December 2016 Monthly Report

December 2016




NEW America and a new world

BY this time next year you will for sure know what is TRULY IMPORTANT and

Not to worry, the fighting spirit of 2017 will enable us to keep what is important

Happy birthday To all you wonderful Sagittarius and

Capricorn people, having your birthday this month.

Happy December to all of you

December was originally named for the 10th month in the Roman calendar.  Vesta the Goddess of virtue, purity and the mystical fire is the Goddess honored during this time. Vesta retrograde in LEO (A sign which gains GREAT Strength in the next year)  now is asking us to question what we Desire, what we want and what we want this next year to Manifest for the WORLD, because as time goes by we will be recognizing more and more that we are a PART and cannot separate ourselves from this planet.

Ceres, (unconditional love) Is aligned with URANUS the planet of Change in ARIES the sign of bravery, courage and the self:   Pallas Athene, (Intellect without emotions )sitting now with MARS in Aquarius is giving us a boost of rebellion. And Juno the asteroid of Partership with the Sun, Saturn, Hygea (healing) and Astrea (freedom and rebellion)) in Sagittarius are further adding FIRE To the already simmering pot.  (MY facebook page has a top picture which to me is what is happening RIGHT NOW: Breathing the fire of Passion into our lives:

  • GEMSTONES for this time are TURQUOISE the stone of prosperity and healing
  • Ruby the stone of passion and said to banish sadness and vices
  • Zircon which was highly prized in Europe in the 14th century.  This stone was said to protect from disease and assist with sleep

With December being the 12th month of a number 1 year  it seems appropriate That the number 4 is relating to home, family, God, country and security and this isOur energy as we end 2016 and move forward into 2017 which will be an 1 year of NEW BEGINNINGS ready or not.

TODAY 12/1 we enter MERCURY RETROGRADE SHADOW ..Mercury moves retrograde on the 19th of December at 15 degrees of Capricorn  and direct January 8th at 29 degrees of  Sagittarius, another sign gaining increasing importance over the next 3 years.  Mercury in fun loving Fiery Sagittarius could seem a rather care free sign, but by December 2nd, TOMORROW we are going to for sure be seeing some things which scream out for system changes (Tomorrow mercury moves into Capricorn)  so expect this mercury retrograde to be about (Sagittarius Personal Freedoms,  Capricorn (structure and order and rules)  NOT surprising is it…

The Sun in Sagittarius until the 21st is asking us to light the  way for our truth. On the 21st which is the Winter Solstice the sun enters the Earth sign of Capricorn and then the real building time begins   When  the sun enters Capricorn we will have a clearer vision of what we need to be building and maybe more energy to get it going.

December begins  many of us are still reeling from major planetary transits and planets moving forward in November which have changed our world as we know it forever.  Elections and worry about the future are strong, but I URGE US ALL to remember that we can change anything we desire as long as we KNOW and believe and work together.   Worry wastes our time, energy and takes us away from what needs doing so.

I URGE us all to take things one step at a time, do not fret about what COULD happen, instead how about when something happens for us to do something about we have our GROUP, our friends, those who feel as we do and we KEEP THE HOPE…

We are now this next year really beginning to enter into The time of Capricorn (Be the best you can be to assist everyone)  Aquarius (be unique and originally you as you assist humanity) and Pisces (dream the vision of what could be and become it)  and with PLUTO now in Capricorn we are seeing the dream become the Reality over this last 60 days aren’t we?  IT may not be YOUR dream and some of what has happened was fear based so our part of this is to keep our eyes open, and let go of the fear, we are here now and from here we must work.

Much of last months heaviness began to dissipate on November 14th with that absolutely HUGE FULL Moon, nothing like it to be seen again until 2030’s (I was being driven home from the hospital watching that huge moon feeling?  Like the whole world was being asked to LET GO OF the little Stuff and find what was important to them) (More about me at the end of you wish to read it)….and this month it if full steam ahead with much rethinking.  Uranus the planet of change is retrograde going Direct 12/29 and our only RETROGRADE planet will be Mercury (ideas and thoughts and communications)

The Full moon on the 13th of December is a powerful mix with a day full of many aspects makes this one of the busiest days in this month.    Full moons call for balance and for us to release and let go, and with the sun in Sagittarius asking for truth and the Moon in Gemini wanting more information this surely will be a lively 2 weeks until that New moon  (bringing in time) December 28th…  theme for both the Full and New moons  is Sagittarius (freedom)  Capricorn (structure) and Pisces the Dream.  But by the new moon on 12/28 the sun and Moon also will be in Capricorn.

Winter Solstice or Yule is the completion of the old year, and is the longest night of the year.  Honor the great wheel as it turns and the sun returns to the point from which it was reborn to the world.  December 21st as the sun moves into Capricorn we begin in truth the real ending of an era on this planet and the bringing in of a new time for us all.

Hanukkah begins on  Saturday, December 24 and ends the evening of Sunday January 1, 2017    Hanukkah begins with a lighting of the light of hope within us all.  I truly do believe that we can take whatever is going on and make it better and believing this truly will make it so if we can JUST believe.

The New moon on December 28th in Capricorn seems to tighten down some of

Our (all over the place) energy and really assist us focus.  The 3 days before this new

Moon are Balsamic moon or Dark of the moon magic wishing days and so 26, 27, and 28th until 10:53pm NEW MOON PST, Look for your dream during this time and ask for your Next step to come to you easily and gently.  With Chiron, Neptune, Mars, South Node and Pallas athene together in Pisces visions, and dreams and imagination are very powerful right now.

Mars which is action and Passion is in the sign of  Pisces from the 19th with that Mercury retrograde further heightening optimism and brings a more cheerful energy into being.   But getting tangible things done should be a bit elusive if you try and make it YOUR WAY, going with the flow right now unless it is of HUGE importance might be a really good ideas.

On the 29th of January 2017 when Mars moves to Aries things will really begin to take off with a bang.

IT is now  time to Review and rethink some of our plans and also to reassess our own desires and what has motivated us.  Have we been tricked into believing that we need MORE to be MORE?  Saturn (Discipline) in freedom loving Sagittarius puts fire and action on high gear this next year but expect 12/17/2017 when Saturn moves to Capricorn that changes will be well on their way and we will be asked to stand up for what we truly believe in.  Saturn in Capricorn   Asks us even further  to redefine our own goals and make some inner rules for ourselves as it says LESS can be more .   YOU will be feeling this (if you are not already) very strongly 5/9 when the Nodes shift into LEO AND AQUARIUS and the passions of 2016 are very mild compared to 2017   so…

Please, let go of what cannot be changed, change the things you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference..  This is my wish for us all over this wonderful and bright Holiday season.   The truth of life is that we so often look at what we have lost that we walk right by what we could have that would be even better.  Open your eyes and know BETTER is there for us all.    Namaste  Carol Barbeau. e mailing me at and read the article on Balsamic moon as well as finding some new things posted by 1/1/2017   I wish us all a very   Happy HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

I am so very sorry that you have missed the dailies and monthly reports, many of you know March of this year I developed hemophilic autoimmune anemia and almost crossed over, was ready but …  lol, guess the party on the other side was not ready yet.

On 10/12 I hurt a nerve, canning all my birthday plans, was into acupuncture and beginning to feel better and then the election, lol.   When folks ask how I feel about it I tell them, Well I had a stroke the next day.  A mild one but for 12 hours could not speak sensibly or remember things, at 12 hours began to remember names and within 24 seemed back to normal.

But they kept me and am on heart monitor and again, I was ready to leave but the 911 guys (I was at a restaurant) brought me back for another encore, so here I am.

I will next attempt January overview, and then try and see if dailies or at least a monthly can come forth from my energy level.  Mind is good, communication skills ok, but have far less patience with the nonsenses of life, and far more appreciation of all of you.

I thank all of you who have donated, and prayed, and sent me good thoughts and I know I am still here because of this.

Anyone who desires to get off this mailing just click on the link please at the bottom of this page and I send you all a wish that health, love, healing, joy, optimism and FAITH come into your e mail box with this Happy everyday and thank you message

Love and Gratitude Carol Barbeau

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