2013 full and new moons until i can get on site

by admin on December 13, 2012

        JANUARY 01, 2013   Moon 25 Degrees of Leo, this is a HOT spot for you  in 2013  

WELCOME TO 2013 Full and new moons and please contact me at carolastro@carolbarbeau.com  if you wish more information or an appointment.  I have a new telephone # 253 838 1179   carolastro@carolbarbeau.com  e mail, see you in 2013?


NEW moon BRINGS in energy, time for growth and to begin new businesses and encourage things which you wish to grow, cut hair?  it grows faster now


Full Moons, times to let go, releasing is easier, things fall away and we do not have to try so hard to let go and Let …  take over.   Cut hair now and it grows slower


New moon      1/11/2013        11:44AM Pst   Sun and moon 22 Capricorn


Full Moon       1/26/2013        8:38pm Pst Moon 7 Leo    Sun 7 Aquarius


New Moon      2/9/2013          11:20pm Pst    Sun and Moon 22 Aquarius


Full Moon       2/25/2013        12:26pm Pst   Moon 7 Virgo    Sun 7 Pisces


New Moon      3/11/2013        12:51pm Pst    Moon and Sun 22 Pisces


SPRING Equinox  2013   March 20th 4:05am as the SUN ENTERS Aries


Full Moon       3/27/2013        02:35:am Pst   Moon 7 Libra  Sun 7 Aries


(beginning in April there will be planets taking their places in the Cardinal sign

of Cancer and Water energy is powerful in 2013)**** water is intuition, emotions,

feelings, passions and most of all the best energy to use to truly connect yourself

with what you need to do for healthy self care..*****


New Moon      April 10, 2013 2:35am Pst      Moon and Sun 21 Aries


FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE 4/25/2013 12:57pm PDT as the Sun and Mars at 5 degrees of Taurus opposes the Moon, and Saturn at 5 Scorpio


NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE 5/9/2013  05;28pm PDT  Sun & Moon 20 Taurus


FULL moon LUNAR ECLIPSE 5/24 9:25pm PDT  moon 4 Sagittarius Sun 4 Gemini


New Moon      6/8/2013  8:56am PDT  Sun and moon 18 Gemini


SUMMER solstice 2013 June 20  10;04pm Pdt as the sun enters Cancer


Full Moon       6/23/2013  4:32am PDT Moon 2 Capricorn Sun 2 Cancer


New Moon      7/8/2013  12:14am PDT Sun and Moon 16 Cancer


Full Moon       7/22, 2013  11:15 am PDT  Moon 0 Aquarius Sun 0 Leo


New Moon      8/6/2013  2:51pm PDT  Sun and Moon 15 Leo


Full Moon       8/20/2013 6:45pm PDT  Moon 28 Aquarius  Sun 28 Leo


New Moon      9/5/2013  4:36am PDT   Sun and Moon at 13 Virgo

Full Moon       9/19/2013  4:13am Pdt Moon 27 Pisces    Sun 27 Virgo


FALL EQUINOX 9/22/2013 1:44pm PDT as the Sun Enters Libra


New Moon 10/4/2013 8:34pm PDT  Sun and Moon 12 Libra


FULL moon LUNAR ECLIPSE 10/18/  4:38pm PDT  moon 26 Aries

with the sun at 26 Libra


NEW MOON Solar Eclipse 11/3/2013 4:50am Pst Sun and moon 11 Scorpio


Full Moon       11/17/2013  7:16am Pst  Moon 25 Taurus  Sun 25 Scorpio


New Moon      12/2/2013  4:22pm Pst  Sun and Moon at 11 Sagittarius


Full Moon       12/17/2013  1:28am Pst Moon 26 Gemini  Sun 26 Sagittarius


Winter Solstice  12/21/2013  9:11am PST as the Sun enters Capricorn


Clocks strike Midnight January 1, 2014 with the moon at 9 Capricorn with the sun and a new moon coming in today:


New Moon      1/1/2014 3:14am Pst   With the sun and moon at 6 Capricorn with Pluto and Mercury  Squaring Uranus at 8 Aries   Squaring Mars in Libra……NOW THIS IS A POWER CHART:::


Full Moon       1/15, 2014  8;52pm Pst Sun 26 Capricorn and Moon 26 Cancer


REMEMBER from the full moon to the new moon LET GO:  New moon to full moon things grow easier, and the 48 hours PRIOR to the new moon are Balsamic WISHING moon times.  Eclipses toss us up in the air and last almost 6 months so 2013 is a wild year…and with all this coming…how could the world end now, we have too much to do don’t we?  Happy 2013   Namaste  Carol Barbeau

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