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Friday the 13th… I HAVE A GREAT ARTICLE ON MY Website about this day, FROM STEVE NELSON::

Friday the 13th is truly a LUCKY DAY and am Going to include what I have written about today…


Happy Friday the 13th .…Read this and perhaps change your beliefs about this magical day.
and the website has an whole Friday the 13th history article from Steve Nelson, visit and learn xoxox carol

Today, .FRIDAY THE 13th AUGUST 2010

With the moon in LIBRA (relationships) we begin to interact with VENUS, what we want, Mars, how to get what we want, VESTA Sacred commitment and Saturn building and structure (ALL IN LIBRA MIXING with the moon today) WOW:::WOW::WOW:::  (GO To the website

Today, Uranus the planet of surprises moves backwards out of Aries and into Pisces at 8:31pm creating a magical dreamy energy and slowing down forward motion a bit..

Today with good Aspects to the Sun (the light) and Moon (emotions) Mars (action) Vesta (sacred connection) and Saturn, the planet of accountability, responsibility, duty, obligations and karma, this day should bring much ancient and wise information to us all from the depths of our souls if we take a few minutes to sit quietly and ask for guidance.

This is a day to celebrate the Goddess of Love, Prosperity and Good Fortune. In ancient times when a 13 month lunar calendar was kept with seven day weeks, there were 13 Friday the 13ths each year and there were considered holy days with ceremonial Celebrations for the Goddess on Friday the 13th also considered a day of Great fortune and luck. …Urban legends has this to say about Friday the 13th… (VISIT THE WEBSITE FOR THE REST OF THE

ARTICLE) it is excellent and Steve Nelson Rocks, if you wish to  Be on his e mail list e mail him at  (THIS IS A SMALL Excerpt from the article: The stellium of planets (Saturn, Venus and Mars) coming together in early Libra during this solar eclipse Moon cycle (7/11-8/9-2010) invokes a shift in consciousness from the extremes to a yin / yang balance.

The beginning of Libra is like the beginning of night, the first hour following Sunset when day and night, yang and yin are harmonically balance. This is the best time to meditate to bring peace to the world, our world within and the greater world without.

The ancient astrologers located the river Styx in the early degrees of Libra about where Baghdad is the zodiac on Earth. No wonder the Tower of Babel was built here where inner and outer worlds connect.

The 1st decant (first 10 degrees)  of Libra constellation is Serpens the serpent who teaches Aesclepius the art of medicine. It should come as no surprise that here where our mythic history locates the Garden of Eden is where we find the serpent.  (FOR EXAMPLE:::I have mercury and Neptune at 3 Libra that would be the first Decant, and my sun sign is at 23 Libra which is 3rd Decan)

Steve is a mythic astrologer knowing all the old wisdom associated With all planetary activity. He has a vast amount of knowledge and Very rarely sends articles but when he does they ROCK::: ASK HIM FOR HIS LATEST::: Gaia Awakening, Mid-Leo Gate Aug 6-8, Chiron & the Avatars

Use this magical day to awaken yourself to connection to source And recognize URANUS BACK INTO PISCES is again asking us to reform Our dreams into a vision which will be so much more than we thought we Could ever be.

– Kiss for today is get out and have some fun

– Color today yellow for joy

– Use citrine or ametrine for the same MANY OF YOU ARE aware that I support strongly people using “YOUNG LIVING” oils because of their purity.   Oil of Purification  Before we can heal our Selves, we first need to come clean with ourselves. The energy of Purification will help you to forgive your Self for making choices you did not understand completely at the time.

Once you are free of regret and Self pity, you can start healing your Self after which you will automatically heal everyone around you with radiant unconditional love. Purify your Self with this oil…



The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. — William Hutchinson Murray


Recently in an Alan Cohen newsletter he talked about babies Switched at birth and the families when they found out many years later moving onto a farm together…and how our spirit thinks and believes we are one thing and later in life we discover Truly we are someone else…

and how this can co mingle… the past with our new future, as we GROW and change with the changes in the sky, honor the past And who you were as you excitedly greet the new you coming and Recognize that both you’s can live and create together.

Your life is an interplay of frequencies of experience. You have the power to choose frequencies that match your intentions. Inner peace is not a random event created by outer conditions. It is a purposeful experience created by inner choice Alan Cohen and read the Friday 13th article and maybe the SOUL MATE ONE Also… Enjoy and recognize that miracles are all around us and…… the Gates of ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ARE WIDE OPEN RIGHT NOW:::

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