North Node In Pisces

A Disturbance in the Force and
And the south node moves to VIRGO
JUNE 18th 2006 through December 17th 2007

For many of us Astrology seems a complex language composed of symbols and mysterious things which defy logic. Yet how many of us on this planet are now living lives that defy logic and if you were to align this with the energy of the Earth? How much of what is happening around you now do you think has to do with the Earth’s own energy?

Well, a huge ENERGY shift happened for us all on this planet March 10, 2003 when Uranus the planet of Change entered the sign of Pisces. Pisces is of course WINTER and underground energy so we are not seeing much of this next step yet but BOY is this energy coming forward for us all.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and is water (feelings, emotions and intuition) and much about allowing ourselves to get out of our own way in order to manifest the destiny we are designed to create. WOW, sounds easy doesn’t it? With all the shifts and changes the planets are doing it seems that for many it is not as easy as it might seem.

What if this time were about NOT knowing and being ok with NOT knowing? This is exactly what the message is about right now and through this next year this energy intensifies.

Now before you wail, moan, beat your breast and tear out your hair….. What if you are wishing for a million dollars and the universe has designed to send you 100 million? What if that divine and perfect person you think you want as a partner is just the appetizer course and NOT the real meal deal? What if what you want is not really what you are going to want ultimately and there is a better plan?

Pisces asks that we allow ourselves to let go of outcome and be willing, open and ready to accept more. To accept that there perhaps is some force, power or connection is more all knowing and connected than our egos. For myself personally, this is not an easy task but by writing this article you can see I am beginning to open to this also.

The next step in this evolution seems a huge shift which has not happened here on this planet since November 30, 1987.

The north node in the sky is an energy which pulls us towards our destiny. In your birth chart it shows what you wished to manifest, learn, grow and move towards this lifetime and a spot that may not be that easy since it is new energy for you. In the sky it pushes all upon this planet forward into PISCES energy On June 18th 2006 for the first time in 18 and years.

On this same date the South Node which is past patterning in our birth charts and shows what we DO well, moves to VIRGO. Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac, it is about service, healing and giving to others. The south node is the receptacle in your birth chart which shows past lives, past abilities and what you have done in other incarnations…. As it moves on the 18th of June into Virgo the healing truly begins for many of us and for the planet.

We have been in Aries and Libra nodal pattern since December 25, 2004. Looking at ourselves through the actions we need to take for self (ARIES) and filtering our beliefs through that south node in Libra which is about relationships with others. Trying to balance being who we need to be and also keep those important people in our lives happy…and many of you wanting to find that soul mate along the way. This energy is now going to end and we are on the road again, learning to trust and believe PISCES and taking up the banner of what we know how to do HEAL ourselves and others. So, if the Nodes in Aries, (Self) and Libra (others) did not bring you what you wanted, the merry go round spins again and we are given a chance with ideas, with intentions, with thoughts, with kindness and with healing to manifest our souls desire AND yes YOU ARE A HEALER, we do know that with a smile, a kind word, a touch, a open heart we are all healers don’t we? So, think of being a healer not as an energy of something you have to learn, but something you already are.

For us personally this huge shift from the 18th of June 2006 until December 14, 2007 when the north node will enter Aquarius and the South Node enters Leo. Will be about your ideas, what you believe and put energy into WILL truly happen for you and so? What are you thinking about? Where is your energy going? What outcome are you manifesting with those words, thoughts, ideas? AND the gift of Pisces is to bring the gift of a miracle to us all.

And the gift of Virgo is to bring health and vitality to all that is not well within ourselves and others. And please remember, Virgo is a working sign, Earth in nature and as we set up a MUTABLE CROSS of energy in the sky we are all asked to go with the flow and release that fixed square of energy within our lives.

This last 2 year period has shown us our limitations, our resistances and where we need to work. So, now get down and let’s do that healing, work and trust and believe. How will we handle it?

Personally I am so tired of listening to how powerless we are over food, government, taxes, the planet and what not. I have a history major and know countries are moved by the will of the people. WHEN THE BERLIN wall went down I cried with joy for days, thinking this was something that would never happen in my lifetime. So there is truly a huge power out there and within ourselves. IT begins with each of us taking one tiny step at a time…WE now enter personal power through belief (PISCES) And personal power through action (VIRGO) and attention to detail will help this Virgo end work better.

ONE of my clients after attending a lecture by another really great astrologer described to me that she had heard “Without looking at my notes and from the mouth of a non astrologer my analogy of what he was suggesting would be:

If you have spent the last wee while unraveling your balls of wool then come the 22 June you just have to start knitting with what ever skills you have.

Does not matter if you don't think you can knit and it does not matter what you knit (as what starts off a shock will probably end up a jumper) and after approx 1 1/2 years from now you will have something that someone somewhere will want to wear. If you have not spent the last year or so getting your balls untied then you may well end up spending the next 18 months in a big giant knot.’

And she has it right. What have we been working on which puzzles us, which has seemed endless and exhausting and totally beyond our control? What do we think we need to do which we do not believe we have the skills and ability to achieve? AND now it is time to move forward with it. Having the faith and trust to know that we CAN do it.

And of course what would an article be without the down end of this? Well, an article I would like to write for sure, but since this is a TELL IT like it is time.

The other end of Pisces is drugs, escapism, illusion, delusion and sacrifice.

The negative end of Virgo is nitty picky, so lost in the details you fail to see the picture and FAULT finding with self and others. Personally I think that fault finding for me is always taking a look into a mirror and seeing what I do not like within myself and so seeing what I need to heal. So, the above is what to stay away FROM and move towards that look into the mirror and being in power of your own life..

There could be a tendency with this pattern for many of us to flow into Victim mentality or Savior so we need to realize that  Connecting with inner spirit, trusting and having faith in SELF and whatever you call higher power is very important during this time.

We now need to be Doing the work, (part of the worst aspect of psychics and people who are too into the Pisces end of things is that they think a magic wand is all it takes and there is no work involved) … Well, Work can consist of changing thought patterns, working on sitting quietly and seeing what the next step to your life is to be and so many other wonderful Virgo aspects… JUST do not expect others to do it for you. They will assist and they will be there on your path, but you have to decide not to be the victim or even the savior right now.

The joy of this time will be the work and the faith and trust which will be installed within each of us as we more truly connect with our own powers. And the ability to truly move through old hurtful patterns into faith, joy, abundance in all good things. Most of all we are being called upon to remember the final Pisces connection which is:

WE ARE ALL ONE; there is no difference between you and the different colored, different religion, different sex, person across the world. The only difference is truly your belief that we are different. AND Pisces asks that we move across those beliefs To truly know WE ARE ALL ONE:

Carol Barbeau


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