February 2017 Monthly Report

February 2017 Astrology Overview


YES YES YES   IT HAS BEGUN  the time is now:

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At the end of this report I have put a political statement, please read if you want to smile, it is the words of a song and it is on my facebook page.

Politics to me is a SPIRITUAL message and a mirror of events ment to inspire and move our Fannies…  and Lol.   I sure see some butts wagging that have been siting relaxing for years…    What does February   2017  ask of us all.

Well, the first words that come to mind are HOT DAMN..   kind of in an admiring tone, like wow  WOW I am inspired and for the first time in ages ready to get out there and ordained some Ministers and watch some good stuff happen and people connect.  YES  YES  YES  I KNOW, we kind of focus on the disagreements in values and ideas, but watch those who are EMPOWERED whether it is to agree or tell you that you are full of prunes, or something not so nice.

So, I think this activity is a good thing.  THE sun in Aquarius and 2 eclipses further energize this energy and so off and away we go with #1 what is an eclipse?  AND since we are energetically near enough to the first one February 8, 2017 at 4:33pm PST here in Seattle Washington ….we look at further activation of FIRE (Passion and action)  and  AIR (communication, and ideas)

Eclipses are the universes attempt to balance us if we look at them in Metaphysics.  In Metaphysical teachings we see the eclipses as an energy being BLOCKED so that we can MORE clearly see within self and what our outside world is doing…

But what are we seeing and who cares and what does this do for you?   Well, The advantage is that we are forced into a new way of looking at and seeing things in an eclipse.  Eclipses reverberate for up to 6 months and usually have a theme.

This year LEO and Aquarius are very strong as we have eclipses : with shifting signs this year, out of desire for perfection  Virgo and gentle but often confusing Pisces into the sign of stepping into leadership, and opening our hearts and souls Leo, and creating win-win environments. Even if you are not seeing it yet, it is in play, like a football game, the ball is off and being passed on to others:

Aquarius. Feb. 10, Lunar Eclipse, With the MOON at 22° Leo/ which has the Sabian Symbol of  Leo 22:A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.    And 22 degrees 28 minutes (if it were 22 degrees 30 minutes) I would be giving you 23 degrees information, so if you find other astrologers giving you different, that is why:

22 Aquarius: Sabian Symbol much about foundation   (With the Sun at ) Aquarius 22:A rug placed on the floor for children to play on.) This is the first of a series of Leo and Aquarius eclipses, not seen since 2009. You must open your heart, in Leo while Aquarius asks you to not get pulled into the drama of the world which does not concern you.  Leo says, look at your HEART and if it sings, then answer that song..

Mark Dodich astromark.us    says…. Step back from your busyness to determine what your heart wants to do next, not just what your finances or other people want of you. (GREAT ADVICE)

Feb. 26, Solar Eclipse, BLOCKING now and trying to bring back your dreams, imagination and the connection to all beings.  NEW Moon at 8 degrees 12 minutes  (since lots of astrologers think this is 9 degrees) I shall post both Pisces 8:A girl blowing a bugle.

Pisces 9:The race begins: intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed.

I had not known until reading Marks report that this is The is the last solar eclipse in Pisces until 2024. Make time for your inner spiritual well being, and for me that is body, mind and spirit. I am back getting acupuncture, spending more time in nature, near the lake, looking at the trees and thinking about HOW I AM PART OF YOU,

I am part of the trees, having a hard time being part of Spiders, but working on that one also.. I am deadly allergic to the little critters and have been in Intensive care until 3 times and live in SPIDER land with the water and trees.  So this solar eclipse New moon asks us to move backwards and maybe look where things began and find solutions?   I see this eclipse as being a much more peaceful energy than the previous one.

SO IN ASTROSPEAK, there is no ASTROLOGER I KNOW WHO WOULD NOT ADVISE YOU TO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING MAJOR, have surgery (UNLESS YOU MUST) or do major stuff between 9/10 and 9/27….  BUT if you need surgery eclipses are powerful energies of FATE and FREE WILL and never avoid doing something you need to do for your health please.

9/10 to 9/27   Need a job, and get an offer during this time, and want to take it,  DO so, please and just recognize it will morph a bit and not be exactly as you think when you take the job.  AND that is  life?

August 7, Lunar Eclipse, 16° Aquarius/Leo: This is the bookend opposite of the Feb. 11 lunar eclipse.

(PER MARK DODICH)  I have not worked on this much, but it is  a HUGE Eclipse so putting his writing here: astromark.us is his website and mark is on Facebook and all over.  GOOGLE his name, his website UNLIKE mine is right up to date and his monthly reports are GREAT:   SO  Aug. 21, Solar Eclipse, 29° Leo: THIS IS THE BIG ONE! All of the USA will be talking about this eclipse since it travels directly over the USA and the Pacific NW. The fire element is very strong now, and that is not a good thing during fire season. It also lands exactly on President Trump’s Ascendant and Mars,

so it will be interesting to watch how he is activated in the months surrounding this eclipse. This eclipse makes a harmonious trine to “expect the unexpected” Uranus. (Marks writing me below)****

Looking at Eclipses  in the language of Astronomy, a Lunar eclipse is a FULL moon always and it is a time when the Moon’s reflectivity becomes shielded  by the Earth, which crosses through the path of sunlight.  Since we are standing upon the earth the moon is blocked thus perhaps our unconscious motives and our past.

Since in Astrology the moon represents our emotions, nurturing or lack of them, past, past lives, and how we  react from a gut level….   the Earth is the NOW, and the sun is the light taking us to where our soul decides it needs to  travel this incarnation.

At a lunar eclipse time daily matters represented by the Earth,  align with the inspiring light of the Sun to override those instinctive  emotional surges which normally come to us from the moon. Thus  it oftentimes seems that our RIGHT NOW is right in front of our faces and our past recedes a bit and we are forced into seeing the reality of the NOW:

February 26 we have a Solar Eclipse which are always NEW MOONS IN PISCES: In Solar eclipses we can see the past, see more below: As a solar eclipse BLOCKS the sun which is the now so we look back more clearly and are able to access old learnings, past lives as well as this incarnation and I often see OLD relationships COME BACK:

and in Lunar eclipses we more clearly see right now and what is in front of us.  AND I hear more often  HELL NO not that again, no way.

To say February is High energy is a mild description of what I am seeing and I believe that we shall gain lots more clarity and transformation and this month will move many to be willing to transform…

February being a 2 month of a #1 YEAR means we are in the energy of 3, more willing to open and learn and maybe even Listen?

We begin the month with the sun in the air sign of Aquarius encouraging us to self thought and fulfillment.  To breaking rules which are not working for the good of the all and to be a bit more fiery than normal with MARS (the planet of action and energy) entering Aries the end of January

Followed by Venus entering Aries 2/3/2017 we are inspired to act (Mars) towards (Aries) what We (Aries) Desire (Venus) (Venus will be doing her retrograde motion in March and I will be writing more about this with the next report.  VENUS in Aries Retrograde will be connecting with URANUS the planet of Change in Aries and on the Eclipse 2/26 Mars which is action merges with URANUS which is change.

Many years ago when someone in my NLP class asked what was the worst word people delt with I said CHANGE, and now I believe that those who were really afraid of this word have left the planet or are leaving.  SO make friends which what you DESIRE TO CHANGE and begin to love this word, it is our future and our gift.

What is your gift?  For me I would say PASSION, I get passionate, excited, fired up and enthused about things, music, sunsets, and people most of all.  AND what is my greatest dislike within myself?   Passion, too much passion, too much often trying to teach Pigs to fly and swim rivers I was never ment to cross:

How about you?  Are you picking one thing to change, and WORKING at it, empowering yourself to recognize that when you work for everything often nothing gets finished but when you sit down with one desire, it can be achieved..  WE can achieve anything EXCEPT creating change within another:

Jupiter the planet of hope and faith trying bravely to wear her win win Libra garb moves retrograde or backwards on the 5th at 23 Libra  Sabian Symbol for this is Libra 23:Chanticleer’s voice heralds the rising sun with enthusiastic tones.    WHEN you listen to me, this is what my Sabian Symbol is…

MY SUN sits at 23 Libra.  What is your Sabian Symbol?   My past life or moon energy is Taurus 18: A woman airing an old bag through a sunny window to give it air and sunshine.  (MAKE SURE IF YOU SIGN up for a reading to ask me to do this for you)   this is my taking OLD ideas and trying to air them out and refresh them, lol…

TUESDAY 2/7 AS Mercury enters Aquarius we loosen up, I think becoming much more limber with the way we think and communicate and boy I cannot wait for  this one to happen.

Lunar eclipse on the 9th, time to let go of the fear of loving, the fear of living open hearted, the energy is powerful like a giant vaccum cleaner, and when the dust settles if you did not fight this one.

NOW The light of love and relationships wants to come into a CLEAN HOUSE.  So allow the full moon lunar eclipse to pull out all that Old stuff but please give lots of space because people during this time want someone around them that is UPBEAT and positive, and will be looking to get rid of much of what depresses them.

The next week is pretty powerful energy but really a time when we can recognize the we are one solutions which are not always easy but… Perhaps the only way we can fully move into the Sun moving to Pisces on the 18th.

When the sun enters Pisces we are energetically involved in February 18th through March 20th is the BIG WINDS moon.  (PISCES)  Water element.

People born during this time are COUGAR people.  Their plant is the PLANTAIN, their color is BLUE-GREEN, and their mineral is turquoise and their ELEMENTAL CLAN IS FROG CLAN.  These folks, like the cougar are cautious, not willing to reveal themselves until they are sure of those around them, they are just, intuitive, gentle, creative people.  Though they can have sharp claws if attacked.

These people must learn how to have a greater sense of reality, and not be so easily hurt.  Since we are all experiencing this energy, we all are a bit of whatever sign the sun is in at a given time and should learn a bit about each sign.

Pisces, This is the last sign of winter, and Mutable or more movable than Aquarius which was …

January 19th  to Feb 18th is the REST and Cleansing Moon, AQUARIUS; people born under this moon are OTTER people. Their plant is the QUAKING ASPEN TREE, their color is SILVER and their mineral is SILVER & (AMETHYST) their elemental clan is the BUTTERFLY CLAN (AIR) Otter people are clever, bold, mercurial, they can really kick when cornered, normally they are helpful, humanitarian, practical and patient.  They must learn to turn more of their dreams into reality and to be more adaptable.

(Remember that we have Mercury, how we think and communicate in this sign until 2/25 when it enters PISCES land with the sun

Around the 22nd we may expect some real world changes as Mars in the sign of self (ARIES) makes a rough aspect with PLUTO (Transformation)  so no pushing and shoving please as the moon in Capricorn for a couple of days there puts the pedal to the metal and pushes us onwards..(Plus remember we are in those rough 2 weeks between eclipses) this 2 weeks is designed to REBIRTH us all, which some do easily and some not so easy:

24th and 25th Dark of the moon magical wishing days Aquarius and Pisces Moon signs and on the 25th Mercury to Pisces creating a MAGICAL Solar eclipse New moon chart (You if you have signed up and wish to continue receiving this report will be getting a MAGICAL SOLAR ECLIPSE article before this date…

That NEW MOON ECLIPSE (SOLAR) blocking the now at 8 Pisces for many will begin a fantasy remembering …Remember when you believed?   Watching a movie several years ago in the movie someone on the screen said.   BUT that would mean we do not trust our Government*    I was astonished to hear the WHOLE Theatre break out laughing in this very Serious part of the movie and thought  OMG  …  this is kind of like an eclipse experience.

Letting go of illusions would be my desire with this one and this eclipse can help us to access our subconscious and acknowledge thoughts, beliefs and ideas we have suppressed. Like the Leo Lunar Eclipse, the Pisces Solar Eclipse also emphasizes our creative gifts. We will be learning how to love and accept ourselves and recognize that without belief in being able to do something.  AND Acceptance that we cannot do it all, reality of what we desire is not going to be very accessible for us.

For me, who really thinks Politics and all in the world is a spiritual thing, This can be a month of spiritual awakening. Pisces energy encourages us to recognize
how all living beings are connected and guides us towards universal love.

We will have the power to recognize where we have gotten “off track” spiritually (AND IN WHAT we think of as REAL LIFE) and to move more towards, people and activities, work and relationships which ALIGN WITH US:

Leo is about the heart, it is a BODY ENERGY, saying without my heart, MY Connections, my creativity, My love.  I cannot open to helping or attracting this from others.

Please remember Jupiter will station retrograde on the 6th, beginning a cycle lasting until June 9. During its retrograde phase, Jupiter’s energy is directed towards people on an individual level, in the relationship sign of Libra.  So, new relationships, people opening and sharing more often happen with Jupiter retrograde as we are allowed to remember what it was like to BELIEVE in Love, in self, in goodness of people and in MOST OF ALL our own ability to PICK the right people to come into our lives.

Jupiter makes an opposition to Uranus and the struggle to be NICE and still Change is one which requires a bit of me, (us) or is it US  (we) or?

The Jupiter-Pluto Square Tightens: Accessing Our Inner Power and the knowledge that we MUST CHANGE in some ways…

This aspect has created Worldwide, seeing  history begin to repeat itself; however, instead of making the same mistakes, leaders will have the ability to recognize destructive patterns with Jupiter retrograde.

I ask you all to remember that one of the things coming from this time is you are not alone.  THE Square and opposition above in English is a brother I love who is directly opposed in POLITICS to all I believe and value, but I love him and have to honor his right to believe as he chooses, or is this a choice?  WHO of us is guided by fear of coming together in trust?

And this leads into my political statement and a WONDERFUL SONG:

There comes a time when we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
And it’s time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all

We can’t go on pretending day by day
that someone, somehow will soon make a change
We are all a part of Gods great big family
And the truth, you know,
Love is all we need

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So lets start giving

There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
Its true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

Send them your heart so they’ll know that someone cares
And their lives will be stronger and free
As God has shown us by turning stones to bread
So we all must lend a helping hand

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So lets start giving

There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
Its true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

When you’re down and out, there seems no hope at all
But if you just believe there’s no way we can fall
Let us realize that a change can only come
When we stand together as one

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So lets start giving

There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
Its true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So lets start giving

There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
Its true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

Carol Barbeau

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