Monday March 30, 2015

by admin on March 25, 2015

Monday march 30th 2015 MOON V/C day

I wonder sometimes why Mondays are oftentimes challenging astrologically but they are, maybe because we are all here to learn and to learn we need some obstacles in the road or we would just cruise through life Speeding, which I would strongly advise you to not do today please.

the moon in Leo touches JUPITER at Midnight overdoing sleep? OR OVERDOING mind, or just twitchy bodies, not the most settled energy

12:45am a VENUS PLUTO TRINE, (ENGLISH) What I want (VENUS) makes happy with what I need to do to get what I want (PLUTO) not usually a good indicator of sleep but more about action.

6:19am the Moon in Leo argues with Venus the planet of what we desire wearing the sign of TAURUS, Venus now in Taurus would like us to connect to earth, calm down, center and figure what we Truly want so she can help us get it. Leo moon just wants what it wants RIGHT NOW:

6:57am as the moon in Leo plays well with URANUS in Aries, the urge to run over obstacles comes in very strongly to today. and the moon goes v/c meaning all day your urges to run over things and mine might be very powerful.

IF I run over my negative thoughts, my obstacles, my own STUFF this will be a good day, if I choose to run over others maybe not so good. this V/C will bring the UNEXPECTED to us all. so…slow down and go around rather than through problems if possible today please.

At 6:44pm Mercury the planet of thinking and speaking enters ARIES land and. Lol, well, just remember before you speak.. DO I REALLY want to say, write , express this?

AND does anyone else really want to hear it… Mercury in Aries is always a wild time of me working hard to help show folks how to back up and redo something they agreed to or said.

AGREE OVER THIS NEXT MONTH ONLY TO WHAT YOU MUST DO OR YOU DESIRE TO DO. the urge to take it all on is very powerful right now but you are more powerful aren’t you?

Smile and remember we are in a time when what you feel and think is GOING TO BECOME reality, avoid negative people this week, get into nature, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and create with ideas the life you desire… …It is not too early to begin to wish and plan and dream and FEEL right now

Color today your FAVORITE color

Use the stone which feels good to you

Smell nature, trees, the fresh air and maybe Sage or smudge if the energy is not as you might like Other ideas might be: 2 young living oils I absolutely LOVE:

Transformation: Powerfully uplifting essential oils such as peppermint and rosemary meet spiritually grounding sandalwood and frankincense to create a blend ideal for banishing negative emotions and empowering you to make positive changes.*

Abundance: With the prosperity-attracting frequencies of eight ancient oils that have been prized as symbols of wealth, Abundance is formulated to help elevate the mind, create serenity, and clear your way to new possibilities.*


Please do not get discouraged: When you dig a well, there’s no sign of water until you reach it, only rocks and dirt to move out of the way. You have removed enough; soon the pure water will flow,” said Buddha.”


YOUNG LIVING Cedarwood which is the oil highest in sesquiterpenes; this is what cheers you up, brings blood to the brain and helps emotionally but maybe most important to me is how it assists to heal cells and aids with the release of repressed emotion which believe we hold even from past lives . . ask for more information from Sharon Brigance posts him all the time and her site is Sharon Brigance . Distributor ID# 329602 e mail


ALL Astrology is written in Seattle Washington Time zones. PDT at the moment, you will need To change times in alignment with the area you Live in if you wish exact times for events, but in astrology usually you are feeling BIG things days before and after…Little events or for ritual go to times in Google and they will make the changes to your zone for you: just looked up a client in Japan to book her in today



AND I ALWAYS DO AN UPDATE IN KENT WASHINGTON on the 4th WEDNESDAY each month and will continue to do so, EVEN AFTER I AM MOVED please sign up and prepay on my website minimal BY MONDAYS PRECEEDING this event and I hope those of you who did not make it tonight will be signing Up BY MONDAY the 20th of APRIL for the 23rd Update in Kent Washington


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Sunday March 29, 2015

by admin on March 25, 2015

March 29th, 2015 HAPPY SUNDAY and today is Palm Sunday

For me today is a day of rest, this Leo moon is begging us all to enjoy life, to open our hearts and to see and feel beauty.

At 8:14am Saturn in Sagittarius says, FREE AT LASE FREE AT LAST Lets be FREE today and relish that freedom and our own truth

At 4:40pm the sun in Aries and the moon in Leo bring light and joy and again freedom with lots of FIRE ENERGY today. Remember you can use fire to bring warming energy, cook our food, or burn the house down, CHOOSE and remember good days are very OFTEN CHOSEN by us not the sky, the SKY IS choosing a good day, what are you choosing today?

KISS: Within your mind, heart and soul internally Create what you really want and apply Yourself to that inner mind creation today and tonight

- Color today Yellow for the joy you are going to find When you apply yourself to what you really want and Make that commitment

- I will say that Golden citrine, golden calcite or any Gold stone or metal stone will work wonderfully today: GOLD is the color of that sun in Aries now

- Oil or sage of sandalwood with is one of the highest concentrations of Sesquiterpenes which stimulate the limbic region of the brain and helping to release melatonin, THIS is the restful and happy smell that helps us sleep better and also supports nerves and

circulation. GET SOME TODAY

AND if you want a good day, then keep out of others stuff and keep to your own …TODAY is about you if you will allow it?

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Saturday March 28, 2015

by admin on March 25, 2015

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY TO BE THE CHANGE YOU DESIRE TO SEE IN THE WORLD I guess that is everyday really isn’t it?

On Saturday the 28th at 10:48pm the moon will enter the 5th sign of the ZODIAC Leo:

the sign of joy, risks, romance, children, gambling, fun and creativity, so expect during this time until Monday the 31st at 11:12am you will be needing more zip, ZAM and POW in your life, just as we all will, plan some fun time and if not? Color, listen to your favorite song, do something to get you into heart centered energy, animals do it for me



Kent commons in Kent Washington will be hopping today at we begin with that great Cancer MOON encouraging life, love and fun as we listen to inner voice..

At 2:55pm a wonderful aspect happens with Mercury the planet of understanding and lots of messages can be had today if you are open to listening to the joyful approach and not caught in the negatives?

At 6:58pm a square to Mars creates a bit of doubt on the next action for some and creates a moon v/c time of inner searching to find inward answers. This could be a very profound day to receive messages about safety, security and what is truly important to you.

Then The Moon enters Leo at 10:48 pm. Leo can be pride centered, but it is always Asking us to move to HEART energy and be brave Enough to open ourselves to love no matter what The history of our heart has been.


Remember that song? I’m going to wash that man Right out of my hair? It was in one of my favorite Movies SOUTH PACIFIC because that movie was The first one I really saw that dealt with Prejudice And allowed us to see its cost.

Anyway, how about

Instead of washing someone out of our hair today We wash some IDEAS about others out of our mind And then open our heart with the LEO Stuff asking us To fulfill the promises we made to ourselves when we Signed to come here?

Life is a promise; fulfill it. Mother Theresa

- Color today white for purity of vision

- Use pearls for intuition and connection to inner voice I am wearing to the show today Marcasite and also LOVELY WHITE SELENITE, I think, lol, jewelry and colors always call to me and I usually have a plan and then someone in my jewelry case says. NOOOOO WEAR MEEEEE and I obey.

- Kiss for today, listen, watch and keep arguments for another day (LET IT PASS OVER YOU If possible) NOT through you, float free and enjoy today please

- Oil of Cypress, which improves lymph flow, and refreshes and relaxes AS WELL as on the bottom of your feet give you a much lighter and joyful energy

WILD DREAMS TONIGHT, make intentions and ask your guides and angels to come in and help you with the next step tonight..


“Deliberately seeking solitudequality time spent away from family and friendsmay seem selfish. It is not. Solitude is as necessary for our creative spirits to develop and flourish as are sleep and food for our bodies.” Sarah Ban Breathnach


Don’t let yesterday use up too much of your today. – Will Rogers


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ANIMAL TOTEM and card for the week

by admin on March 25, 2015

MOON V/C is when the moon (emotions) and the (PAST) do not react as you might think, it is not always a bad time, but usually a time when things do not happen as we were sure they would, so I seldom recommend moon v/c as a time to make a major purchase, get married, neuter the dog, or do anything which you would desire certain outcome for. A GREAT day to be loose and a time when allowing the universe to flow to you and bring you new options


ANIMAL TOTEM is the BAT which is a very lucky totem (OUR TOTEM FOR HAPPINESS HAS ARRIVED) how about we begin to see, feel and think this?

In the Chinese Tradition A picture of a bat (fu ??) can be a visual pun for “good fortune” or happiness. Often the bat is shown flying upside down because the character (dao ??) for “upside-down” and the character (dao ??) meaning “to have arrived” are both pronounced dao. Therefore, if a person were to say “the bat is flying upside down” a listener could just as easily hear this as “happiness has arrived Two bats facing each other mean double good fortune or happiness

Some of the lucky Bat Amulets . display five bats which stand for the “Five Blessings”, namely longevity, wealth, health and composure, virtue, and the desire to die a natural death in old age. (View five bat charm.) A very popular design traditional Chinese houses consists of five bats surrounding the Chinese character for “longevity” (shou??) which represents the expression wu fu peng shou (????????) or “five fortunes surround longevity

In Western Tradition Bat stands for DEATH, and renewal and the dying of the old us, and boy have I had hundreds of e mails and lots of $30 questions this last week all saying I am UNHAPPY< I feel lost, what is going on: Well, Shaman initiates go through a ritual death, sometimes with the aid of teacher plants and/or fasting. Here they confront their fears and are reborn without their old identities. Bats help us to release fear and patterns which no longer fits within our pattern of growth.

Bat flying into your life signifies that transformation of the ego self is about to occur, the end of a way of life and the start of another. This transition can be very frightening for many, even just to think about. But you will not grow spiritually until you let go these old parts of you that are NOT NEEDED. Facing the darkness before you will help you find the light in rebirth. The bat gives you the wisdom required to make the appropriate changes for the birthing of your new identity.


TAROT Card appropriately is the Death Card, which is not the end of the rose, but the pulling back of energy and the readying of REBIRTH for the new Roses coming: Death (La Mort) The Child of the Great Transformers; The Lord of the Gate of Death

Card Number: 13 WHICH IS A 4 of security Key Number: 24 Which is a 6 of love

Rulership: Scorpio Much about feeling Deeply Hebrew Letter: Nun

Translation: Fish ABOUT swimming with our emotions

Divinatory meaning The beginning of a new life. As a result of underlying circumstances transformation and change. Major changes. The end of a phase in life which has served its purpose. Abrupt and complete change of circumstances, way of life and patterns of behavior due to past events and actions. Alterations.

Numerical Value: 12 WHAT DO WE LEARN #3 above?


ONLY IN LETTING GO can we create space for something new, Only in letting go of looking into the past can we see into our future, Only in recognizing the precious moment we have RIGHT Now Can we live fully and create better days for tomorrow

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Saturday March 28, 2015

March 25, 2015

On Saturday the 28th at 10:48pm the moon will enter the 5th sign of the ZODIAC Leo: the sign of joy, risks, romance, children, gambling, fun and creativity, so expect during this time until Monday the 31st at 11:12am you will be needing more zip, ZAM and POW in your life, just as we all […]

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Friday March 27, 2015

March 25, 2015

Friday March 27th the moon in Cancer is very busy today and challenges are to stay present in the moment, get out of the rear view mirror view of life and do not take things too seriously if possible today. 12:43am we enters the FIRST QUARTER square meaning we are 1/2 of the way from […]

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Thursday March 26, 2015

March 25, 2015

March 26th at 12:45pm PDT the moon enters the 4th sign of the Zodiac Cancer, this moon sign is very different from friendly and open GEMINI, Cancer moon, feels often rather than thinking, processes inwardly and is in OPPOSITION to the Strong Capricorn and out there energy: SO until the moon enters LEO on the […]

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March 16, 2015

WILD IMAGINATION AND DREAM ENERGY AGAIN HIGH TIDE WARNING:: (emotional tides)Thursday the 26th coming, think about it and get ready. ******************************************************* SEE YOU AT DENNYS TONIGHT I HOPE? March 25, Wednesday. 2015 The moon in Gemini today carries some really interesting new ideas and glad that I am doing the Kent update tonight, we should […]

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Tuesday March 24, 2015

March 16, 2015

Tuesday the 24th the Moon enters Gemini at 6;22a and changing our mind to change our life is easier until Thursday the 26th at 12:45pm when the moon will enters Safety conscious Cancer *************************************************** Tuesday March 24, 2015 The moon remains v/c until 6;22am when it enters GEMINI: bringing lots of options and a much […]

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Monday March 23, 2015

March 16, 2015

March 23, Monday. 2015 MOON V/c 7;24am until 6:22am tomorrow I am so impassioned Now to help everyone recognize that whoever We are today, is NOT who we will be tomorrow. And so am hoping that like I have heard so often.. A word sent out across the miles can touch someone’s Heart and soul […]

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