Venus Planet of Love


In astrology the planet Venus in your birth chart represents your capability, ability and needs around relationships of all types .. In the sky Venus the planet of love usually moves through all 12 signs of the zodiac each year and allows us the mobility to approach relationships in new and unique ways.

Let’s say your Venus in your chart is in Pisces and is rather romantic and much into illusion and mystery. You meet a person with Venus in Taurus who has a rather more basic approach to love and romance. He or she is passionate, intense, faithful, dedicated, and needs to build relationships. Your Venus in Pisces loves the illusion and romance.

Well, each month the Planet of love and beauty changing signs allows both of you to find new and better ways of bringing your differences together. So, Venus is a personal planet meaning that it tells an astrologer how and maybe even who you love…

AND Venus in the sky by transit (transits are planets visiting us) brings new ideas and abilities for you to use your PERSONAL Venus in new and exciting ways.

Once each 2 years Venus moves retrograde or makes an apparent backwards motion Bringing back old attitudes, and even relationships. I think of Venus retrograde as a time when I am able to reconfigure my relationship needs, wants and expectations. This can be the very best of times for all EXCEPT I will NOT marry people during Venus retrograde.

There is an astrologer in the Virgin Isles named Kelli Hunter who is much more into the mythology and mystery of this and it is from her who I got the heads up on the star which is being created in the heavens and in our own charts beginning in 2004. I am watching this play out in my client’s lives and since our 2nd Venus Retrograde is happening on December 24th you may want to know what to expect with this energy.

VENUS RETROGRADE December 24th 2005 to February 3, 2006 in

The houses of your birth charts

  • Venus retrograde in the first house of self is time to re evaluate where you are going, how you look and what you want to be like in appearance in order to perhaps attract another person into your life
  • Venus retrograde in the 2nd house is time to redo finances look at your values around relationships and see if what you are projecting is what you want to attract. A time to use great care with money is here for you also since Venus likes NICE things and the 2nd house besides being your value system is your $$
  • Venus retrograde in the 3rd house is time to reconnect, reconfigure ideas, maybe be brave enough to get out there and say what you want and be firm about really KNOWING what you want. The 3rd house is brothers and sisters and a great place for reconnecting and repairing broken relationships if you choose
  • Venus retrograde in the 4th house is time to reconnect with family, security, and what makes you feel safe. Time to think about that new HOME, but NOT TO BUY one. 4th house in your chart shows what makes you feel safe and Venus retrograde here allows you to better understand your own needs
  • Venus retrograde in the 5th house. WOW, love, romance, and fun time? OR time to think and plan how to make it happen for yourself? Venus wants all the good things in life and the 5th house if your FUN house. This is also a great time to get pregnant when you are not wanting nor expecting it…so…just another side benefit of this planet..
  • Venus retrograde in the 6th house is time to rethink diet, and health plus perhaps even what it is that makes you feel worthwhile? The 6th house is the house which has to do with health and service and I see many people have spontaneous healing experiences with Venus retrograde or even Venus by transit in this house. What would you like to do to make the world a better place, journal and come up with your own unique idea.
  • Venus retrograde in the 7th house. Care, care, care with partnerships of all types. Venus wants it all and the 7th house is the US house, not the me, myself and I house. So, make sure and use care in setting down MUST HAVES to those around you. Not Rethinking relationships is almost impossible for us NOT TO DO during this time. But/ and unless you are in danger, maybe waiting until another time to make that rule or even break up existing friendships or partnerships might be best?.
  • Venus retrograde in the 8th house is a time of true inner searching. The 8th house relates to how you handle intimacy issues and also death of others and endings. For you who are having this transit I would strongly recommend that you wait until after this retrograde is over to end things and relationships of all types. You will be pulled into wanting to PULL the plug, so do it carefully realizing you may want that bathwater later.
  • Venus retrograde in the 9th house. I love travel to someplace you have been before during this time. You find new and exciting connections, connect strongly to memories and have a great time. Not the time for that new travel destination unless you are learning acceptance like I am this year. The 9th house is what takes you higher so think about classes, school and your spiritual path and make some wonderful leaps during this time
  • Venus retrograde in the 10th house. DO NOT QUIT your day job please… , Reconnect with opportunities and people in your business works. IT is now time to, look at how your presentation of yourself is doing. Maybe a makeover, or time to get your resume redone, relook at new and especially old connections and opportunities and hang tight until this retrograde is over and your leap will be done to the very best place for yourself if you use this time wisely.
  • Venus retrograde in the 11th house. Time to send out those cards, make that telephone call to those old friends. Venus retrograde in the 11th house has brought some wonderful things to many of my clients. Expmple… a client who wanted a relationship, called all her old friends and made lunch dates, out of that one change, she met 9 new men and was married in the next year to one of them. And if you have separations with friends, now is the time to repair. Go back to church, or whatever group gives you a sense of connection or search out new groups during this time.
  • Venus retrograde in the 12th house is the very best time to learn about yourself. How do you think, and what does that thinking bring to you? DO you trust, and are you ready to let go and let higher power move you forward? The 12th house is kind of the closet where we store all those old yucky things we just did not know what to do with. So, this time for those of you with this aspect can be an opening to your inner life and reconnecting with your divine source from which all comes.

So, within the next few years you will have VENUS RETROGRADE in 5 of the above 12 houses… Look at the opportunities this will bring to you and be open to something new happening. AND new people and maybe reconnecting with some old relationships which need a final touch to finish, or rekindle?

Are you who you were at 20 or 30? And those old people from the past are not either, so my best advice for Venus retrograde would be. SO YOU THINK, so you create and I want to create _______________?  You get to fill in the line… FOR me, a better connection with everyone is my wish and since this is in my 3rd house of ideas. I WILL make it happen.

Namaste Carol Barbeau

  • Venus went retrograde may 15, 2004 at 24 Gemini
    Venus direct 6/29/2004 at 10 degrees of Gemini
  • Venus Rx. 12/24/2005 1 Aquarius 
    Direct 2/3/2006 at 16 Capricorn
  • Venus Rx. 7;27/2007 3 Virgo
    Direct 9/8/2007 16 Leo
  • Venus Rx. 3/6/2009 15 Aries 
    Direct 4/17/2009 at 29 Pisces
  • Venus Rx. 10/8/2010 13 Scorpio 
    Direct 11/18/2010 27 Libra
  • 5/15/2012: THIS IS THE ICING ON THE CAKE::: This is Venus returning to The spot where it went retrograde in May 2004.
  • Venus Rx. 5/15/2012 24 Gemini ECLIPSE
    Venus Direct June 27, 2012 at 8 Gemini

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