January 2017 Monthly Report

JANUARY 2017 finally mercury is direct

Hi to you all,  And I am beginning to get my head together about what 2016 was about, which now enables me to make a bit more sense of 2017 and how to best write energy for you guys.  We are presently at work on the website and if you enjoy what you read here, I will be happy for you to pass it along.

IF you just want to forget astrology for a while you will be able in a month or so to go to my http://www.carolbarbeau.com  site and find updated articles and much good stuff and can just go to the bottom of this report and gently and easily remove yourself from this mailing if you choose:  NOW

We Slid into the New Year with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn as the news surely shows us, communications going backwards, everyone having their POLITICAL Opinion that they are RIGHT:

Last Wednesday the 9th Mercury backed out of pretty strongly opinionated Capricorn into Sagittarius, mutable fire and we shall now see a bit of shift with mercury direct today 1:43am PST..

Be open now to some new ideas, and opinions and keep your mind flexible as Mercury opens some doors to showing us we are NOT POWERLESS. Sure Government can DE FUND, but we can volunteer and donate and KEEP Things alive which we feel are important to us and the planet the 12th we have a very interesting full moon at 3:34am pst which is about Sun in Capricorn, control and Moon in Cancer, nurturing and what is important for us to Nurture.. At 6:04 am PST the Planet Mercury now direct moves back to CAPRICORN Land and we shall be greatly challenged this month to recognize WITHIN SELF our thought patterns

My least favorite thoughts within self are: I JUST CANNOT: NO this is not going to work: SO and so is BAD: SUCH and such is BAD and I shall work with this full moon to RELEASE JUDGMENTS AND add, RIGHT NOW I feel, think, am (whatever) AND I am releasing all from me which keeps me from breaking FREE which is what 2017 is about. Want an appointment? contact me at carolbarbeau544@gmail.com and meanwhile recognize those thought and feeling patterns could JUST be there to show you what needs removing, like that spot on your coat or sweater you went to put on and said OHHH S>>> it is dirty, need to find something else to wear. Maybe now is the time to find something else to think xoxooxox   PS go to my Facebook page to see the spiritual meanings for the planet Mercury and Jupiter

MAJOR events this month and what they are intended to create:

  • Wednesday January 4th, see Mercury backing into Sagittarius ABOVE
  • Sunday 8th See Mercury direct info ABOVE
  • Monday the 9th the moon in Gemini challenges beliefs, and action and fears
  • Tuesday the 10th the SUN Squaring Uranus brings a bit of a revolt feeling
  • Wednesday the 11th days before full moons are HUGELY intuitive, bringing dreams and lots of energy and at this time the Sun Squares Jupiter, a bit of a Disagreement energy comes in
  • Thursday 12th FULL MOON 3:324am pst Seattle and mercury back to Capricorn moving faster now, more ides and a need to begin to eliminate…4pm that day MOON to LEO and pride, energy, anger and interesting things happen.
  • Friday the 13th  David Pond is at East West that Evening for a CHAKRA Class and I plan on being there in Seattle Washington (Finally getting my high tea birthday which was 10/15 High Tea that afternoon.
  • Saturday 14th easy day
  • Sunday 15th some confusion between fact and fiction
  • Tuesday 17th Mercury is direct but still in the shadow, the place it has traveled 3 times and squares the moon in Libra, challenging energy
  • Thursday 19th the Sun enters Aquarius 1;24pm and things begin to heat up as Aquarius asks us to break bonds and tell the Emperor he has no clothing on (for those of you who know this story it is about ABSOLUTE TRUTH) but..And…what is truth?   I believe it is our perception based upon information now in our mind, and can always change.
  • Scorpio energy Friday and Saturday asking us to dig deeply into unconscious mind pretty good time for regression or hypnotherapy or getting the Real answers which lie not in the mind but the soul
  • The 25th, 26th, are Magical Dark of the moon energy (WISHING TIME)  in Capricorn asking us NOT TO MAKE ANY REALLY DECISIVE DECISIONS until the moon enters Aquarius on the 27th at 12:37am
  • and the 27th  we have our NEW MOON at 4:07pm   and at 9:39pm Mars the planet of action enters Sagittarius and again we are looking at OUR TRUTH and pretty passionate about it with this NEW MOON bringing in time
  • 28th is CHINESE New year when truly for many in the world 2017 really begins, so if you have not liked it so far, how about calling this Saturday THE NEW YEAR:  it is the year of the Fire Rooster (ROSTER BEING THE SIGN OF DAWN AND AWAKENING, TRIUMPH AND SUCCESS CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED AT THE PRICE OF HARD WORK AND PATIENCE IN 2017.

Chinese Zodiac 2017 energies are subject to the Fire element in its Yin form. Yin Fire expresses inner warmth and insight, as well as the quietness of privacy and family ties. Forgotten thoughts arise out of nowhere, amid a disconcerting atmosphere, both stiff and motley.  (LOL, doesn’t this sound just like what I wrote above…and I JUST read it… messages are strong this year if you can just shut out the crap..

So, how about Instead of what COULD HAPPEN, omg the SKY is falling or will fall soon energy which does nothing but give us a crick in our neck, how about you say..   WHAT CAN I do about the REAL things happening…and use that FIRE ROOSTER energy to change something..

I am taking the banner up for Planned Parenthood.  Let the Government unfund them, I shall work to get folks who have $$ to donate, to ask people to support and donate and volunteer to keep this much needed service.  I am for KNOWLEDGE and help to those who have no money, and need help.  What about you?  What do you want to champion?  Schools?  Food for kids?  Help for handicapped?  We all have a passion and this year asks that we face our inner self, recognize our POWER and ACT, not with violence but with PRODUCTIVE action.

In the news you are seeing this energy act out in a negative way, on my Facebook page I see it in a more positive way, folks doing small things BECOME HUGE THINGS:   This is how integration began, and so many things, by WE THE PEOPLE:   WE are good people, but so many are hurt and afraid and this just takes away our power, so let’s look at what is in FRONT of us and act from this place?

Astrology says Fire (action) and Ideas (Air) as the Karmic Nodes move in May to Leo (fire) and Aquarius (Air) and in October as Jupiter our belief system moves to Water (Scorpio) we become more passionate and even MORE passionate as by 12/19/2017  Saturn our planet of Karma moves for 2 and ½ years to CAPRICORN and the Planet of Karma and how we get things done moves with Pluto into an energy of ok, we need to do this in an EARTH way..  AND the party is on.

Water intuition….fire action….air ideas…earth getting IT DONE

I am positive we are going to piss and moan a bit about 2017 but the end result will be like a remodel, messy in the process, and lovely at the end…Just think of 2017 as a 1 of new beginnings and a REMODELING year, 2016 showed us what we needed to get rid of….and 2017 will show what we need to be doing..

Now regular stuff I normally put into the monthlies xooxoxox

Be open to some changes coming from the things you see around you which are not to your liking, our theme now seems to be seeing so much that needs to shift and maybe just recognizing we cannot do ALL things, but we can DO SOMETHING:

We can be the light, we can turn on lights, and we can bring\hope and peace within our circle and not worry about others bringing the opposite into ours.

It is now time to Awaken to our destiny and get ready to roll up your Sleeves and Get to work CREATING the life you were born to live and recognize what we create will be the foundation for our children, Grandchildren and Beyond.

This January I wish Not only Happy birthday to Capricorns and Aquarius Sun signs but Happy New Year and HAPPY BIRTH DAY to all of us getting ready to embark upon are birthing journey to help change ourselves and thus change the world.

Colors for January are Black and Brown & all dark shades

Stones Sacred to this time are the GARNET and the energy of Kyanite

January flowers are Carnations and Snowdrops.

After the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th our colors shift to traditionally Silvers and blues for cleansing and clearing

Flowers are Snowdrops and wood anemone:

And the stones held sacred in ancient times were the Peridot and coral. And from    Ancient times the Amethyst

Generating the power from within is our task for right now.. AND as planets are only messengers or energies to bring powers to us, please use this month’s gifts to reflect, ponder and shift your mind and then watch your life follow.

We are truly dreaming our lives and I kept getting “OUR LIVES ARE SELF FULFILLING PROPHECIES” in meditations this month…and this next year will be perhaps one of the most powerful years you have ever lived within.

AND within is the key, living within deep thought, heart energy, the inner mind and connection to inner knowing asks of us all that we now be not so concerned with Immediate progress and ponder long term goals and how we want to FEEL AT this time next year. Not so much an event, a goal but a FEELING we want about our lives and our surroundings and how we get there this next year may not be a direct path towards a goal but much inward letting go of resistances and opening to The flow of DIVINE guidance.

Please contact me visa e mail carolbarbeau544@gmail.com if you wish an appointment I am back to work and doing 2017 $200 calendars with an appointment and still $155 for 1 and ½ hours with me via telephone or skype..  99% of my clients are out of the area so you will get a packet, cd and lots of information to go through after our time together, and also I am tossing in a tarot reading with your time with me.  Hope to hear from you very soon and speak with you in 2017.

Namaste and Love Carol

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