work will undoubtedly

drop off.   AND maybe have to re enter. I try to send during the week because many of you get this at your work address.            MEA CULPA,

Just be aware that people are feeling all that FIRE IN THE

Sky and may have some fires of their own going on in their

Minds.  Be nice, IT WILL PAY OFF TODAY is your kiss

–     Color today silver for sure for intuition, and something

stone wise for protection, black tourmaline, jet, agate, obsidian

would be great  (NO receptive stones today please)  and use jet

to ground you or obsidian or agate

–     Oil of Cedar wood for calming and protective and purifying

energy.  Did you know that North American Indians used this oil

to increase spiritual awareness and communication?

–     Color today Blue for clarity and vision


One’s action ought to come out of an achieved  stillness:  not to be a mere rushing onD.H. Lawrence


Is it time for you to speak in some way also? Is there something you need to be talking about,

spreading the word and urging others to action?  This Leo (fire)  moon and Sun in Sagittarius (Fire)  certainly encourages that strongly

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Saturday November 28, 2015

November 29, 2015

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Animal totem and tarot for the next week

November 29, 2015

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Friday November 26, 2015

November 20, 2015

Where is cancer in your chart?  Every month when the moon enters Cancer since it is my 8th house of intimacy and I am close to lots of my clients, the doors and e mails begin, but for us all the sign of cancer when the moon enters it, TODAY at 11:27am pst we are […]

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Thursday November 26, 2015

November 20, 2015

For those of you who honor Thanksgiving, HAPPY TURKEY OR VEGGIE DAY< lol and for all of us this day again challenges us about how and what we are thinking so, like I will be working to do…  lets lose our minds and connect to our souls ******************************************************* ****************************************************** Thanksgiving November 26, 2015   Today I […]

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Wednesday November 25, 2015 FULL MOON RISING

November 20, 2015

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Tuesday November 24, 2015

November 20, 2015

IN CELTIC LORE WE ARE entering the time of the Elder Moon: November 24 – December 23 The Elder Moon is a month of beginnings and endings. The winter solstice has passed, and the Elder moon is a time of endings. Although the Elder can be damaged easily, it recovers quickly and springs back to […]

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