May 2017 Astrology Report

MAY 2017 an ACTION month

Let me please (since mercury is now direct, but still in that SHADOW until 5/20 when it returns to 5 degrees of Taurus…… OFFER you an opportunity to kind of take your mental temperature.

IF I say or were to title this article: GREAT OPPORTUNITY what would you feel or think?

OR if I did the whole Quote from JFK of.. In times of GREAT CHALLENGES WE HAVE GREAT OPPORTUNITY: the first statement feels good. The 2nd one tells you what brings the ability to have the great opportunity doesn’t it.. SO Mercury rx. In Taurus was about how to USE Ideas, and then it (mercury) backed into Aries…and the need to just GO: DO: Get it done came on strong. Mercury is direct now until 5/15 in ARIES: so, slow down and recognize when this logical and linear planet moves back to TAURUS on the 20th you can UTILIZE Much of what you are learning right now:

May each year has planets in rich and earthy Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. This time always brings us into a time of richness and fruitfulness. The Symbol For the energy of Taurus until the 20th is the Bull. Taurus is a FIXED Earth sign (Earth signs are about Building and planting) So, for all of us this time gives us the dedication, tenacity and the determination to build what is most important to us

Magical energy Colors for May are Green for growth, Pink for love and blue for clarity of thought, word, and deed and use the Stone Emerald to improve psychic powers, sharpen intellect, intuition, vision and memory. The plant sacred to this time is the Hawthorne also known as the May tree which blooms only in May and is used for clarity, visions and psychic ability.

IF you are looking for a marriage month, this is a wonderful month for commitment. And a great month to unite the Yin and yang within the self and balance your life. ENERGY is powerful and communication until the 20th, then more steady, I always for a marriage chart look at what is NEEDED: May 1st, which is also BELTANE and a fertility time, opens us to all that is rich, luxuriant and abundant in our lives..

TIME OF the east we are now ½ way through

April 19th through May 20th is the FROGS RETURN MOON (earth) TAURUS People born under this moon are the BEAVER people. Their plant is the BLUE CAMAS their color is BLUE and their stone is CHRYSOCOLLA. They are TURTLE CLAN. These people are hard working, orderly, home oriented and strong. They sometimes hold back their feelings as effectively as the beavers dam holds back the water. They are affectionate, self reliant, patient and stable. Beaver people sometimes need to curb their stubbornness and tendency to overindulge


May 20th through June 20th is the CORNPLANTING MOON. (GEMINI) AIR. People born under this moon are Deer people. Their plant is the YARROW, their colors are white and green and their stone is the moss agate. Their elemental clan is the BUTTERFLY Clan. They are clever, intuitive, alert, eager and resourceful. They like to create and enjoy beautiful things. They must learn to be more consistent and less suspicious.

So Happy birthday to those of you who have TAURUS sun signs, and Gemini coming on May 20th… we have many of the inner planets in these 3 signs now, while the outer slower moving planets seem to be more and more pushing the energy of less personal and more humanity centered signs. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are about MORE than self, more than family, more than friends, more than country and more than US and OUR stuff. These signs still seem struggling with what we watch and hear on tv. But how do we KNOW we know something? Doesn’t it often require a TEST? Well, welcome to test time..

SO, back to mercury…finally mercury went direct 5/3 (IN ENGLISH the planet of how we think and with this planet in Taurus after the 20th. I think we shall begin much more to think about taking acts of power for ourselves as creating opportunities that tests our sincerity and trust in the process.

Working in Federal way, last weekend I noticed the sense of FUTURE with folks, more looking ahead and wondering what their part and what they would be able to do to create the world they wanted for their children and Grandchildren…I always believe intentions are powerful but not so much SELFISH intentions. YEP: WE are all selfish, we want OUR family OUR Friends OUR Country…but in Astrology the message we are hearing is not about OUR BUT about US: so…perhaps recognizing what you see now is the tip of the iceburg and there is so much more buried which will come forward with your actions, your thoughts, and your belief in a world much better than the one we are in now.

SO MY CHALLENGE for us all is about taking acts of power. It does not involve marching (but if you are inspired go for it) But maybe calling a local school and offering $10 a week to help feed a child who does not have food money? OR sending prayers for the world rather than YOUR folks, or Creating positive conversations, or just feeling that you are willing to drop a bit into these perspectives and opening to what is divinely possible.

Donating, time, energy, prayer, facebook, POSITIVE stuff please… and have a question? I am still doing the $30 one question on line only with your questions and $30 pay pal is on my website. STILL have a few calendars $200 for calendar,and cd. Reading and cd…tarot and TONS of information. Calendars run 1/1/2017 to 5/1 / 2018

In 2017, Beltane is exact on May 5 within 5 days of the Scorpio Full Moon (20 Scorpio 24) on May 10.

Mercury stations direct on May 3 at 24 Aries very close to Uranus at 25 Aries (both planets having to do with perception and awareness) creating the possibility for unexpected events that altar our perception of reality. Which I am kind of trying to do with this report.

This really sets the tone for the entire month of May 2017 suggesting this is a time for expecting the unexpected with events that are intended to set us up for our next BIG leap in consciousness. I see one of the most significant astrological events in our era happening 5/9 as the North Node (North node is our destiny point, this is one of the major reasons by House and sign which we are here upon this planet. You could do a whole chart by the TRIBE you came from (SOUTH NODE) and the tribe you are trying to Join (NORTH NODE)

From 11/11/2015 we have had the North Node in Virgo I am here to learn to pare down and look at what is ecologically sound and secure, I analyze and then make decisions; Will always have the South Node in Pisces, I am here to learn to be more into the details, to learn that there is a big picture But there is also facts and details which must be adhered to: NEGATIVES of this time have been too little facts, too much nitty picky, and too much I BELIEVE: yep..what we believe can save the universe or kill the planet. I TRULY BELIEVE That… so…what do YOU BELIEVE?

5/9 the north Node enters LEO North Node in Leo: I am here to open my heart, to act, speak and feel from honor and respect and passion; Will always have the South Node in Aquarius; I am here to learn to be more responsible, less erratic and that centering in to what I feel passionate about is often much better for me to do than my ability to detach from people and situations

and the South Node (which often represents values and beliefs and what not enters Aquarius) for me with a belief that Aquarius is the ability to break the rules easier and leo to more center into what is truly important and quit sweating the small stuff this is a HUGE 18 month doorway for us all.

SO::: South Node is what your soul has done in other lifetimes and knows how to do. The house which contains your south node can show a place and abilities that you do extremely well and sometimes can overdo. North Node is what your soul is becoming, skills we need to develop and where we need to learn to grow 5/9/2017 Leo/Aquarius until 11/6/2018 when we experience the Cancer/Capricorn era: THEN 5/4/2020 Gemini/Sagittarius

WHAT HOUSES this all happens for you is HUGE: the nodes move backwards so begin at 30 leo and 30 Aquarius and by 11/6/2018 we are going to have learned much about how compassionate we are, or how fear has locked our hearts down..

In the sky right now or Between now and June 7th, the planet Mars will continue to diminish in brightness and then become invisible to the naked eye, at which time Mars, which symbolizes the masculine principle in Shamanic Astrology, (now in Gemini all month, surrenders to the underworld. Why is red planet surrendering? What does this mean from an astrological and spiritual perspective?

In my belief system Gemini is the trickster, information and much about logical communication and now not so logical? What are you hearing going WTF???? What is happening? Much of this is about the energy of action Mars Retreating…

May 10th we have a full moon at 20 Scorpio with the sun at 20 Taurus: Sabian symbol for this is

For the NOW or the Sun 20 degrees Taurus 24 minutes: Taurus 20: Wisps of clouds, like wings, are streaming across the sky. And if you round it off to the next number it would be:
Taurus 21: A moving finger points to significant passages in a book.

For the moon (our emotions and our past 20:24 Scorpio is

Scorpio 20:A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway. or Scorpio 21:Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders. Both of these are much about knowledge, things we find out and perhaps hope? This full moon asks us to let go of THE I HAVE and do not want to lose energy of Taurus, and remember with Scorpio what is REALLY important and how we FEEL. NOT fear, fear is 99 9/10th of the time just a thought, a story we create which rouses what if..

What do you love, what do you need to do to keep what you love, and THINK AGAIN: WHAT DO YOU REALLY LOVE, and what are you just used to …. What would you DIE and LIVE for?
Adding some energy of confusion and further increasing the ability for us to create from fear or positive energy on 11 May – Mars squares Neptune in Pisces**

If you feel lost, flow with it. FEEL what you feel and then think and FEEL what is important and you may be really surprised

A great aspect to assist us in believing we can and will do what is needed is **12 May – Mars trines Jupiter in Libra** Do not overdo but use this few days to get things done and at the same time feel how you feel about what you are doing

Want to win a battle and lose the war? We have the whole week of **19 May – Mars quincunxes Pluto in Capricorn** Back away unless it is important, no tilting at windmills unless your life depends on that windmill. FEEL … Taurus is earth energy and this time should take us to truly IMPORTANT discoveries about self..

Saturday the 13th is a super day and we are doing a show in Bellingham wa. NOPE, not planned just a great day for whatever…

14th Mothers day has a Square between the moon (Emotions and the past) and Venus what we want now. Try and ignore the past and just have a good day, Capricorn moon is a bit austere but tomorrow on the 15th Mercury is finally back in grounded Taurus and out of this wild Aries energy which seemed to ask us to open mouth and share words we may be dining on forever.

18th 19th 20th karma and fate and free will and what we believe and dreams and visions and WOWSERS:

On the 20th the sun into Gemini lightens things up and we now seem to have more options:


March 20th through April 19th FIRE: Spring: THE I AM TIME: So, I will CHOOSE passion and fun and actions which bring these things to me or take me to these things..(the time of ARIES)

April 19th through May 20th. EARTH: SLOW DOWN, plant, look at what you are planting and growing in your life. I CHOOSE GROWTH for the good of the all (the time of Taurus

May 20th through June 20th rethink, process Find new people, ideas AIR contacts, people and I choose to change all ideas which are not for the good of the self or the good of the all (the time of Gemini)

June 20th through July 22nd SUMMER Water, emotionally connected to source, I will choose to use my intuition and to feel joy in all experiences and learn what is MINE that I am feeling and what is OTHERS and let go of the others stuff. (the time of Cancer)

July 22nd through August 22nd Time to empower the self FIRE: I choose joy, I choose love, I CHOOSE TO CHOOSE fun and to open my heart to love and adventure and creativity (the time of Leo)

August 22nd through September 22nd EARTH It is time for me to reflect on what I need to harvest in my life, what resources do I need to gather and what Do I need for the next step (the time of VIRGO )

September 22nd through October 22nd FALL: AIR, it is time to reconnect with others, to harvest and , to assist if needed and to be ready and open to accept help from others in my own harvest (Libra time)

October 22nd through November 21 Water, time to go within, to find my own personal source of power and release, eliminate and shed the old skin of who I was in order to birth the dream of who I can be and who I really am inside this old skin. I AM ALL wonderful things within self (Scorpio Time)

November 21 through December 21st FIRE: time to reconnect with who I am becoming, to find who I truly am within and find my own truth for me , myself and the world. I am living and BEING WITHIN MY OWN TRUTH and acting from this sacred place (Sagittarius time)

December 21st through January 19th WINTER Earth it is time to bring my EARTHLY GIFTS to the world, time to share what I have learned and share. I AM ABUNDANCE (Time of Capricorn)

January 19th through February 18th Air, it is time to rethink plans, to reprocess how we are all connected and be ready to move from tradition to change. Looking within and truly shifting and changing my thoughts I step to the last step of the wheel of life. Through CHANGING IDEAS AND THOUGHTS AND HELPING OTHERS DO THE SAME I GROW: (time of Aquarius

February 18th through March 20th Pisces Water, it is time to look deeply within and open to all the infinite possibilities which will help not only my but others BODY MIND AND SOUL to grow. I know I am part of everything and everything is part of me. IT is Time to assist the world and the universe and all with it. From this moment on I will look at EVERYTHING WITH NEW EYES knowing all I think and see and feel is ME and everything is me WANT AN APPOINTMENT? E mail

DARK OF THE MOON WISHING DAYS May 23, 24th and 25th until that New moon at 12:44pm in Gemini also on **25 May – Mars sextiles Eris in Aries** Time to look within and take appropriate action to set you on course towards your desired destination.


**28 May – Mars (action) opposes Saturn (structure in Sagittarius (and the Galactic Center)** IF it is supposed to happen, IT WILL easily now…DO NOT force please, you are getting assistance whether it seems so or not…

NEW MOON May 25th 12:44pm pdt here in the NW … 4 Gemini 47 minutes which is 5 degrees in my book Well, this one pretty much takes calm news off the table this week:
Gemini 5: A radical magazine or publication, asking for action, displays a sensational front page.

Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces is activated BIG time with this new moon and opportunities as we end the month for recognition of what must be done are here. 28th a great day to stay home, ponder, meditate and try and stay out of ? anything this memorial day weekend which does not feel safe.

I am not fear based but/and…if you have an astrology calendar? Look at this day and all the aspects, squares, and activations with Pluto, mars, Saturn, Uranus … none of which are peaceful planets… stay safe, and how do we do that? LISTEN TO YOUR INNER voice, the one in the gut, not the one in your head, or heart, but GUT: that is guides, angels and your many lifetimes acquired Common Sense, lol

GEMINI: The most Ancient birthstone for June and GEMINI is the EMERALD, which is about truth and fidelity And the Modern June stone is the Agate for grounding and Centering Junes Flowers are the Honeysuckle and Roses Use the Colors of White for Purity and Green for Prosperity and Healing

Sending you all LOVE and light and hope that you use this time to imagine GOOD Things

and recognize how many times you have thought NEGATIVE things and they have NOT HAPPENED?

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