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I love to write and in this section you can use the menu on the left to select from articles I have written regarding astrology and you. I regularly update these and will be adding more as time goes on. On this page I have provided some overall thoughts to supplement the other articles.

My love affair with the earth, animals and its energies began as a child on a farm in Kansas. I learned at an early age the feel of the changes in seasons, the feel of the earth and all natural things.

So, it seemed natural that since I could talk to the animals like Dr. Doolittle, and they could TALK BACK TO me, that I would be traveling at the age of 3 with the local veterinary. Somehow, I knew what horse had a tummy ache, which had a sore foot, who had eaten something wrong. Also natural to me was the element of water, scarce on the plains of Kansas but running, cool and deep beneath the rich earth. So, the local well digger and myself became great friends.

The word PSYCHIC was not in my vocabulary until well into Grade School when I began toning down my abilities to "FIT IN" with the "NORMAL" kids from town.

I have always carried rocks, picked them up on vacations and toted tons of sand from beaches around the country back on airlines. My friends long have gotten used to my eccentricities and now that I am at an age where I am thinking of my mortality I feel that what I would like to do is "SHARE" a bit of what I have felt, seen, experienced and learned in the last 56 years. So, let's begin with color:

I love this story because all of the colors to me carry such wonderful energies and it seems to explain much about color.

Color, numerology, astrology, tarot, runes, tossing a coin, looking for a message from a bird or animal, listening to dreams, paying attention to that inner voice which sometimes is HOLLARING ""WHAT THE ……. ARE YOU DOING?" Is what being PSYCHIC Is all about. So, you can quit reading right here if you choose.


YOU TRULY ARE A PSYCHIC and if you want to contact your angels or guides and know their names, WELL, they much more want to share and talk with you than they do someone you are paying to connect for you.

So, find someone to sit down with, and do a simple breathing and relaxation technique, clear your mind, relax, surround yourself with healing white light, bring in your angels and guides and ask them what you need to know. THEY will give you their names if you need and want them, THEY are there for you and all this is SO simple if we just allow it to flow…Being comfortable, relaxed and safe is essential for this practice and best done with a safe group or alone. Make sure and surround yourself with love and protection and connect inwardly.


All of life is MAGIC, it is the first smile from a baby, it is the first kiss, it is the sunrise, the full and new moon, and it is each breathe you take. Magic is the tools you use to inner connection and a part of us all. We are MAGICAL Beings and for each of us to be as powerful as we need to be we all use various methods of magic daily.

Whatever method of religion or practices you use, please remember:

  1. Understand that all is interconnected and harm to another is harm to all and ourselves
  2. Learn to accept that we can never change another, only ourselves.
  3. Learn to focus your will and emotions in meditation, prayer, or whatever practice you choose will in turn change both the world around you, and most importantly, YOU:
  4. Learn to focus and decide what it is that you REALLY want
  5. Learn to understand that things and people change and today and tomorrow may bear no relationship to each other, in other words, stay LOOSE:
  6. LISTEN TO YOURSELF and your inner guidance system ALWAYS
  7. Smile much and laugh often and that in turn will create your greatest magic


One of the first question folks always ask me is how to pick a stone. I have daily energy stones in my monthly astrology report but I always think that stones pick us more than we do them. Many times I have gone searching for some particular stone which sounded interesting only to find myself falling in love and having to take home something totally different because it seemed to call to or pick ME:

So, look, handle, touch, close your eyes, feel the energy and how warm or cool the stone feels in your hand. THERE are many stones with particular energies and MELODY BEATTYS LOVE IS IN THE EARTH is my particular favorite ROCK Reference.

Shapes, colors, and energies of the stone, where it began and where and how it was mined often have much to do with how the stone "FEELS".

From ancient times semiprecious and precious stones have always held our fascination. THE beauty of the earth is everlasting. I usually have a stone in my bra, along with some change for the parking meter. IF you choose, put a stone in your pocket, or on the dashboard of the auto, desk at work, by your bed, wherever you feel you would like to have the energy of the universe. THE MAGICAL journey to loving the earth and the energy of rocks is fascinating and I am going to give you a bit of what I have learned.

First, are you aware that your right side is the male or dominant side where you GIVE out energy and that your left is the receptive side? So, always check that new stone by holding it in your left hand to feel the energy.

The next rule is that there is NO rule. SOME stones are VERY POWERFUL and I think like drugs should be used with care. They are:

1. ALL CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTALS, wands, etc…Receptive and programmable these stones can be VERY POWERFUL and never should be put by the bedside

2. Opals, moonstones, and all psychic receptive stones, they are exactly what they say and are often strong conductors of energy

I love the energy of AMETHYST and ROSE QUARTZ, these are like the Teddy bear you had as a child or a comfortable robe and slippers, good for all that ails you and nobody can go wrong with these 2 warm and fuzzy stones.

There are many sites which are GREAT at giving you all the stones and maybe in time we shall grow that direction, meanwhile this is kind of a hodge podge of all my various bits and pieces of knowledge… LET me know if you want a good site and I will be happy to send you one of my favorite, or better yet, get a book and begin to learn.

I carry most stones, in my little shop and am going to be doing much in the mail order line in the near future. I also make astrologically and energetically jewelry for intent. MEANING that you tell me what you want and we work together creating a piece of jewelry that as you wear it works for you. PS I DO NOT DO MAGIC TO CHANGE OR INFLUENCE ANOTHER, sorry.. other sites for that also..But you will not get the names from me…


  1. GO for the shape that jumps out and grabs or attracts you.
  2. If you are looking for something special…ROUND Stones are a symbol of infinity and the unity of the world and all of creation. Used in all attracting wishes and great for wishes for love, money, and spirituality
  3. Square stones are builders, good for creating something new
  4. Triangular represent to me, mind, body, spirit and are great for gathering and repelling energy and negativity neutralizing.
  5. Pear shapes are a combination of the round and triangle and great for balancing
  6. Wand shaped stones are projection energies, Great for healing and wishing to manifest something


I use prayer, sunshine and light. I make runes and do all the carving and most of my beading work making jewelry in the LIGHT, have a wonderful room with light from above shining upon me. I feel this clears energy and assists in the work that I do.

Periodically I put jewelry or stones into the sunshine. I kind of feel that they feel as I do about PLASTIC and attempt to keep them as far apart as possible. My stones seem to like leather, warm cloth and especially love skin and being close to a warm human. Now you really know how weird I am but many of feel that stones are powerful sources of nature and can assist us in being closer to the way we are intended to be upon this earth. So, find a stone you like and then look up what it is for magically.

CLEANSING your stones

Periodically run water over your stones and put them in the sunshine. 2 days before a NEW MOON IS DARK OF THE MOON and I NEVER do anything with stones or manifesting during this time. NO ENERGY for it, kind of like blowing up a balloon with a hole in it. NO SALT WATER, it damages stones and frequently since they came from the earth I go and bury them back in the earth. THEY come up clean, clear and like they had a vacation, a bit of water and the stones and I both are happy.

MORE COMING ON THE SITE on color, stones, energies and Essential oils which I TRULY believe will save many of us in the coming times. These oils bypass barriers in the brain and go right to the cause of the problems within our bodies.

Myself, through much research and study, I have become a strong believer in YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS, but whatever you use, as with your HERBS, make sure that the oils or herbs are ORGANIC and PURE, no additives.

Lavender is the BEST oil for burns, but some LAVENDER oils have additives which will actually harm your burn instead of the almost instant cures I have experienced with OIL OF LAVENDER from Young Living. I am sure there are other SUPER companies out there, but right now. MY CHOICE is this pure product.

See you next month with some additions to the site and these pages. Please e-mail me for items of interest to you and we will see if myself, or one of my other professional partners can assist you.

Carol Barbeau

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