Friday 13th is a LUCKY DAY

by admin on May 11, 2011

Friday the 13th is a LUCKY DAY:  VISIT my website for an article on this, and read how this energy could make this a day of magic.

Moon in Libra or the 7th house I am centered and grounded,  I know how to balance my obligations to others with my obligations to myself ;  The Motto for Libra is   “I BALANCE”

Friday May 13, 2011

the moon moves into Libra at 8:56am and we strive for balance in all relationships but with the moon in Peace loving Libra and Uranus the energy of change in Aries and these 2 opposing each other today?

WELL, peace could be acceptance that things are changing and we need to do the same.

At 8:41pm as the moon squares Pluto many of us will be ready for a nice weekend, but like last weekend the sky seems to have some work for us to do.   Be open to compromise and at 3:06am tomorrow morning the moon (emotions) makes a touchdown on Saturn
(order, structure and discipline) going backwards in Libra…  IN ENGLISH:  AVOID confrontations this weekend

–           Color today Green for healing

–           Use pine or fir or some outdoorsy oil to connect you to your path

–           Iolite which clears negativity and banishes the Blues and is called the  SECURITY OF SELF stone

–           Oil of Ginger for endowing us with courage  and physical energy

Kiss for today is GO WITH THE FLOW and do not expect to get all the answers but you can get TONS Done today if you just apply yourself. and avoid fighting

May 13th we have a very active Moon aspect Chiron,
an asteroid known as “the wounded healer,” and all the
 planets except the Sun and Saturn.  are in an aspect called an inconjunct.  Generally, the inconjunct is considered a stressful aspect, as we are seemingly required to make a choice  between two incompatible situations.  The challenge is to see  the value in each rather than favoring one over the other. 

What are you neglecting in your life?  THIS weekend may bring it into your consciousness so that you can fix it.

*”Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.” — Glenda Cloud

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.     Annie Dillard

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