Summer Solstice


For ages mankind has celebrated the changing of the Seasons with different types of rituals and celebrations. The coming of Summer is a time of richness and abundance celebrated through the world in many cultures and in many lands. I wish to share a few ideas with you of how to open to the new energy coming in June 21, 2007 11:07am PDT.

In almost all cultures Summer Solstice is honored as a time of love, marriage, friendship, protection, physical energy, strength and MOST of all the time of Great FIRE magic. The grand trine of fire for the next week until 7/24/2007 certainly encourages us all to participate in some type of honoring of the longest day of the year.

The Christian Calendar usually calls this day Paul’s Day or St. Peters day). IN other traditions this is called Litha, or Midsummer…since this is the longest day of the year we get a new shift of energy coming to us here on earth on this day.

Whatever you call it, this is the day of Celebrating the coming of the Light and evoking all energy of healing and of the light helps us fire our lives with passion and commitment to joy and Opening: Truly at this day the sun now begins to set earlier and we are leaving spring behind to the warmer and more fertile time of Summer.

In the American Indian Tradition we begin the time of the South and the time of Shawnodese and the next 90 days are sacred to the coyote, trickster. The season is summer, the time of day is Midday and the colors sacred to this time are yellow and green. Anyone who is a sun sign of Cancer: Leo: OR Virgo is a time of the South Person or summer person.

This year from the 21st at 11:07am pdt until July 22nd 10:00 pm Pdt we are in the time of Cancer and the time of the STRONG SUN MOON. People born during this time with the sun in Cancer are Flicker people and are Cardinal Water signs. Cardinal signs initiate action so this first of the water signs is often under appreciated but is the Strongest in its own quiet way of the 3 water signs.

June 21st through the 22nd of July is energetically aligned with the plant, the Wild Rose, their color is pink, and their stone is the Carnelian agate to give them power, health and courage. They belong to the Frog clan like all of the water signs. Waters Signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These people are a bit more sensitive and can both reflect and absorb energy around themselves and are learning a great deal this lifetime about Being independent and taking care of themselves. Which much different than caretaking others which they do very well, isn’t it.

July 22nd through August 23, 2007 at 5:08am pdt is the time of the RIPE BERRIES Moon and the people born during this time are FIRE.. Leo is their sun sign and they are Sturgeon people in the American Indian tradition. Their plant is the raspberry and d they have the lucky color red sacred to their energy. Iron and the Garnet are good minerals for them to use to increase their powerful energy.

The sign of Leo is fixed fire and they are Thunderbird clan like all the fire signs which are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius like the sturgeon these folks have inner strength and the ability to see through things. They are strong fighters when cornered and usually have a playful side and sometimes must curb a tendency to be a bit more dominant than some of the other signs.

The energy of Virgo begins on the 23rd of August through September 23rd at 2:52am pdt This is the HARVEST MOON time and people born during this time are Brown Bear people. Their color is purple their plant is the violet and their stone is the Amethyst. They are Turtle clan like all the Earth signs which are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Like the bear which is their totem they are gentle, persevering and curious. If you attack them you will find their claws are strong and sharp and though they do not look for trouble they can handle whatever comes to them. Virgo is Mutable Earth which means that it really does not like to activate or initiate but can do whatever is required of them.

These 3 signs of summer:

  • Cancer: Cardinal Water
  • Leo: Fixed Fire
  • Virgo: Mutable Earth

Exist during the time of Summer each year for us all to use the energy. No matter what your sun sign is, you have these signs in an area of your life. Each month we will have a full and new moon in one of these signs and get to experience the richness of these summer energies.

So, get out, and connect with earth in some way for the Summer solstice and let us each of us connect with our power, our joy and give compassion, harmony and love to all around us. IN August and September with the eclipses, let us ECLIPSE all our self doubt, all our fears, and grow ever stronger this summer of 2007.

PS Midsummer Rituals are usually strength and protection so if you are feeling weak, ill or even uneasy, this is a great time to let yourself empower yourself. USE oil of release in your tub, Amethyst to cleanse your aura and energy and Celebrate Summer 2007 as we forget past cares and woes and let the sun burn away the things in our life which are no longer any use to us.

I love to use FULL MOONS to burn slips of paper with old ideas, or what not on them.. AND new moons to increase connection to new ideas and people and plans:


  • June 12, 13, 14th until 8:13pm
  • July 12, 13, 14th until 5:04am
  • August 10, 11, 12th until 4:02pm

NEW MOONS (increase time)

  • June 14th 8:13pm
  • July 14th 5:04am
  • August 12th 4:02pm

FULL MOONS: (letting go times)

  • June 30th 6:49am
  • July 29th 5:48pm
  • Full moon LUNAR eclipse August 28th 3:35am

Carol Barbeau

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