the keeper of the flame

Associated with the astrological signs of VIRGO and SCORPIO

This article consists of three parts. The first part is an introduction to the asteroid Vesta. The second part covers the influence of Vesta in the different astrological signs. The third part covers the planetary aspects of Vesta over the next few years.

Part One: Introducing Vesta
Vesta represents the sacred flame and high Priestess energy. She began as a worshiped energy as a Vestal Virgin energy. IN pre-Hellenic times Vesta was associated with unmarried temple priestesses who acted as channels for descent of the Moon goddess during sacred sexual rites. These priestesses healed through sexual energy as well as more traditional herbs and were thought to be the first surgeons and doctors in ancient times. The moon energy was honored for visions, psychicsm and also the energy related to prophecy as well as a time to bring down sacred healing energy.

By Roman times Vesta Priestesses and this energy had shifted to the more chaste vestal virgins who foreswore their sexuality for spiritual commitment. By this time the male energy had moved into healing and much is suggested at this time that these women were still powerful but were now put behind the scenes but even more powerful.

Often sexual repression, rape and the disassociation of sexuality from spirituality lies at the root of difficulties in us living passionately and intensely. Vesta is the energy which will help cure pain from the past and open us to being more sexually expressive and creative if we harness this power within ourselves.

Thus where Vesta is by SIGN AND HOUSE within your birth chart shows an energy you brought with you this lifetime. AND Vesta by sign and placement where it is in the sky right now shows where she is bestowing her blessing upon you.

VESTA REPRESENTS YOUR capacity to integrate and FOCUS your energy and bring wholeness to yourself. This energy is the sacred feminine creative energy which allows us to regenerate and dedicate ourselves to aspirations, plans and goals.

VESTA Guardian of the sacred flame which is the joy and passion within your own soul represents the Fire of spirit. She holds the teachings of how to “RENEW ourselves” To arise from the ashes and be reborn in another form. She teaches us how we can cleanse, repair and revitalize our bodies with our minds. Thus the activation of Vesta within your own astrology chart corresponds with counselors, therapists, massage, and alternative healing techniques.

Vesta asks us to deepen the relationship with our spirit, to reconnect to our passionate soul. Vesta asks us to search for deeper meanings in the midst of unsatisfying traditional religion or practices. Consequently she corresponds to the HUGE growth of psychics, occult practices, and alternative healers and therapists as well as much of the newly REDISCOVERED mind technology like Positive thought, manifesting, NLP, and Vesta speaks to us of the POWER we have within ourselves to constantly create and recreate our lives with concentrated effort and positive thoughts.

The symbol of Vesta is the eternal flame and her image shows her standing holding a lamp of the eternal flame as she lights our path to a new tomorrow and a new age. Vesta assists us in focusing our energies as we commit ourselves to inner work and to discovering and manifesting the Power within ourselves.

Astrologically Vesta relates to work, devotion, spiritual practices, solitude, commitment, sacrifice, aloneness, a range of sexual problems based upon fear of intimacy. AND she shows you your way out of these things as you identify who you really are, become devoted and committed to becoming all you are and more and work for a goal which will not only bring light to yourself but to others.

Unskillfully Vesta can create sexual alienation, inhibitions, repression, sorrow, narrow minded energy and is often an energy which we channel into overworking when the natural outlets are not expressed.

Successfully expression of Vesta creates a magical energy where we focus our sexual power into creativity, joy, and live a committed life to whatever is sacred for us. Vesta does not require the sexual act, rather the power and focus of this energy towards committing ourselves and focusing on healing both mentally and physically.

Part Two: Vesta in the Signs
Where and what SIGN Vesta is within your birth chart will give you a great deal of information on your strengths, past lives and much more…by sign Vesta through the 12 signs of the zodiac brings to you… IF all of these signs seem a bit like you…that is correct.. VESTA is the sacred flame that unites us all as one

RETROGRADE energy is another lifetime when this lesson was either overdone or underdone and you have to look at other things within the chart to see what the lesson is this lifetime so it is a bit more complex.

Vesta In Aries the Warrior Queen/Priestess bringing courage, bravery and sometimes a bit of rash LETS GO FOR IT RIGHT NOW into your life this lifetime. Vesta in Aries is the most powerful energy of healing self and of showing others the wisdom and the bravery of self care. FIRE and passion are the gifts of this sign.

Vesta in Taurus is the Earth GODDESS energy connected to fertility, the planet, the earth and all things sensual and rich. Vesta in Taurus is not quite as ready to move out of comfort as in some of the other signs but she is so comfortable and at home in this richly abundant sign of Growth and prosperity and gives this gift to all around her generously. She is very connected to all things earthly and creates healing through the earth.

Vesta in Airy Gemini is the Teacher/Goddess, the one who asks the questions and finds the answers knowing that in each answer lies more questions. Vesta in Gemini is all over the place acquiring knowledge, dispersing it and showing us that only in Knowledge can we understand our true nature of sexuality, growth, regeneration and rebirth. Vesta in Gemini at times needs to slow down and reconnect to herself.

Vesta in Cancer is the Earth Mother/Goddess/Priestess energy. This Watery Vesta placement wants to nurture and to bring healing and care to the planet. It is full of warm compassion, unconditional love and healing and often can immerse itself so strongly in another’s pain or suffering that they heal others almost through their own body. Vesta in Cancer has to learn this lifetime to create safety and healing for the self.

Vesta in Fiery Leo is the Queen/Priestess/willing to give all for love and heart connection. This Vesta carries creativity, passion, power and a strong willfulness within its sacred energy. Vesta in Leo is proud and gives from the heart and soul and can sometimes be caught in the lessons of pride, and must learn what she can do and what has to be handed over to a higher power than herself.

Vesta in Earthy Virgo is the Healer of the world/Priestess Earth Mother. This is the Goddess energy of healing the soil, the land and shows our connection to all living earthly things. Vesta in Virgo truly carries the Virgin energy as it is truly intended. Virginity is not so much a physical being, as an ability to recreate and regenerate the self into a new being when necessary and this placement sometimes has to learn this lifetime often through its wounds in order to generate the life lessons.

The FIRST 6 signs of the zodiac always carry the energetic energy of healing of SELF and are about first doing OUR WORK before we take it out to the world.

The next 6 signs of the zodiac are more about OTHERS and often have to be strongly reminded to take care of self and are often more concerned with others than self.

Vesta in Airy Libra IS the goddess/Priestess of diplomacy, compromise, marriage of sister and brotherhood and carries forth the message that we can do more together than apart. Vesta in Libra attempts to find the balance between self and others. Vesta in Libra has a concern for partnerships of all kinds and brings this gift to others. Often Vesta in Libra needs to be reminded to do this for self and is more concerned with relationships than herself.

Vesta in Watery Scorpio is the Goddess/ Priestess of Passionate healing through giving 100% and more. Vesta in Scorpio is truly the death, regeneration, and rebirth energy of bringing the gift of self into all healings and showing others how to completely merge with others. Vesta in Scorpio goes through intense and passionate healing of self on a constant basis and has much to give as it often gives either too much or not enough. Balance and moderation in giving is part of this lesson and when to let go in trust and be totally present and out of self with others is part of this difficult balancing act.

Vesta in Fiery Sagittarius is the Goddess of the Hunt, of passion, of truth, of Justice and the knowledge that whatever you believe, there is always more unseen for you to learn about the connection of Spirit to life. This is the constant search for higher holy connection aligned with self and higher power. Vesta in Sagittarius when it finds what it feels is the total truth can become the greatest of teachers and one which it is hard to shift their mindset. Remembering that growth is a constant thing and there is never an end to this journey of learning this lifetime is the lesson of Vesta in Sagittarius.

Vesta in Capricorn is the Goddess/High Priestess holding the laws of Justice, truth and balance within her hands. Healing here is often done through a powerful force of the laws of the universe. Vesta in Capricorn knows that to show others the road you have to align yourself not only with mans laws but with Higher power and that the rules must be obeyed in order to create order. This is a strong leadership placement of Vesta and carries a harsh judgment of self with it often.

Vesta in Aquarius is the Priestess/ Goddess of Chaos/ and creation. She is the energy of knowing that in all creation there must be an ending, that all rules must eventually be changed as circumstances change and that we are truly all here to assist each other. Vesta in this Fixed Air sign is possibly the most transformational of the signs as she constantly searches the information looking for what must be changed and sometimes this energy just likes to change things for the heck of it. Constant reconnection to universal laws are a must for this placement.

Vesta in Pisces is possibly the most difficult to talk about. The Priestess energy here is at one with all things living, on the other side, and things which have not come into being yet. This Vesta cures and heals through magical KNOWING that it can be done, and is often unsure of just how she is doing whatever she is doing.  The danger in this placement is becoming lost in the dream and not manifesting these wonderful gifts into reality. Constant awakening of self, and coming into Body in order to manifest the life path is what this sign must do. The BODY, MIND, Spirit connection is the goal of this placement of the sacred energy of Vesta.

Part Three: Vesta planetary aspects and where She is traveling in the sky
Please see the first part of this article for what Vesta is to you personally and what she is about in your personalized chart. This is something called transits. Transits are planets or asteroids as they TRAVEL and move within the sky. Only in your birth chart do those planets Stand still giving you constant energy your whole lifetime. In the sky these guys and gals are BUSY and working hard to help you shift and change when necessary and WITH VESTA giving you strength and tenacity of the sign which she is in.

LUNAR ECLIPSE MARCH 3rd 2007: Vesta lies At 9 degrees of Sagittarius fast moving into a connection with Jupiter the plane of Abundance sitting at 18 Sagittarius and Pluto at 28 degrees of Sagittarius in early October 2007.

The Solar eclipse March 18, 2007 has Vesta at 11 degrees of Sagittarius Magically bringing Jupiter (abundance) Pluto (transformation) and Vesta (Sacred connection) into this eclipse and new moon day for us all. ECLIPSES LAST FOR 1 year so I will leave this information up for a while….since we will all still be using it for quite a while.

On March 18, 2007 Vesta moves retrograde at 15 Sagittarius and direct July 12th at 2 Sagittarius asking us to connect to our sacred truths and find the answer, only to know there are more answers still to search out and discover.

October 10th Vesta Moves to Capricorn joining with other earth energy as we are asked to do the work to manifest healing for our selves and our world.

December 20, 2007 Vesta into Aquarius and we get a bit of rebel energy.

February 17, 2008 Vesta to Pisces as she completes the 12 signs and gets ready to begin anew when she enters the FIRST sign of the zodiac Aries on.

April 19, 2008 Vesta to Aries and the warrior energy to give us the courage to do what needs to be done is here.

June 30, 2008 Vesta to Taurus and an earthy and sensual energy of healing is here, relationships are strongly highlighted when Vesta moves Retrograde on the 10th of September and then backs into ARIES on the 4th of December. Vesta moves direct in Aries for the 2nd time this year on December 15th and again into Taurus on December 27, 2008. Expect strong and passionate energy towards relationships, healing of the planet and much about global warming and many changes to be made during this time.

Vesta moves to Gemini on Apr 9, 2009 and more information comes to us all.

Vesta moves to Cancer June 19, 2008 as we pull closer to source and a sense of inner connection is strong.

Vesta moves to Leo on August 28, 2009 and passion and honor are strong.

Vesta moves to Virgo on November 19, 2009 and much of our planetary healing and what needs to be done will be accomplished during this time as Vesta moves Retrograde on the 3rd of January 2010 and backs into Leo on February 15, 2010. Vesta moves DIRECT on April 06., 2010 and back into Virgo May 26, 2010. Expect this to be a powerful time ecologically, for our oceans, and the planet. Much that needs to be done will be done during this time.

Vesta into Libra August 9, 2010 and relationships and cooperation of all kinds are highlighted.

Vesta into Scorpio on October 7, 2010 brings intense and committed energy to us.

Vesta into Sagittarius again on December 03, 2010 and we have completed a circle.

Vesta into Capricorn January 28, 2011

Vesta into Aquarius April 02, 2011. Retrogrades June 21, 2011 and direct in Aquarius on September 17, 2011.

Vesta into Pisces December 20, 2011.

Vesta into Aries February 25, 2012.

Vesta into Taurus April 30, 2012.

Vesta into Gemini July 09, 2012. Retrograde October 21, 2012 direct January 26, 2013.

Vesta into cancer Apr 24, 2013.

Vesta into Leo July 06 2013.

Vesta into Virgo September 10, 2013.

Vesta into Libra November 15, 2013. Retrograde march 01, 2014. Direct in Libra May 27, 2014.

Vesta into Scorpio July 30, 2014.

Vesta into Sagittarius October 06, 2014.

Vesta into Capricorn December 03, 2014.

Vesta into Aquarius January 28, 2015.

Vesta into Pisces March 28, 2015.

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